10 Great Reasons To Move To Melbourne

10 Great Reasons To Move To Melbourne

Mar 09, 2022

Thousands of people migrate to Melbourne every year because it is the land of opportunities. Melbourne – the capital of Victoria is one of the top cities in Australia to live in and visit. It is a thriving, prosperous, and international place with a population second only to Sydney, making it home to over 4.96 million people who enjoy comfort and a high standard of living.

What’s more, Melbourne’s residents reap benefits from its lush landscape, beautiful beaches, well-designed infrastructure and a sound transport system. If you plan to come here and settle, you are not alone. The metropolitan has something to offer for everyone. Thus, start packing your belongings, booking local removalists in Melbourne and taking care of other responsibilities immediately to relocate. But before you come, know the following ten great reasons to move to Melbourne.

1. Melbourne Is Part Of The 100 Resilient Cities Challenge

The City of Melbourne participates in the 100 Resilient Cities challenge introduced in 2013 by The Rockefeller Foundation. It aims to help cities worldwide face the physical, economic and social challenges of the 21st century. This initiative helps people living in Melbourne because it is dedicated to improving their lives currently and in future.

The Future Melbourne Committee is behind the Resilient Melbourne Strategy, which is the work of people from different industries, council boundaries and communities. Thus, the city is better equipped at adapting, surviving, thriving and growing even when faced with ongoing or new challenges.

2. Diverse Housing Options

Melbourne is a populous and popular city, as it has an abundance of residential properties. People living in the city or migrating from another state or country never have a dearth of options. If you plan to move to Melbourne, do your research, and you can easily find a desirable home.

However, bear in mind that Melbourne has high property rates compared to other capital cities in Australia. The median house value is $998,356, and the average unit value is $626,042. Renting a property is still affordable for most people, as the median rental value (per week) of houses is $450 and units is $400.

Therefore, most people relocating to the city prefer to rent before investing in a property here because there are moving expenses like booking removalists in Melbourne, getting packing supplies, and many others to consider.

3. The Best Schools & Universities In Australia

People with young families or plans to start a family often move to Melbourne because the city & its suburbs have some of the most reputed schools in Australia. You can find a host of reliable public and private schools in Melbourne offering early, primary and higher education to children from 3-17 years.

The city is also a great place for gaining tertiary education, considering it has ten world-class universities like Victoria University, Deakin University, Monash University, etc. In addition, it has internationally-recognised vocational training institutes and private colleges.

4. Excellent Place To Work & Unwind

The city has a strong economy and multiple thriving industries, ensuring abundant job and business opportunities all year round. According to Labour Force Data by the Australian Bureau of Statistics for Jan 2022, the employment rate in Greater Melbourne is approximately 75.1%. Thus, you can find work in the city without hassle or stress with skills, training and acumen.

What’s more, Melbourne is the place to be if you believe in working hard and partying hard as it is a coastal city lined with beautiful beaches. Locals and visitors alike can unwind after work, on weekends or during holidays in the capital without going far. Thus, the city strikes a perfect balance between work and fun.

5. An Art & Culture Hub

Melbourne is a haven for artists and appreciators of art and culture because it has always had a rich heritage due to historical significance events. It has world-class art establishments like the National Gallery of Victoria, Heide Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne Museum, The LUME Melbourne, ACMI, etc. Thus, the city is the art and culture capital of Australia.

You can explore and attend events related to theatre, musicals, public art, comedy, music & performing arts, aboriginal art, and much more. Thus, you can quickly settle in Melbourne whether you are an established/emerging artist, pursuing education in art & culture or appreciate these fields out of passion.

6. Awesome Suburbs To Live In

The local council of Melbourne has over 14 suburbs, which are localities within the legislation of the Urban Growth Boundary. Melbourne has the best suburbs to live in for people from all walks of life. It is a mixed bag of neighbourhoods with residents having variable household incomes. When moving to Melbourne, migrants often prefer to live in a suburb because houses/units are cheaper than the city, the crime rate is low & commute to the city is manageable.

Here are some suburbs you should consider renting/buying a home in Melbourne.

• St Kilda
• Carlton
• South Melbourne
• Brighton
• South Yarra
• Hawthorn
• Southbank
• Brunswick

Most local removalists in Melbourne can help you pack and move to any of the above and other suburbs in the city. Thus, you can relocate without any hassle or stress.

7. Excellent Food & Drinks

Many people upon arrival in Melbourne are surprised by the diverse and quality dining scene in Melbourne. The city prides itself on serving great coffee, aesthetic Australian cuisines, tasteful wines and many other food and drinks options to its residents and visitors. Therefore, if you are a food lover, Melbourne is the place to be. You can find good cafes, restaurants, pubs and other eateries almost around every corner. Thus, you can explore them as soon as your hire removalists bring your belongings to the new house and you have settled in a bit.

8. The Changes In Weather Are Pleasant

Melbourne has a temperate climate across the year with four distinct seasons – summer, autumn, winter, and spring. The weather is balmy and pleasant most times of the year, with people enjoying it by sitting outdoors, exploring the beaches or going on weekend vacations to local spots. Check the weather forecast to avoid inconveniences whenever you plan to move to Melbourne.

The busiest season is summer as the property markets are abuzz, and people move between November to February the most. Thus, you should start searching for a house at least eight weeks before and book removalists in Melbourne early when during summers.

9. Fun & Exciting Events All Year Round

Melbourne is always abuzz with multiple festivals and events throughout the year. Thus, you always have something to attend and participate in as per your interests. The city has a host of renowned museums, galleries, theatres, sports centres, cafes, restaurants, parks and other places where the events and festivals are held for locals and visitors. Here are some of the most popular events in Melbourne that people enjoy every year.

• Australian Open
• Melbourne Cup Carnival
• Moomba Festival
• Melbourne International Comedy Festival
• White Night Melbourne
• AFL Grand Final
• New Year’s Eve
• Melbourne Food and Wine Festival

10. Excellent Public Transport Amenities

One of the best ways to get around Melbourne is its different public transport systems. The city has an extensive and well-planned bus, tram, and train network for travelling. In addition, the city is friendly for people who prefer to walk to bike to work, schools, colleges, parks and other places of interest.

You need a myki card to travel via any form of public transport in the city. It is a plastic card you touch at checkpoints at stations or stops for entering and exiting. To go around the city, you just add money to the card and can take any public transport you want.


Melbourne is a flourishing international city offering abundant opportunities, great housing and an unmatched standard of living. If you plan to come here, it is a decision of a lifetime. You can transform your life completely and settle in a place with amenities, a strong economy and much more. Melbourne is a great place to live for the reasons mentioned above and many others. Thus, pack your things, book local removalists in Melbourne and come here to live your life to the fullest.