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Quality Removalists Melbourne For Easy Removals

House removals in Melbourne are challenging for families because they have to pack up all their stuff and start afresh. Even small families have a lot of furniture and luggage, which can be tiring and difficult to move. Thus, hiring cheap furniture removalists in Melbourne allows you to manage the move without stress or hassle.

Better Removalists Melbourne is a full-service removal company that offers seamless interstate and local moves. Our team of efficient and reliable removalists is known to provide damage-free moves in the city and its suburbs. You should not worry about expenses because we are renowned as cheap movers in Melbourne. Our transparent pricing is based on the total cost of packing and transporting and does not include any extra service charges. We provide the final quote upfront to our customers for free to help them make an informed decision.

Whether you are looking for piano removals Melbourne or are concerned about your delicate items, we put our best foot forward to give you a well-organised relocation. Our team is trained and expert in handling, packing, loading, unloading and transporting all types of household items. We are also sought-after office removalists Melbourne and have extended our service to small and big business owners.

We have a team of proficient interstate Melbourne to Sydney removalists who handle long-distance transfers with maximum safety. Our removalists use high-quality packing materials, superior moving trucks, top-of-the-line tools and proven techniques to provide you with an all-inclusive move. We offer several benefits, like flexible scheduling and customisation, to make the process effortless for the customers.

Looking for furniture movers Melbourne to move your possessions affordably? Contact us today for a free quote!
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Local Moves Melbourne

We are highly regarded Melbourne removalists who will take your moving stress away. Our team is skilled in providing house and office relocations throughout the city on time. We cover all the adjoining suburbs and have a long list of satisfied customers who often contact us for repeat jobs. With our personalised moving service, you can choose how your belongings get packed, unpacked and arranged in the house. We follow your instructions to help you have things done your way. We endeavour to keep your treasured possessions safe and leave no stone unturned in ensuring the same. Our team is highly attentive and meticulous in packing, loading and unloading every item. They protect all the boxes from external harm and insulate them effectively from the inside to avoid damage during Melbourne house removals.

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Interstate Removalists Melbourne

Better Removalists is the preferred choice when it comes to finding interstate removalists Melbourne. Moving from one state to another is especially challenging for families because they have to adjust to environmental changes. It can be hard to make the children understand the need for relocation. The added responsibilities of finding a new house, job, school, bank, etc., can leave you pressed for time. Thus, relying on Sydney to Melbourne removalists that offer time-bound and damage-free moves at an affordable price can take the pressure off. We are not restricted by long distances and keep your belongings secure throughout the journey. Our fleet of well-maintained trucks and experts on the job bring your stuff to your doorstep in the same condition in which you left them. The robust packing and labelling keep your items safe and easy to locate among the boxes.

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We Provide the Safest Piano Removals in Melbourne. Call Us Today to Know More!
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Why Choose Better Removalists Melbourne?

Better Removalists is a one-stop shop for Melbourne removals that plans your relocation in a cost-effective manner. We customise the process to make sure that your needs are met during the move. After you choose the moving date and get the final quote, we prepare a moving plan for you. Our removalists come with all the equipment and packing supplies to complete the task professionally and quickly. They are trained in holding, packing and placing fragile and breakable items. They are extra cautious with each item to ensure that it is not damaged due to manhandling. Our team of removalists in Melbourne have in-depth knowledge of disassembling and assembling bulky furniture to move it out of the house with ease. They can quickly dismantle and load a piano or a king-sized bed into the truck. Imagine the effort needed if you tried doing this one task on your own. Thus, hiring reputed professionals with a successful track record makes the move peaceful and unproblematic. You can save a lot of time and energy to focus on other important tasks.
Our dedicated office removalists in Melbourne help move your business without any challenges and with minimum downtime!
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What Makes Better Removalists Melbourne A Preferred Service?

