5 Renovations To Complete Before You Move Into New Home

5 Renovations To Complete Before You Move Into New Home

Mar 30, 2021

There is nothing more fun and excitement than moving into a new home – a dream abode. It gives a sense of achievement, stability and security when you move from a rental property to your own home. However, you can’t overlook the stress involved in the pre-moving process. From downsizing to packing, preparing large furniture to booking reliable Melbourne removalists, you have to manage everything before the final move out.

In the middle of this, you may forget to add personal touches to your new home.  It is good to prepare a complete checklist so that can renovate as per your taste and preferences ahead of time. Try to do this when the premises is empty. This will prevent your furniture from getting damaged during the home renovation process.

So, here is the list of 5 renovations that you need to finish before moving into a new abode:

1. Painting your Walls

This is one of the most basic things that can instantly give a personal touch to your home. Changing the wall colours of rooms should be done before you move-in. It is because the entire property is empty and the professionals can easily complete their job without any distraction. This also won’t leave any spills and stains on your expensive furniture.

It is good to use low or no-VOC paints because they do not contain harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde. The traditional wall paints contain toxic elements that can pollute the indoor air, and that’s why it is good to choose no-VOC paints when renovating your home in Melbourne.

2. Fix Carpets and Floorings

Do not forget to fix your walls, carpets as well as walls before you arrive with your family for the new beginning of your life. So, before that, thoroughly inspect these areas to check for imperfections and make renovations accordingly.

Make sure you remove scuff marks and scratches to make your look as beautiful as you always wanted. If you are installing or refinishing your floorings on your own, take precious while preparing, sanding and applying the new finish. Open all the windows to let the smog out of your home. For a rustic matte finish, be sure the floor finishing system doesn’t have VOCs and can last longer.

In case you are installing new carpets, then it can give off a lot of bad fumes. So, do everything before you move-in. If you already have carpets, get it cleaned by professionals in Melbourne. They will restore the original shine of your delicate floor coverings without even using harmful chemicals.

3. Remodelling Bathroom and Kitchen

Everyone wants to personalise their kitchen and bathroom before shifting to the new home. If you want to upgrade the existing interior of these two areas, then do it as early as possible. You can install new countertops, do some wooden work, and buy new appliances and change fixture and hardware. You can also repair the existing cabinets and cupboards.

Note: Make sure you hire professionals for safe and sound removals in Melbourne. This will help you pay attention to home renovation projects during the pre-moving process.

4. Make Layout Changes

If you are planning to transform your new home’s living room and tiny kitchen area into a beautiful room, then you have to do it before moving into your new house. There is no use of bringing packed boxes, furniture and other items when your new place is dirty due to demoing and re-building walls, painting and rewiring electrical, etc. This will create more mess and make you feel more annoying.

Apart from this, huge renovations mean there will be workers and contractors in your new place for more than 2 months. So, it is good to complete these big changes prior to your move and get peace of mind.

5. Upgrade Exterior Locks

Most people overlook this important task while moving into a new home. Of course, remodelling kitchens and bathrooms enhance the overall look of a residential property, but you can’t ignore the safety and security parameters for the sake of your family. Do thorough research to find the most reliable type of lock.

Deadbolts is one of the most secure locks it is because they can’t be unlocked easily. You can also install CCTV camera systems outside your home to ensure the utmost level of safety of your family.

Great Ideas for Home Relocation

It is not possible to wait through a renovation before moving into a new home. It is good to plan ahead of time and make changes to the home interiors as soon as possible. In case you  are moving instantly, hire professionals who can transform your great ideas into visually-appealing designs and layouts without giving you a hint of stress. Professionals will not help you accomplish your dream renovation but also make it convenient for you to move-in in the most soothing manner.


Moving home can be stressful, especially for those who are relocating from a rented apartment. Make sure you hire certified Melbourne removalists so that you can complete important renovations before moving into your new home.