5 Tips on How to Set a Moving Budget
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5 Tips on How to Set a Moving Budget

Apr 25, 2018

Moving can be so expensive, that people have every fair reason to be financially stressed by their impending relocation. No matter how good your financial management is, moving to a new location is a costly venture that can use up your savings and drains out your budget. People don’t have a choice but have to bear the various expenses that relocation brings. Many added costs result from the process of relocation such as new home, removal services, related paperwork, packing material, the initial cost of living in the new city etc. Therefore, it is vital to carefully plan your moving budget to make sure that you have sufficient financial resources to cover various costs.
Relocation requires a lot of time, efforts and money; therefore it’s crucial that you make your moving budget in advance so that you don’t have to ponder over different expenses. However, one of the smartest decisions to make is to hire a professional and cheap Melbourne removalists, so that you don’t have to worry about packing and moving all your household belongings. Professional removalists are well trained, and they have reasonable prices for the services they provide, which will not only keep your budget in check but will also release a significant amount of stress and anxiety.
Here are 5 important tips on how you can set a moving budget before you relocate for a smooth relocation experience:

1. Make a Moving Budget Checklist

Make a list of all the financial needs during your process of relocation. Check all of your moving-related expenses, whether big or small and make calculations on what you need to manage. You can make a handy list or use suitable software programs and make a softcopy to have all the details saved. Write everything you need to buy, hire services, or invest money in. This will help you in estimating the cost of moving for you.
Do all the preparations well before you move to the new location. De-cluttering and clearing junk from your home will also add towards the savings you can achieve. Also include the cost of cleaning your current premise by a professional cleaning company in Melbourne. And if you are doing the job yourself, then you need to add the cost of cleaning products and equipment. It will help you in making the budget and manage your funds well.

2. Check Your Calendar

Scheduling your relocation is one thing that can significantly affect your moving cost. Before finalising the date of your final move, try to pick up a day that is not part of the peak season. This will help you in scoring a deal on your budget and save more money for your move. The busiest times to move are summer, weekends, start and end of the month etc. hence avoid moving during the peak seasons.
In big cities like Melbourne, moving is in full swing in summer months, hence try to move in a month after or before this time as it will give you cheaper and affordable rates. Moving rates are also higher during weekends, therefore book towards in middle of the week to suit your budget. The start and end of a new school or university session is also another busy season when most of the people are relocating. The rental leases close at the end of the month; therefore you could get cheaper rates during mid-month as removalists have fewer bookings during this time as compared to in the beginning or end of the month. Try moving in the mid of the month to get discounted rates.

3. Moving Company Expenses

Try to hire a removalist as soon as your relocation date is fixed. The earlier you will book; the chances are high that you will get better quotes with cheaper rates. Getting professional assistance for your relocation is necessary as it makes the whole process smooth. Hence, do not wait until last moment to call them up and hire one as soon as possible so that you get the affordable rates.
Your options will be more limited if you wait until the last day and you may have to compromise with a company that is charging above your budget. Once you finalise your removalist and get a quote from them, you will be able to determine the costs involved in hiring them such as packing materials, the transit of your household stuff, any extra services etc.

4. Post Relocation Expenses

There is a lot to manage even after relocating to your new house. Things you will have to spend on things like initial rent of your new home, required bond money while renting a house (or mortgage payments if you have bought the place), cost of new furniture or appliances, expenses for reconnecting the utilities, any renovation for your new house, car registration, taxes, groceries and daily essentials etc. There will be numerous things on which you will have to spend once you start living at your new place and thus should be included in the moving budget.

5. Unexpected Expenses

Once you are done with all the primary expenses, you will get an idea of the whole budget that moving will cost you. The expenses of the removalist, immediate post-relocation expenses, travel expense and additional expenses should all be valid estimations in your moving budget checklist.
The best way to be prepared for the relocation financially is to be ready for the unexpected expenses. You never know what you have to deal with after moving to a new place, and hence you must have some amount of money saved that can help in case of an emergency. Therefore, keep aside an extra part of the budget for unanticipated costs.


Moving to a new place is one of the costliest affairs in our lives. However, it’s better to hire professionals to escape unnecessary expenses of buying packing material, boxes and other things to move. When you hire affordable removalist in Melbourne like Better Removalists Melbourne, they take care of everything from packing your household items to loading and unloading. It will help you in keeping your move budget friendly and will allow you time to do other significant tasks.