10 Special Items You Just Can’t Trust Anyone To Move

10 Special Items You Just Can’t Trust Anyone To Move

Jul 12, 2021

Hiring removals experts to manage your move is a wise and practical solution, as they have the experience, equipment and expertise to complete the back-breaking activity. Professional removalists in Melbourne can pack and handle your property contents and safely deliver them to your new residence. You can trust them to take care of almost all your belongings. However, there are things you should box and transport yourself even if you find an excellent full-service removal company.

Here is a list of ten special items you just can’t trust anyone to move. Have a look.

1. Important Documents

Everyone has personal and confidential documents like Proof of Age Card, Driver’s License, Insurance Policies, Passport, etc. These documents require extra attention and care, especially during a move. Their loss or misplacement is a major issue, and causes a lot of problems for the owner, as you have to get duplicates from different government authorities, agencies and banks.

2. Jewellery

Jewellery made with precious metals of any kind should be handled with care while moving. These are special items you should pack yourself and transport in your vehicle on the moving day. You can also store jewellery items in a safe deposit locker and take them out when your move is complete and you have settled in your new home.

3. Rare Collections

People who collect rare books, stamps, wines, stones, artefacts or other things should consider moving them personally. Professional removalists in Melbourne are trained and skilled enough to manage the packing and transportation of such items. Still, you must pack them yourself, label every box correctly and load them in a personal vehicle for moving.

4. Items of Sentimental Value

Items like old photographs, diaries, books, and clothes, among others, usually hold great sentimental value. Misplacement or loss of these things can affect you emotionally, which is why it is best you don’t ask anyone to pack or move them. Do it yourself, and if it is not possible, keep the sentimental items securely in a rented storage unit until your relocation is complete or as long as you want.

5. Small & Delicate Heirlooms

When you have trinkets passed down from generations, keeping them safe and intact during a house move is crucial. Since heirlooms are usually delicate, they need maximum protection and care, which is impossible if they are on a moving truck stacked with boxes. Therefore, you must take them to your residence yourself rather than trusting anyone else to do it.

6. Expensive Accessories

If you own luxury or vintage bags, watches, footwear, ornaments, perfumes, etc., it is best to pack them securely and move them yourself. Although professional removalists in Melbourne are careful and expertly handle your property contents during loading or unloading, the risk of dents, breakage or other damage is never zero.

7. Money, Wallet and House Keys

Always keep important things like cash, credit/debit cards, wallet, and house keys on-person because you will need them before and after moving. These are essential things you should never hand over to anyone.

8. Medical Records, Card & Medicines

Keep your medical records, Medicare Card or Medicines on hand to use them if the need arises. These are special items you should never pack and move with other household belongings, particularly when you suffer from a chronic disease. You can put them in your essentials bag to avoid misplacement or loss of items during your journey.

9. Personal Use Gadgets

On the moving day, ensure you keep your phone, laptop or any other personal use gadgets in a bag or backpack you can carry easily. These items can contain personal information, work files, emails, contacts and much more. Therefore, keeping them safe and on-person during travel is important.

Also, you need them to manage your work and the moving-related tasks, which is why you cannot pack or load them on the truck.

10. Financial Statements or Records

Individual or work-related financial statements/records are important items that you cannot trust anyone to move. Loss or damage of balance sheets, income statements, financial reports and other records is a serious problem. Also, they should remain private as financial statements and records contain confidential information.

To move these items, you can pack them in secure file boxes or a briefcase that you can carry without any hassle or stress in your vehicle.

The Bottom Line

Moving to a new home is always challenging, which is why taking the assistance of professionals is great for reducing your burden. Trained and experienced removalists in Melbourne can pack and move almost anything in your home. But, you should move the special items as listed above yourself to avoid inconvenience, loss of items or other issues. For other belongings, you can trust your hired removalists to handle and transport them safely.