We have gained widespread popularity as expert removalists. Look below to know how we help our clients:

  • Industry Knowledge

    Our team of highly skilled and accomplished Melbourne city movers is a force to reckon with in the industry. We have trained our staff members in cutting-edge moving techniques and the utilisation of high-quality equipment.
  • Cost-Effective

    Most families look for cheap movers without considering the quality of their work. At Better Removalists, we offer affordable removals while adhering to industry benchmarks.
  • Specialised Packing

    Packing is our strong point, and we leave no room for negligence. Our removalists make every effort to place all your belongings in solid boxes and securely tape them. They ensure proper labelling for appropriate handling and placement.
  • Faster Moves

    Most businesses and families need a quick move to start their new routine without wasting time. Our efficient and trained team members make it happen through their swift techniques, moving checklist and planned working module.
  • Safety of Belongings

    Keeping your stuff safe is our priority. We lay emphasis on robust packing, careful handling, cautious loading, vigilant transporting and attentive unloading to keep your possessions out of danger at all levels.
  • Comprehensive Service

    Hiring our Melbourne movers gives you the advantage of enjoying door-to-door removal. We start by packing everything and end the process after unpacking and arranging all the items in the new space.
  • Flexible Scheduling

    We take your needs into consideration while planning the removal and allow you to choose the date of the job. We are even available on weekends and holidays to serve you.
  • Customer Support

    We have a dedicated team of customer care executives who are ready to help our customers. They act promptly and resolve your problems at the earliest. You can contact them on 1300 766 422 to get all the answers.
  • Flawless Process

    Our Melbourne house removals and office relocations are carried out by qualified and specialised removalists. They make the process hassle-free for you by shouldering the responsibility of safe and quick moving.

Your Local Furniture Removalists Melbourne

Furniture is an integral part of every household and office space. It includes beds, tables, chairs, sofas, cupboards, chest of drawers, side tables, file cabinets and more. Besides these items, there are expensive appliances and machines that need to be transferred with care and precision. These include computers, TVs, music systems, ovens, fridges, etc. Our furniture movers in Melbourne are well-versed in handling each of these items. They disassemble the bulky ones to allow easy manoeuvring and loading. They are equipped with sliders and dollies to lift them without hurting any human or damaging the property. They even assemble them back for the convenience of the clients at the new address. Moving locally becomes a blissful experience with Better Removalists.


Customer Satisfaction is Our Priority

Whether moving locally or interstate, our focus is on giving the maximum comfort to our customers. We know that moving is not easy for a family or business, and that is why, we keep your demands at the forefront. Our process begins with packing and labelling the boxes as per your instructions. We load, transport and unload them at the new property. We make sure that all the boxes are unpacked, and the furniture is arranged as per your needs. Our Melbourne removalists get rid of the boxes and packing supplies to help you start your new life without any disruption.

Buy Packing Materials from us

Packing your belongings is the most significant part of moving. It needs alertness and prudence because every object is made from different materials. The heavy items need to be placed in boxes that can carry loads to avoid damage due to the bottom of the box ripping open. In addition, fragile things like paintings, ceramic vases, photo frames, chinaware, etc., must be packed in wrapping paper and placed in boxes cushioned from the inside with shredded paper and packing peanuts. Thus, to avoid damage, you must purchase our high-quality packing supplies that ensure scratch-free removals. We have moving boxes in all shapes and sizes as well as packing materials for all items.

Book our customised packages for professional removals in Melbourne by calling us today.
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Few Facts About Melbourne

Moving to Melbourne can be life-changing. Here are some interesting facts about the city that will help you prepare for the relocation.

  1. Melbourne is the second most populated city in Australia and is a leading global financial centre.
  2. The coastal capital of Victoria is well-known for its tourist attractions, such as the Shrine of Remembrance, Melbourne Cricket Ground, Federation Square and the Royal Exhibition Building.
  3. The wealthy metropolis is known for its cultural heritage and is the birthplace of Australian Rules footballand cinema. It has also been identified as a UNESCO City of Literature and is famous as a global centre for music, theatre and street art.
  4. Melbourne has many hidden gems which make it a traveller’s delight. These include the State Library, Peninsula Hot Springs, Fitzroy Gardens, Werribee Open Range Zoo, Carlton Gardens, etc.
  5. The city has the largest urban tram network in the world and is well-connected to the suburbs and other cities through roadways and public transport.
  6. The median house price in Melbourne stood at $546,800 between February 2022 and January 2023, taking a leap of 2.3% in a year.
  7. The median property price for a 3-bedroom unit in Melbourne stands at $998,000, and it can be leased for $810 per week.
Frequently Asked Questions

Moving is a complex endeavour and may leave you confused. If you are wondering about our services and the benefit they provide, look at the commonly asked questions given below:

