10 Things To Know When Moving To Melbourne For Work

10 Things To Know When Moving To Melbourne For Work

Oct 25, 2021

Melbourne – the capital of Victoria is a flourishing city with a strong economy, excellent standard of living and modern infrastructure. Melbourne is a melting pot with people of different ethnicities, races and walks of life because it offers a quality life with numerous work opportunities. Over the years, the city has merged as the preferred place to migrate from other states and countries.

According to a report by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, over 20,267 people internally migrated to Melbourne as of March 2021. Additionally, Melbourne had the highest net gain (56,100) via overseas migration among capital cities in 2019-20.

Relocating for work is one of the major reasons people uproot themselves, and since Melbourne has abundant employment opportunities, you are not alone in planning to move here. Hence, before you pack your belongings and book removalists in Melbourne, look at this complete guide listing ten things to know when moving to Melbourne for work.

Multiple Housing Options

One of the best things about Melbourne is it has multiple housing options irrespective of your income. You can find houses, apartments, townhouses, community dwellings, and much more because the government and private builders have significantly contributed to the city’s residential infrastructure. Thus, when moving for work here, use the housing option finder by HousingVic, an online platform by the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services.

Help With Renting Is Available

Consider renting a property upon arrival because buying a residential property in a new city is a lengthy and time-consuming process that you should only undertake after settling in. What’s more, getting a property for lease in Melbourne is possible even when on a tight budget because you get the government’s help with renting via bond loan, rent assistance, concessions, hardship support, coronavirus rent relief grant etc.

Public Transport Is The Best Way To Get Around

Melbourne has a well-connected and extensive public transport system that is the best way to travel around the city for work or recreation. You need a Myki smartcard to travel on buses, trains and trams flexibly. Everyone from working professionals, students, families to older people use public transport in Melbourne to safely and timely reach different locations in the city.

A Host of Good Suburbs

When relocating for a job, it is natural to gravitate towards renting a house/unit in the city. But Melbourne has various good suburbs close to the central business district. You can enjoy the peace, tranquillity, space and other perks of living in a suburb with your family without having to worry about the commute to work. Here are some of the best and well-connected suburbs of Melbourne.

• South Yarra
• St Kilda
• Carlton
• Brunswick
• Footscray
• Southbank

A Sound Healthcare System

Medicare is the healthcare system of Australia, and you can reap its benefits in Melbourne. When moving for work, you must know about a city’s healthcare policies and facilities. Melbourne has a secure system where you get primary care, hospitals, emergency services, mental health assistance, family support services, and much more. What’s more, if you are moving with a family, the city has adequate provisions for vaccinations and immunisation for children and adults.

Different Visas & Work Permits Available

For people moving to Melbourne from overseas, it is important to get the right visa and work permit to do a job in the city. Fortunately, the government offers various visas and work permits depending on your qualifications and situation.

To get approval and documentation for working in Melbourne, you have to meet certain eligibility criteria and for detailed information, get in touch with the Australian Department of Home Affairs. Make sure your visa and work permit is sorted before you come to the city and hire professional removalists in Melbourne to move your belongings here.

Excellent Education System

If you move to Melbourne for work with your family, your children can attend some of the best schools in the country. Melbourne has a host of good public and private education centres offering primary and higher schooling. Whether you move from another country or Australian state, your children can attend a public school in the catchment zone your residence is in.

Rich Culture, Heritage & Art

Melbourne is reckoned for its rich culture, heritage and art scene, which is why it is a great place to enjoy theatre, music, stand-up comedy, paintings, performances, etc. The city is home to the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne Concert Hall, Royal Exhibition Building, Echuca Wharf etc. You can visit these places alone or with family and friends after moving and settling in your new home.

Melbourne Is A Garden City

Victoria is called the Garden State, and Melbourne is a worthy capital for it, as it has many green areas. About one-fourth of the inner city has parks and reserves that neutralise the commercial development and still keep the city green. You can enjoy scenic views while travelling to and from work.

The City Has Stringent Pet Ownership Laws

Melbourne’s laws for pet ownership are stringent, and you need to follow them while bringing your pet to the city. Here are some things you should know.

• You cannot bring a breed or species of animal banned in the city
• The pet relocation process can take months, as your pet needs complete vaccination and can be placed in quarantine.
• All pets are microchipped and registered with the local council.


Melbourne is one of the best cities in Australia to move to for work, as its job market is strong and you get multiple employment options. You can make great progress career-wise if you move to the city for the right reasons. Knowing the ten things mentioned above will help you explore your options and settle in quickly. Additionally, don’t hesitate to take the assistance of professional removalists in Melbourne to relocate smoothly.