7 Important Questions To Ask Your Local Moving Company

7 Important Questions To Ask Your Local Moving Company

Aug 16, 2022

Moving house without challenges is almost impossible, but you can reduce them by getting assistance from a good moving company.

Professional removalists train to learn the best techniques and skills to pack and move household contents safely. By hiring experienced removalists Melbourne, you can save money and lessen your moving stress. You must start looking for them at least four weeks before moving to book reliable professionals in time.

However, it is easier said than done because many moving companies in Melbourne boast of proving good removal solutions. Thus, you should ask the following essential questions from a moving company to choose the right removalists for your house move.

Do you have an ASIC registration?

Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) is a government regulatory body, and companies registered with it need to maintain a business name and have a registered office. Additionally, they need to share financial records and abide by many other regulatory laws.

Therefore, you should always ask a moving company about their ASIC registration to avoid booking unregistered or deregistered businesses. Taking this precaution will help prevent getting scammed by fraud companies.

What services do you offer?

Some moving companies specialise in local moves only while others are jack of all trade. Ask what services they offer to book a moving company suitable for your requirements. Asking this question will help you find a one-stop destination and save time.

Most reputed moving companies in Melbourne offer services for packing, storage, removals and unpacking. You can also hire them for interstate and international removals as they will help you manage everything smoothly.

Do you provide moving insurance?

While most companies offer limited liability coverage while providing their moving services, it is not enough to cover the costs in case of damage. Therefore, if you have valuable items and need good moving insurance, your removalists can help.

Legally, removalists in Melbourne cannot sell moving insurance directly, but they can arrange for a third-party agency to make a policy for you. You can get customised solutions to ensure your property contents are safe, and you can get reimbursement for damaged or lost items.

Are your removalists insured?

One of the best advantages of hiring professional removalists in Melbourne is you don’t have to pay for their insurance or administrative costs. You can hire removalists with necessary insurance to ensure you are not liable to pay in case anyone moving your things gets injured on your property.

To guarantee the removalists are insured, ask for their certificate of insurance, and good professionals would have it on them. This document is crucial, as many landlords or property managers don’t allow removalists on the property without it.

How do you charge for services?

Removalists in Melbourne often charge according to the weight of contents, distance, number of moving trucks required and people working on the move. These charges are by the hour, and the removalists provide an estimate before bookings.

The estimate of moving costs is made after a pre-move survey as instant quotes are less reliable. Additionally, asking about the service charging method is crucial to know if the moving company is economical.

Do you conduct pre-move surveys?

Pre-move surveys are any day better and more reliable for getting moving cost estimates than instant quotes. These surveys are free and good removalists in Melbourne conduct them to check the property and its contents, create an inventory and plan for packing/moving your things.

You get the quotes after the survey, and they will help make budgeting easier and hiring the most affordable removalists for you. Avoid companies that only offer instant quotes, as it is a trick many scammers use to dupe innocent people.

Note: Removal quotes expire, so don’t forget to ask how long the quote is valid to compare them in time with others.

What are your booking, refunding & rescheduling policies?

Moving companies ask for a booking amount they can refund entirely within a certain period (usually 24-48 hours). Therefore, you should ask about a company’s booking and refund policies to avoid hassle and cancel bookings if you need to.

In addition, ask about rescheduling because you may have to bump the moving date up or down. Most reputed removalists in Melbourne can manage rescheduling up to a few days because they understand clients need flexibility while moving house. Just make sure to notify the removalists in ample bandwidth to reschedule, as they need time to line their resources.


Moving to a new home with proper planning and preparation is time-consuming and exhausting. You must create a moving checklist, pack as early as possible and manage other tasks in time. Additionally, ask the above questions to choose the right removalists in Melbourne to manage some or every aspect of your move.