10 Easy Moving And Packing Tips That Will Make Your Move Dead Simple
couple packing up a cardboard box

10 Easy Moving And Packing Tips That Will Make Your Move Dead Simple

Aug 14, 2019 Most of the people are afraid of moving, but when the time for relocation finally comes, you don’t have many options! The entire process seems so complicated and confusing as you have to take care of packing, loading, organising, transporting, and a lot more. So many tasks at the same can make you frustrated, which can ultimately affect the entire moving process. People hire experienced removalists in Melbourne because it is the best possible option to make your move smooth, quick and hassle-free. However, few smart hacks can also prove beneficial during your move. Here are some useful moving and packing tips that will make a move dead simple. Let’s discuss them one by one.


When you are packing your belongings, follow the strategies mentioned below. These tips are easy to follow and useful. Have a look:

1. Get Rid Of Unnecessary Items

If you want to reduce your effort, time spent in packing and the overall moving cost, then it is essential to get rid of the unnecessary items. It doesn’t make any sense to waste your energy and time on such items that you will not use or require at your new place in Melbourne. These items include old gadgets, books, clothes, shoes, tools, appliances, and so on. You can either organise a garage sale to sell these items, donate them or discard them. But make sure they are not in your packing list.

2. Pack A Moving Day Kit

The relocation process is a time-taking process and can make you tired. If you decide to relax after you move in and do the unpacking later, you must have all the essential things next to you. These items include phone and laptop chargers, toothbrush and toothpaste, toiletries, paper towels, a couple of plates and spoons, drinking bottle, glass, knife, scissors, and so on. Pack all these items in a separate bag and keep it with you all the time.

3. Take Pictures For Reference

If you want some part of your new interior to look same as your old place, take some photos of that specific area, particularly the decoration items and bookshelves. It is also advisable to click the picture of the entire house before you move in on rent. Take photographs of each room from every possible angle. This is important because when you move out, these pictures will help you to avoid any disputes with the property inspector and get back your bond money.

4. Avoid Purchasing Moving Boxes

This is a mistake that many inexperienced movers commit. When you have to spend a hefty amount on the moving process, try to save as much as possible. And wasting money on the boxes is something that you can easily avoid. Just visit some nearby stores and see if they can give some empty boxes. Most of the stores have these boxes. So, it won’t be a difficult task to arrange boxes for your move, but pick the boxes carefully.

5. Prepare A Catalogue Of Your Items

Packing and unpacking your things during a move can be way more confusing than it may appear. Thus, you need to be organised at the time of packing. Numbering your boxes is a great way to do it. Prepare a detailed catalogue at the time of packing so that you can quickly identify your things without even opening the boxes. Now, you know which one has the coffeemaker, which has the grater and spatulas and which one has the plates and spoon. You can unpack your boxes as per your requirement.

6. Take One Room At A Time

When people start packing, they often get confused about the starting point. With so many rooms and an immeasurable amount of things to pack, this is a common problem with everyone. However, instead of wasting hours in deciding from where to start, begin from wherever you want because ‘starting’ is the key. Also, do it with a little bit of planning. Ideally, you should start from the kitchen as it will consume your maximum time. After that, pick your rooms one by one and complete the packing process. This is how experienced removalists in Melbourne work.


There are also a few useful tips that can be helpful to make your move dead simple. Have a look:

1. Hire Reliable Professionals

Opting for the best removalists in Melbourne is by far the best option for packing and moving quickly. They have experienced removalists who have the technical knowledge and modern equipment to manage your move and set you free for other important tasks like arranging for documents, change of address etc. But you must contact the professionals as soon as you get a moving date. Otherwise, you might have to pay more or face the problem of their availability. Take your time when looking for the best removalists.

2. Discuss Important Questions

If you have hired professionals, make sure that they send their removalists for a pre-move survey. This will help them to analyses the exact amount of things they need to transport. Moreover, you can also discuss your concerns like how many boxes they will provide, the packaging material, their strategies to pack and load delicate items, how they will pack expensive furniture and so on. Also, if you are expecting rain that day, make sure that the Melbourne removalists are prepared.

3. Transfer Your Utilities In Advance

To make your move simple, you should transfer your utilities at least three to four days before your move. Not having essential utilities like water, power, phone and internet at your new place for the first couple of days can be very frustrating. So, take out some time from your packing and complete the formalities to transfer your utilities in a hassle-free manner. This is a vital step that people often overlook.

4. Keep An Eye On The Weather

An unexpected storm or a rainy day can destroy your otherwise well-planned moving day. Thus, you should keep a close watch on the weather report, and if you are expecting rain in Melbourne, then you should discuss the possibility with your removalists so that they can come with complete preparation.


Your moving and packing procedure doesn’t have to be a challenging task. It is our negative and disorganised approach, mismanagement of time and unplanned ways that make it a stressful task. However, the packing and moving tips mentioned here can prove beneficial if someone follows them stringently. To make your move smooth and hassle-free, all you need is some patience and a little know-how.