5 Tips To Help You Plan Your Move To Melbourne
beautiful view of Melbourne city with sunlight

5 Tips To Help You Plan Your Move To Melbourne

Nov 22, 2019

Melbourne is considered one of the most liveable cities in the world. This fantastic place offers plenty of jobs, world-class public transport options, top universities, low crime rate, easy lifestyle and much more. All these factors attract people to the city from across the nation. If you too want to improve your lifestyle and are looking for a new place to settle down, then Melbourne can be an ideal option. However, you should plan your move properly. There are few segments where you need to have a closer look so that you can easily move to this city and settle down without any chaos.

By hiring experienced removalists in Melbourne, you can ensure that all your belongings are safely loaded and transported. But, if you want to get along with the pace of the capital city of Victoria, you need to make efforts. Here are a few useful tips that can help you plan your move to Melbourne. Let’s have a look!

1. Properly Research

It is natural to feel excited when you are moving to a new city, but you should not forget that it is a place you are not familiar with. So, you must do enough research about the place and gather as much information as possible. This will help you to make plans in a better way. From population to weather and lifestyle to the cost of living, you should know everything about Melbourne. Read local blogs, visit government websites and try to find people who already live there. These efforts will give you a better scenario of the place.

The capital city of Victoria has total a population of over 4.8 million, which is 19.05% of the total population of Australia. At the moment, it is the second most populated state in the country after Sydney. However, you are not the only one planning to move here. More than 100,000 people move to Victoria every year, and the majority of people settle down in Melbourne. This place is the administrative, business and cultural hub of the state.

2. Search for a Home in Melbourne That Suits Your Budget

When you are moving to this place, the most important thing you must have is a place where you can stay with your family. And for that, you need to do a lot of planning and research. If you want to buy a property, you should have a good idea of the real estate market. The price of houses and units vary as per the location. As per last year’s data, a median house can cost you more than $900,000 while the units are around $500,000. Properties in this part of the country are usually sold through the real estate agents, so you need to stay in touch with them.

Some of the most expensive suburbs include Docklands, East Melbourne, Brighton and Toorak. If you want a cheaper option, go for areas like Garfield, Melton, Millgrove, Footscray, Werribee, etc. However, experts believe that when you are moving to a new and expensive place like Melbourne, you should always rent a house. This way, you can save some money as the cost of living is on the higher side.

The median rental value for houses is around $430 per week, while the units are for $410 a week. But if you are looking for houses within the city boundaries, you might need to pay about $600 each week.

One thing you should keep in mind is that Melbourne is an expensive place, so you are most likely to get a smaller space in comparison to where you are coming from. It is essential that you get rid of all the excess items so that you can easily fit your belongings in your new house. This will also make things easy for the removalists in Melbourne and reduce your overall transport cost.

3. Study the Job Market Properly Before You Make a Switch

If you want to settle down in Melbourne without facing any financial issues, it is essential to find a suitable job at the earliest. Ideally, you should have a job in your hand before moving to the capital of Victoria. The monthly cost of a four-member family can be around $3000 to $4000, excluding monthly rent. So, insufficient money can make it extremely difficult to meet the expenses. Start looking for a job at least 2 to 3 months before you plan to move.

There are many jobseeker platforms in Australia that you can visit to apply for jobs that suit your profile. You also need to join various groups on social media and build a strong network. Your networking exhibits your initiative, efforts, enthusiasm, research and communication skills. And these are highly appreciated in the Australian job market. If you are asked to join within a few days, do not hesitate. Hire professional removalists in Melbourne to relocate smoothly.

4. Know About the Education Institutes and Other Important Places

If you are relocating to this place for the higher education of your children, you are making the right decision. It is home to some of the best universities in the world, such as University of Melbourne, RMIT University (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology), Monash University, etc. Gather information about these places so that you can finalise the most suitable one for your children.

From architecture, building, planning and design to engineering, business and economics, information technology and computer science, all kinds of courses are available in these top universities. So your children can choose from a wide range of courses. Not only that, this place is deeply connected to all kinds of art forms – music, dance, artwork or anything else. So, it is an ideal place for their overall development.

Before moving here you all need to know about the places where you can spend some quality time with your family. Some of the top attractions in Melbourne include Federation Square, Royal Botanic Gardens, National Gallery of Victoria, Eureka Tower, Melbourne Museum and Royal Exhibition Building, Queen Victoria Market, etc.

Moreover, there are numerous places where you can have delicious food and drinks, particularly coffee. This place is known for the quality of its coffee. You might like to settle down at a place that has easy accessibility with these places.

5. Know about the Public Transport System

Before moving to a place, it is always important to have an idea of the transport system of the place. Melbourne has an excellent public transport system, but you need to make sure that you have a Myki card with you. Whether you are travelling in city buses, trains, or trams, this card is essential. People do not follow the paper tickets system any more. This is a reusable smart card that people use for travelling and it is extremely easy to use.

Initially, you might find the tram system a little difficult as the signs and routes are not always clear. But improve your understanding by exploring the maps of the respected areas. There are also some useful applications that you can download on your phone. These apps can guide you in a better way.

If you want to view timetables of your transport, plan your journey, want to know about the travelling card or need any other information, visit the website of Melbourne’s public transport system. You can purchase this card without any hassle from the ticket office or a machine in any main bus, tram or train station.

A full fare of this card costs $6.00, but for a senior or child, there is a concession of $3.00. To use this card, you just need to make sure that it is topped up before you start to travel. Simply touch it on the card readers, and it will work. The CBD (Central Business District) area is a Free Tram Zone, which covers the area from Queen Victoria Market, including Victoria Harbour, Spring Street and extends up to Flinders Street Station.


Melbourne not only offers excellent education and job opportunities, but it is also filled with hidden shops, cool laneways, art galleries and exceptional theatres. However, before you move to this place, gather as much information as possible. All these can take a lot of time. So do not waste it in wrapping up your belongings. Instead, hire a quality removal company to save time and effort. Follow the tips mentioned here to make your move a pleasant experience.