10 Commonly Forgotten Things During A Move

10 Commonly Forgotten Things During A Move

Nov 09, 2023

Moving a house is a stressful undertaking. The most challenging part is juggling between moving chores, ranging from de-cluttering rooms to packing boxes, dismantling large furniture pieces to, updating the new address, and the list goes on.

No matter how well you plan your home relocation process, some items always get overlooked when preparing for the big moving day. Most people forget to pack important things and worry after reaching a new abode.

Therefore, professional Removalists Melbourne prefers creating a complete inventory so people don’t forget anything during the process.

Here is a guide that enlists 10 commonly forgotten things during a move. Make sure you consider this article and pack all the necessary items in an organised way.

Let’s Get Started!

1. Personal Documents

Most people often forget to pack their documents in the midst of dismantling and packing their large furniture pieces and delicate items.

However, documents are the most important things you will need after your relocation. So, prepare a proper folder and collect all the key documents and papers in it, including:

  • Passports, birth certificates, personal qualifications, marriage certificates, etc.
  • Employment documents, such as opening or joining letters, relieving letters, evaluation reports, etc
  • House documents, such as rental agreements, property deeds, and mortgage documents.
  • Insurance papers
  • Bank statements and tax receipts
  • School records of your kids.
  • Driving license, etc.

Keep this binder will you during the relocation process.

2. Borrowed Items

Have you ever borrowed something from your neighbours? If yes, then there is a high chance of missing out on it during the packing process. It can be a kitchen utensil or a screwdriver; make sure you return it to them before the final move out.

3. Clothes Left At A Dry Cleaner’s Shop

It is quite easy to forget clothes left at the dry cleaning place when you are busy with other packing and moving chores. This is a common blunder people make, especially if moving for the first time.

So, create an environment of all your clothing and pick up the ones you left at the dry cleaner’s shop at least 4 weeks prior to your move. If you tend to forget things, mention in  your moving checklist along with a timeline.

4. Medicines & Prescriptions

It is hard to believe, but many people forget to pack their medicines and prescriptions when preparing for a move. The main reason for the overlooking of certain medicines is that they are often stored in medicine closets and cabinets.

So, the best thing you can do is to get all your medicines out of the closets and cabinets. Toss the expired medicines and the ones you no longer need.

After that, pack them in the essential box.

5. Phone & Laptop Chargers

These are also some of the most forgotten things to pack when relocating home. Most of the charging devices are either left plugged into the switchboard or get mixed with junk items and never make it to the new house.

If you want to avoid the situation of realising that the battery of your phone or laptop is dead and its charger is missing, then include chargers in your moving inventory list.

Also, double-check all switchboards before moving out of your current home. If you are concerned about other heavy electronic items, hire professional removalists Melbourne and keep your expensive belongings intact throughout the journey.

6. House Plants

There is a good chance that you leave leafy and lively houseplants behind when moving to a new house. This usually happens when people prioritise other things, such as a TV, air conditioner, kitchen appliances, furniture pieces, jewellery, artwork, etc.

Remember that the majority of potted plants need regular care, while some don’t even stand sudden temperature fluctuations and relocation stress.

So, decide whether you want to transport them or not. If yes, then prep your plants for a move at least 4-5 weeks prior to the final move. You can also hire a seasoned removals company in Melbourne that specialises in moving plants.

7. Household Tools

Forgetting the important household tools is also a common mistake people make during the packing process. This includes nails, hammers and screwdrivers that can help you fix small things in the house.

Make sure you place all the tools together and tuck them safely in a toolbox.

8. Keys

Whether it is your car, safe or cabinet, keys are the common things that keep them secure. Losing or forgetting them will cause a lot of difficulty later on.

So, it is good to have at least two sets of spare keys with you during the relocation. Keep one with you and another with other family members. You can also pack all keys in a specific bag so that you can use it whenever you are in need.

9. Arrangements of Your Furry Friend

Are you moving with your pet, be it a dog or a cat? Make sure you pack their essentials, such as food, leash, the cage or carrier, a couple of their favourite toys, and other essentials your canine or kitty would need.

It is good to check the pet laws if you are moving into a rental property.

10. Storing Perishable Food

There is no denying that the refrigerator is the last thing to be packed and loaded by removalists Melbourne. However, most people forget to empty the entire fridge.

So, it is good to remove all the food content from the appliance and keep the perishable food in a portable cooler, or you can plan your meals for the entire week. You can also empty and pack your kitchen pantry and keep things in a streamlined way, especially moving in a short notice.

Wrapping Up

These are the 10 most commonly forgotten items during a move that can ruin the entire experience. Follow this guide and ensure a seamless relocation journey without missing the needed items at a new house.