10 Moving Hacks For A Faster Easier Move

10 Moving Hacks For A Faster Easier Move

Nov 18, 2021

Whether you are moving to a rental property or your new home, relocation is always challenging and time-consuming. From packing your stuff and utility transfer to address change and renting a truck, you have to focus on several responsibilities simultaneously. If you fail to carry out your tasks properly; then you are most likely to experience chaos on the moving day. Luckily, there are a few tactics that can help you accomplish the task in a stress-free and hassle-free manner.

Many people prefer to hire professional removalists in Melbourne to make the task a lot easier and quicker. A moving company save time and help you to stay away from unnecessary hassles. The professionals make sure that you do not get stressed out and ensure the safety of your valuables. Apart from that, there are many more guidelines that you need to follow when you move out of the house.

Here are 10 moving hacks for a faster, easier move.

1. Prepare a Budget

The first thing you need to do is to prepare a detailed budget. It is an essential task because it will help you to keep track of all expenses and let you do the cost-cutting if there is any requirement. If you do not have a budget, then you will end up spending more money than what you estimated. Prepare a budget to avoid any unpleasant financial surprises.

2. Get Rid of Unwanted Stuff

If you want to make your move faster and easier, you need to let go of all your belongings that you do not use anymore. It doesn’t make sense to waste your time, money, and energy to pack and move stuff you don’t need in your new home. Such items include your old books, electronics, appliances, furniture, garden tools, clothes, shoes, etc. You can sell them, donate or send to recycle centre.

3. Hire Removalists

The best way to relocate your home is by hiring a reputed removals company in Melbourne. Their professionals can take care of the packing, loading and transportation. As a result, you will save a lot of time, which will let you focus on other essential aspects of moving. This is one of the benefits of hiring furniture removalists in Melbourne.

4. Start Packing Early

The packing is the most time-consuming and confusing part of the relocation. Still, people underestimate the task. If you want to pack all your items safely, organised manner, it is advisable to start packing as early as possible. Ideally, you should start packing at least 4 to 5 weeks before the moving day.

5. Pack Your Kitchen First

When you pack your stuff, always begin from the kitchen because it is the most difficult room to pack. From glassware and other utensils to pantry items and appliances, there are so many items to pack. You cannot leave it for the last. Otherwise, you get more frustrated at the last moment.

6. Make Arrangements for the Moving Day

The biggest challenge for people on a moving day is to ensure the safety of their kids and pets. So, make sure you contact a professional babysitter in advance. Also, look for a pet care centre where you can keep your pet for the day. It is essential to keep them away; otherwise, they can get severely injured. Your kids and pets can also cause a lot of distractions that can delay the entire moving process.

7. Make Inventory List and Label Boxes

People often overlook the significance of labelling the boxes and preparing an inventory list. This hack will make the loading, unloading and unpacking process a breeze. Searching for your coffee maker, knife, or any particular item in the pile of boxes can be a nightmare experience. This list and the labels will help you to find the items without opening any box.

8. Use Furniture Carrying Straps

If you are moving on your own, the loading process can be very challenging. It is not easy to lift and load heavy appliances and boxes. Many people experience neck, shoulder, back, knee and ankle injuries on the moving day. If you do not want any such injuries, then use the latest and appropriate tools. Use lifting straps that distribute the weight of the items evenly and prevent strain on the back and knees. Also, use dollies and sliders to make the loading easier and quicker.

9. Separate Removable Parts of Heavy Items

Moving heavy items like your gym machine, bed, wardrobe, bookshelf, etc., can be very challenging, stressful and risky. You can easily get injured while loading such items. If you want to move safely and easily with heavy items, disassemble them. Packing and moving different parts is much easier. Read the instruction manual properly before disassembling any belonging.

10. Explore New Neighbourhood

Before you move to your new home, it is advisable to explore the new neighbourhood. So, visit the place with your family and check out important places like the school and playground for the kids, marketplace, restaurant, bank, hospital, etc. When you are familiar with the place, it becomes easier to settle down.

The Bottom Line

Relocation can be highly stressful, particularly for first-timers. If you want to minimise your stress, then follow the hacks that are mentioned above. You will experience a smooth and safe relocation. If you need professional help to accomplish the task, contact certified removalists in Melbourne. They will save your precious time and energy.