10 Dos And Don’ts Of Moving Into Your First Apartment

10 Dos And Don’ts Of Moving Into Your First Apartment

Nov 02, 2022

As studies suggest, people are moving in large numbers to the beautiful cosmopolitan Melbourne city in Australia. Almost 327 people are moving to Melbourne daily from across the globe and within the country because this city is a dynamic mix of cultures, bayside locations, scenic beaches, graffitied paths, and excellent cafes.

Whether you are moving here with your family or by yourself, this Victorian capital is suitable for anyone and has been named one of the most liveable cities in the world.

Even students enjoy moving here, as Melbourne has some of the best educational institutions and safe and affordable housing options. So if you are planning on moving here, you should book your local removalists in Melbourne to start packing your belongings. If this is your first time relocating, then here are ten dos and don’ts that you can follow:


Make A Budget

Before you move into a new apartment in Melbourne, you should plan your expenses and start saving. You should have money for at least three months of rent or brokerage, utility bills, moving costs, security deposits, and living expenses. It is a good idea to keep a little extra money for unexpected expenses or circumstances.

Pick The Right Spot

When you move to a new home, you should find a location close to your new job or educational institution to save time and money on travelling. You should also look at the public transportation facilities, the amenities, and the crime rates of the area before buying or renting a house there.

Do A Proper Inspection

Even though you might be excited to move to Melbourne and want to pick the first place you find, you must be careful. It is better to do a proper inspection of the whole apartment and check for the following:

It is a good idea to do an inspection on your own and ask your landlord to repair any damages and problems before your local removalists in Melbourne unload your belongings.

Go Through The Lease

If you have found a nice apartment and are ready to move in, you must first sign a lease agreement that the landlord creates. This agreement will have information about your rent amount, payment date, bond amount and repayment terms, penalties for late payment, pet policies and other terms and conditions.

Therefore you must carefully read this agreement before signing it and discuss any terms you need help understanding or want to change before you move in.

Find Out The Rules

Once you have finalised your apartment, you can start your moving process, and you should learn the rules of your apartment and the society you live in.

You should ask your neighbours about the waste collection days, timings, transfer of utility service proces, and rates. Also, tell them when you will be moving in so they can clear a parking space and be prepared for some noise on your moving day.

Don’t s

Don’t Buy All New Things

Naturally, you will want to decorate your new apartment and make it look cosy and nice. But instead of spending money on all new things, you can visit garage sales, go to thrift stores, and look at online sales and auctions to pick up items. This way, you will also be able to put aside some money for any extra expenses in the future.

Don’t Try To Do It All On Your Own

Moving into a new apartment is a big responsibility and can cause stress and tension. Thus, you should ask your friends and family to help you with this process or hire local removalists in Melbourne to help pack and move all your belongings. This will ease your stress of moving, and you will be able to focus on other tasks and relax.

Don’t Start Late

You might have two to three months left for your move, but it is always better to start planning and packing as soon as possible. You can start by making a moving-out checklist of all your tasks and then allot a time frame for each task. Every time you complete a task, you can mark it, motivating you to keep going.

Don’t Take Everything With You

Even if you are sentimental about leaving your old home, you should only pack some of the things and take them to your new home. Instead, go room by room and make an inventory of all the items.

You should then sort these items into three piles: donate, sell, keep and organise them accordingly. If there are items that you last used more than six months ago, then you should donate or sell them. This will help you declutter your space and reduce your moving load.

Don’t Unpack Everything Right Away

You have moved into your new apartment and immediately want to start unpacking and arranging everything. You should keep a bag of essentials with you that has a change of clothing, your medicines, chargers, important documents, utensils and snacks so that you can survive the first few days.

But it is better to rest and unpack your items slowly over a few days, so you do not overexert yourself. Thus, you can make a floor plan for your new home and then organise and arrange everything slowly in your new cosy apartment.


Once your professional removalists Melbourne have moved all your belongings into your new apartment, you should rest and enjoy. You should also go out and mingle with your new neighbours and get to know the locality so that you can adjust to this new city more easily.