7 House Removal Mistakes That You Should Avoid

7 House Removal Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Nov 20, 2020 The relocation process is extremely stressful because you have to deal with different responsibilities at the same time. Whether it is the packing, hiring professionals, paying final bills or refund of the bond, you need to complete all the tasks properly and on time. It can create a lot of pressure on you. On top of that, you need to make sure that all your delicate items remain safe throughout the process. When you are occupied with so many things, it is inevitable to make mistakes. Some of these errors can make a huge impact on your moving process. Hiring reliable removalists in Melbourne can make the process a lot easier for you. However, it is also important for you to know about mistakes if you want to avoid them. Read on to know more about the removals mistake that people usually make but you should avoid.

1. Not Preparing a Relocation Budget

One of the most common mistakes that people make while relocating is not preparing a moving budget. When you move without a budget, it becomes extremely difficult for you to keep track of all expenses. As a result of that, you may end up paying way more money than what you have planned. From the final utility bills and cost of packing supplies to hiring professionals and miscellaneous costs, there are several things, which you should include in your budget. Once you have decided about the moving date, prepare a budget. If you have a budget, it becomes easier to do the cost-cutting whenever it requires.

2. Moving All Your Belongings

Another important mistake that you should avoid is moving all your belongings to your new house. Packing takes a lot of time, money and effort, so make sure you are taking only the important stuff with you. Make a list of things that you don’t use anymore, or you will not require in your new home. Such items can be old furniture, appliances, electronics, sports and gym equipment, coats and jackets, shoes, books, etc. You can organise a garage sale and sell these items. In case you want to donate some items, contact an NGO in your area but make sure the items you want to donate are in good condition. Removing unwanted stuff will make your packing process a lot easier and reduce the overall cost of the relocation.

3. Not Paying Attention to the Packing of Fragile Items

Packing fragile items like a mirror, costly decorative pieces, lamps, wine bottle, glassware, etc., is the most challenging task of the relocation process. It requires a lot of time and appropriate methods to pack these items perfectly. However, people often delay the packing process and then try to pack everything in a hustle. It is a huge mistake because even a little bit of negligence and damage your delicate items. If you have a shortage of time, then you can opt for the best packaging services in Melbourne. The professionals have expertise in packing all types of items quickly and perfectly.

4. Delaying Utility Transfer and Address Change

During relocation, people often delay the transfer of utility and address change. It is a common house removals mistake that you should avoid. These tasks take some time, so you must do it at the right time. Otherwise, you may have to spend the first few days in your new house without basic facilities like light, water, phone, internet, etc. It can be very frustrating when you have so many boxes to unpack and organise your new house. Moreover, if your address does not get changed at the right time, then you will have to visit your previous place a couple of time for the mails.

5. Underestimating the Importance of Professionals

Relocation is one of the most stressful times of your life because you have to focus on different responsibilities at the same time. Perhaps the biggest mistake that people make during time is they try a DIY move. This approach is a huge risk for your costly items, and you are most likely to face chaos on the moving day. If you want to ensure a smooth and safe relocation, it is essential to hire the best removalists in Melbourne. They are highly skilled and experienced so they can tackle all the challenges in the best possible manner and execute the task perfectly. Choosing the right removalists may take some time, so it is advisable to start your research at early as possible.

6. Not Labelling the Boxes

Once you are done with your packing, labelling the boxes it extremely important and you should never skip it. If you label your boxes properly and prepare an inventory list, then it would be a lot easier for you to track down your items later on during the unpacking process. Labelling also helps you to protect your belongings as well. In other words, if you put label your box full of delicate items, then the Melbourne removalists will know that the box contains fragile items. So, they will handle it with the utmost care during the loading and unloading process.

7. Not Packing Your Moving Day Kit

A moving day kit or box of essentials is crucial for moving day to make sure that you are fully prepared for the day. If you don’t pack your moving day kit, then you will have to rifle through all the packed boxes and find what you need. It can be extremely time-consuming and frustrating. So, when you are packing your stuff, pack a separate box with all the items that you will require in the first few days. These things may include your brush, toiletries, paper towels, extra pair of clothes, towels, medicines, phone and laptop charger, a few plates, spoons, scissors, knife, etc. A moving day kit can help you to settle down in a hassle-free manner.


When you are relocating, making mistakes is something that is unavoidable. All you can do is to know about the mistakes in advance so that you don’t repeat them while moving. If you want to avoid any serious mistake, start your preparations at the earliest and contact a reputed removals company in Melbourne. The next time you move, try not to make the mistakes mentioned above.