7 House Moving Tips For Single Parents
young woman and her son packing up their essentials into the boxes

7 House Moving Tips For Single Parents

Apr 21, 2020 Maintaining a balance between taking care of your kids and managing the entire moving process is a challenging task, particularly for single parents. Even if you are moving across the road, you need someone’s help to pack and load the boxes and furniture. And if you are focusing too much on the moving, you need a trustworthy person to babysit your kid. This is why single parents usually prefer to hire experienced removalists in Melbourne. This saves a lot of time and efforts. However, there are many more things that you need to do to ensure a hassle-free move and safety of your kids. Here are some useful house moving tips for single parents. Let’s have a look!

1. Start Your Packing Early

Being a single parent, you must start your planning as early as possible. The more time you will get to pack your things and plan your move, the easier it will become to execute. Do not forget that along with packing, you also need to take care of your kid. So, you need way much more time than what you are estimating. Many single parents make the mistake of delaying the packing process, which leads to chaos on a moving day. As a result, the entire moving process gets delay and become more costly. You should start your packing at least a month ago and spend only a couple of hours daily. This way, you will finish the preparation on time and take care of the kids.

2. Prepare Your Kids

When you are moving, it is vital that your kids support the decision and be happy with the move. Otherwise, things can get very complicated in your new place. If you are a single parent, it is essential that you prepare your kid for a move. Have open communication with your kids and inform them about your plans as early as possible. Make them understand why this relocation is crucial for you and if possible, take them with you for choosing your new house. This way, the kids will be mentally prepared for the move, and that can make the process easier. If you think you need to spend more time with your kids, hire removalists in Melbourne. They will make the moving process quick and hassle-free.

3. Involve Your Kids

Preparing your kids is not enough, you also need to involve them in your moving process. If you are a single parent, it is not easy to move on your own and pack everything single-handedly. Thus, you should now the right way to involve your kids in your packing task. However, before you assign them any task, make sure that it not difficult or dangerous as per their age. Give them an easy task like collecting all their toys, colours, book, etc. at one place. They can also put the label on the boxes and decorate the boxes with different colours. All these small efforts from your kids that don’t seem so important can save a lot of time during the packing process.

4. Declutter Your Home before Packing

Getting rid of unnecessary items before the packing process is essential for everyone, particularly for single parents. This is because when you have to take care of your kids alone during the packing, you want to spend minimum time. Also, relocation is an expensive project, so you want to save as much money as possible. Decluttering your house can help you to serve both the purpose. Getting rid of unnecessary items means fewer minutes to pack your items. You can sell your old items in a garage sale to earn some money. You can use the money in your moving process. Thus, before you start your packing, declutter your home correctly.

5. Hire Professionals

Perhaps the most useful moving tips for single parent is to hire removalists in Melbourne. The professionals have in-depth knowledge about packing, loading and transporting of your belongings. So, you don’t have to focus on these tasks and instead focus on other essential responsibilities, including taking care of your kids. Professionals use advanced tools and get the proper training, so they are more than capable of carrying out even the most complicated moving process. Take your time to choose a reputed removals company.

6. Get Familiar with the New Place before Moving

As a single parent, you need to make more effort to make sure that you kids get settle down in the new place without any hassle. And one of the best ways to achieve that is by getting familiar with the news place before moving there. So, if there is a possibility, you should visit the place a couple of time before the relocation and visit notable places like school, parks, market, pizza points, and other similar areas that they might like.

7. Don’t Show Your Stress to Your Kids

The moving process affects not only the adults but also the kids. They also go through and emotional turmoil of leaving the only place they know. Being a single parent, it is possible that you get frustrated or anxious at times, but you must not show that to your kids. This is because when kids look for comfort, they look up to their parent. So, it is vital that you stay calm and support your kids throughout the process. To minimise the stress of moving, the single parent usually opts for removalists in Melbourne.

The Bottom Line

Moving is a daunting task, even when both the parents are there to take care of their children. Image how much tricky it can be for a single parent! However, with the help of the tips mentioned above and a reliable moving company, you can accomplish a stress-free, reasonable and safe move.