10 Items That Your Professional Movers Won’t Move

10 Items That Your Professional Movers Won’t Move

Sep 15, 2022 The population of Melbourne increased by more than 450,000 in the five years to march 2016. It is recorded as the largest increase of any city in Australia. According to the current statistics, the capital city of Victoria is inhabited by 1.8 million households and the best part is that it is predicted to increase to over 24 million households by the end of 2036. More and more families are relocating to Melbourne and its local suburbs for a better and lavishing lifestyle. The city offers world-class amenities, infrastructural developments, top-rated education options, healthcare facilities, culinary delights, and much more. If you are also moving to the liveliest city of Australia, do proper research and find reliable removalists Melbourne for the safety of your possessions. However, professional movers don’t move everything because some are hazardous while others are extremely delicate. So, here are 10 items that removalists won’t carry in their trucks, so do not pack them into boxes:

1. Hazardous Items

If harmful chemicals and other hazardous items are not stored properly, they can lead to fires, gas releases, contamination, fire and toxic exposures. That’s why many moving companies strictly don’t load paint, fire extinguishers, battery acid, paint thinner, aerosol cans, chemicals and batteries. So, keep these items away from your packed boxes. It is good to dispose of chemicals and hazardous items in a proper manner in order to keep our environment clean and healthy.

2. Explosives

This includes fireworks, black powder, ammunition and other explosive items that can lead to blasts if transported via a truck. Whether relocating next to a suburb or a new city, professional removalists Melbourne say yes to explosives. So, keep this category away and try to dispose of such materials in a proper manner.

3. Cleaning Products

Do you have a box of store-bought cleaning products? Do not carry it with other belongings when relocating home. Good moving companies never keep unsealed cleaning products on their trucks because they contain harmful chemicals, such as ammonia, sodium hypochlorite, monobutyl acetate, ethylene glycol, trisodium phosphate and much more. These ingredients not only irritate the eyes and sink but can lead to explosions when transporting with other items in a vehicle. Instead, you can put cleaning products under the sink of your old house so that a new tenant or home buyer can use them. If relocating home, hire a professional company that can offer you packing service at the best price. You can also unpack efficiently after moving or let the professionals do their work.

4. Perishable Food

Foods like fresh meat, bread, vegetables, etc are likely to spoil or decay if not refrigerated at 40 °F or below. Relocating perishable food can easily spoil, spill or mould during the process, and that’s why professionals will not move them to your new place. So, it is better to consume everything or donate to charity.

5. Flammable Materials

Flammable items, including kerosene, charcoal, heaters, gas, damaged power cords, etc pose a threat to your household items when moving. Experienced removalists Melbourne strictly restrict from carrying flammable items into the moving vehicle.

6. Power Equipment with Fuel

There is no denying that moving companies can relocate your cars, motorcycles, and other personal vehicles safely and soundly. However, make sure the fuel tanks are completely empty before you load them into the truck. You can drain the tank or run the vehicle until it shuts off completely.

7. Personal Items and Valuables

Movers won’t move cash amount, gold jewellery and other items with monetary value as there is a risk of losing. So, keeping everything in your personal vehicle is good. Prepare a bag and add all your valuable items in a safe and sound mode. This will give you peace of mind. Do not forget to take removals insurance if you are relocating expensive antiques and other valuable stuff.

8. Plants

Are you moving to a new home with plants? Of course, many companies offer special plant relocation services, but most avoid taking them into the truck. If you are moving locally, houseplants can be moved. However, you need to prepare them for the process. If you are moving plants to a new state or over 150 miles, you need a license otherwise, it is an illegal offence. There is also a risk of damage or getting pets on your green and leafy plants.

9. Deodorants & Hair Spray

Do you know that fancy bottles of deodorants, perfume and hair sprays have chemicals and compressed gases? These are highly flammable, and that’s why they are not allowed on the moving vehicle.

10. Pets

The moving companies won’t take dogs, cats and other pets on their truck. You need to take them with you in your car. You can also hire a professional pet moving company in Melbourne if you are concerned about your beloved pet.


Preparing for home relocation doesn’t seem an impossible task. It is good to prepare a list of items you want to relocate and pack accordingly. Make sure you can’t include these 10 items as professional movers avoid carrying them for safety purposes. Instead, you can dispose of chemicals and hazardous items safely so that they won’t cause harm to the environment.