Yes, we move all types of furniture, kitchen appliances, cutlery, wooden objects, wall decor, mirrors, glass tabletops, etc. Whether you have a long list of inventories or a few items to be transported, we do the job with the same dedication. The only thing that we do not move is hazardous products, such as chemicals, paints, flammable gases, explosives, petrol, guns, etc. These are dangerous and require special permission for transportation. They must be discarded before the arrival of the removalists or transported with the help of licensed professionals specialised in offering this service.
When you hire removalists Melbourne, it makes sense to prepare before they arrive with the packing materials. It is necessary to reduce the time taken to complete the move. We suggest our clients unplug electronic items like TV, computer, fridge, and the oven. They must remove all the eatables from the fridge to get it ready for packing. If they have retained the original packing boxes of their appliances, they must keep them ready for the removalists. Also, they need to find a parking space for the moving truck close to the property to reduce the time of loading.
We have a team of dedicated office removalists in Melbourne who have helped businesses relocate without any challenges.
  • Office removals are planned keeping the needs of the business in mind. We create a customised checklist for the inventories and note down the contents in every box.
  • Our workers are fast and efficient in packing and transporting which helps reduce disruption and downtime to avoid losses.
  • With our well-trained and insured team packing and moving your office equipment, you can rest assured about safely and security.
  • We ensure zero-damage removals and take care of your machines, files, furniture and equipment like our own.
  • The best part of our service is our pricing. We charge according to the workload and have no hidden costs that can affect your moving budget.
There is no standardise timeline for a move because every removal is different. The time taken to complete Melbourne removals depends on the number and size of inventories and the distance between the two properties. Usually, a local move of a two-bedroom house can be completed on the same day. Interstate removals take longer because of the distance involved. Sometimes, the arrival of the truck gets delayed due to traffic constraints or parking issues. However, our team keeps you informed about the same. To find out the exact timeline for your move, call our support team today on 1300 766 422.
Moving house is a big decision that must be planned with family members. You must identify a couple of dates on which you can move conveniently without affecting your routine. Once you have chosen the date, you must book house removals in Melbourne at least two weeks in advance. It ensures that you get to schedule the move on the chosen date. Last-minute booking may not be possible because of the unavailability of removalists Melbourne.
We know that many of our customers prefer packing on their own and thus provide them with superior packing material. Our supplies include:
  • High-quality corrugated boxes in different shapes and sizes to carry all types of household and business items.
  • We provide bubble wrap and packing paper for fragile items that need extra cushioning against bumps and jerks during the ride.
  • Our packing supplies include industry-grade tapes and ropes to securely clasp the lids of the boxes.
  • If you are packing glassware and liquor bottles, we provide cardboard compartments for the boxes and shredded paper to fill the gaps.
  • You must also buy our colour-coded labels and markers to identify each box with its room number and contents inside.
We provide standard transit insurance for Melbourne removals that protects your treasured possessions. It covers your belongings for damage due to unforeseen events like road accidents, collisions, overturning, fires and floods. Thus, you do not have to worry about the safety of your stuff while they are getting transported through our sturdy moving trucks. In addition, our removalists are fully insured and verified by the local police, which make them apt for the job. Also, it reduces liability in case of an injury while performing their duties. If you are looking for end-to-end insurance coverage, you must check with an insurance company.
Yes, you should not worry about fitting your possessions into the truck because we have a fleet of vehicles available for the task. Our full-size covered trucks are built to carry heavy loads and are used for a variety of moving jobs, including residential and commercial removals. We enquire about the inventories from the client at the time of booking the removal and it helps us to allocate the right truck size for the move. They have ample space to accommodate sofas, refrigerators, dining tables, beds and other heavy items. We are the most preferred piano movers Melbourne because we transport them in huge vehicles that keep them safe and intact during transit.
Safety is the first concern of families and businesses when hiring cheap furniture removalists Melbourne. Every belonging in a house has a special feeling attached to it. The item may be small or big, but losing it during transit is the last thing that anyone wants. We understand this emotion and ensure that your belongings reach their destination in one piece. Our robust packing plays a significant role in maintaining the safety of your possessions. Our trained removalists ensure that every box is held and loaded with care into the trucks and they maintain equal precision while unloading and unpacking. As a result, we are able to offer damage-free removals.
After you choose the moving date, you must visit our website to get a quick quote by filling out a form. You can also call us directly on 1300 766 422 to speak to our support team. They will understand your requirements and then ask questions related to the size of the property, the list of inventories, and the new location. It will help them assess the requirement of packing materials, the size of the truck, and the distance to be covered. Using the information, they will calculate the cost and timeline and provide you with a free quote. You can then choose the date of the move and the booking will be confirmed.

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