5 Household Items That Are Difficult to Move without Professional Help
Young man trying to lift a couch and other person holding heavy cardboard boxes

5 Household Items That Are Difficult to Move without Professional Help

Jun 11, 2020 There are numerous cases when tenants and homeowners suffer injuries, cuts, bruises, and sprains of varying degrees, depending on the type of objects they attempt to move. These injuries commonly occur due to lack of knowledge, poor lifting/shifting techniques, unavailability of necessary equipment etc. Thus, it is best to seek the assistance of professional removalists in Melbourne. While moving some items may be manageable, certain things should only be handled and moved by experts. Want to know what these objects are? Here is a list of five household items that are difficult to move without professional help. In addition, learn how to find the right removalists in Melbourne to move them along with other property contents.

Large Furniture

Moving heavy loads like large furniture are never easy because they require immense strength, the right technique and proper equipment. These usually include beds, couches, wardrobes, tables, etc. Removing furniture from the property and loading it on the moving truck is challenging, and professionals have the skills, experience, and tools to pack and handle them. They are efficient and capable of moving furniture with suffering any incident or injuries, causing damage, or banging items against walls or other belongings.

Antiques, Art, and Collectibles

For people who are collectors, art lovers, or have inheritances should consider hiring experienced removalists in Melbourne, who are skilled and trained to pack and transport antiques, paintings, sculptures, statues, and collectables. Professionals can manage the movement of these items carefully and safely to deliver them in perfect condition. Reputed removals companies that offer such moving services also provide limited liability coverage. What’s more, these companies can help arrange for real value or full value protection insurance policies via third-party insurers.

Heavy Appliances and Electronics

To safely move heavy appliances and electronics like a refrigerator, big-screen TVs, washing machines, dishwashers, microwave ovens, etc., human resources are required along with knowledge of how to move them correctly. These items can cause serious injury because they are usually large, have metal coverings, sharp edges, and operated via electricity. Thus before planning a move, it is wise to evaluate how many heavy appliances and electronics are in your household to make an inventory list and see which professional removalists in Melbourne are reckoned for their moving services and are capable of handling these items.

Fragile Items

It is surprisingly common for delicate items to break or get damaged during the move when they are not packed and transported by professionals. Non-specialists are unaware of the right supplies and methods to use for packing. Furthermore, they are unaware of the correct technique to load fragile things and how to stock them in a moving truck. Professional removalists in Melbourne, on the contrary, are trained and experienced with access to the necessary equipment to relocate these items safely. Thus hire professionals if there are delicate things like valuable crockery, glassware, chinaware, porcelain figures, wine/alcohol collections, etc.

Special Equipment or an Instrument

Understandably it isn’t within the capacity of non-specialists to move instruments or special equipment like pianos, exercising machines, sports gears, or heavy machinery in workshops. These belongings can be moved with the assistance of experts who have moving dollies, ramps, piano boards, pallet jacks, and many other industrial tools. With experience and supplies, the removalists can manage the relocation of these things within a stipulated time frame.

How to Find the Right Removalists?

Finding the right removalists to manage the movement of your belongings is crucial to ensure they are packed, handled, and transported carefully and safely. Mentioned below are some useful tips to book reliable and suitable removalists in Melbourne. • Search the directory of Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA) and other renowned organisations for reputed removalists. Also, ask relatives and friends for references. • Check which removalists are offering the services you require and read their reviews. Next, get in touch them via call or email to get a free quote and client contacts for feedback. • Compare the quotes, services, reviews, market reputation, and customer services to select a company that is the most suitable. • Don’t forget to ask the company regarding its refund, cancellation, and rescheduling policies. Plus, ask what their coverage policies are in case property contents are damaged or lost. See if they provide moving insurance options via a third party agency. • Inquire about their network, service locations and resources. Make sure to ask for discounts for first-time customers.


Moving is a mentally and physically strenuous activity that can adversely affect anyone’s health if tried to be managed without support, especially when certain items in your household should only be moved by professionals. If you are planning to move and have items from the list above, make sure to seek the assistance of experienced and reputed removalists in Melbourne. Also, follow the tips to find the right moving company to help you manage the process smoothly and in time.