7 Tips To Follow When Moving Out For The First Time

7 Tips To Follow When Moving Out For The First Time

Jul 16, 2020

Moving out from home is a rite of passage every individual has to go through at some point in his/her life. The reasons can vary from moving for obtaining higher education, relocating for a job, or any other. Whatever the reason, moving out for the first time is stressful, challenging, and overwhelming.

Therefore, being proactive and planning for the move at least a few months in advance is necessary. Being confused and clueless about what to do is common before and during the move. To prevent this from happening, here are seven tips by expert removalists in Melbourne to follow when moving out for the first time.

Make a list of Basic Things You will need at the New Place

Planning is key for successfully moving out of your home for the first time, which involves creating a list of the basic things you will require at the property you are going to live. While making a list there are a number of factors to consider such as

• Will you be living alone?
• Will you live with your partner or have roommates?
• What things are already available at the property?
• Are there items that can be shared with other members of the household that you shouldn’t bring?

After considering these factors, the next step is to make your list of wanted things which can include clothes, furniture, appliances, gadgets, utilities, and other basic items of daily use.

Save and Create a Budget

Moving out is a financially taxing activity that will require you to buy new things, pay for rent & security deposit, spend on utilities & services, travel, hiring removalists in Melbourne etc. Thus it is imperative to be organised to save and create a realistic budget to follow before and after moving.

The general rule for budgeting before and after moving should be 50-30-20 out of which 50 % of your monthly income or allowance is for paying bills, rents, and other essential expenses. 30% is for spending on leisure, luxury, and entertainment while the remaining 20% is for saving.

For the budget creation, you can look at pre-made ones online and tweak them according to your needs, plans, and requirements.

Take the Assistance of Professionals

Packing and moving are difficult even for people who have moved multiple times which is why for those who are moving out for the first time taking the assistance of professional removalists in Melbourne is essential.

The experts have years of experience, training, and skill to perform the strenuous moving-related tasks efficiently. They can help you manage packing, handling, and transportation of your belongings and save you a lot of time and energy which can be dedicated to completing other tasks.

Declutter Your Belongings

When moving out for the first time, it is wise to lighten your packing and moving load by only taking things of utmost importance. Thus decluttering is an excellent activity to help you responsibly dispose of, donate, or resell things you don’t require. Through decluttering, you should remove things that are broken, damaged, obsolete, or not used at least once a year.

Don’t Lose Connections

Whether you are moving out for higher studies, better job opportunity, or any other reason, it is essential to maintain your personal and professional connections. It is common for people to move out of their homes and lose touch with relatives, friends, neighbours, schoolmates, colleagues etc. It can be emotionally and socially taxing, which is why remaining in touch and schedule trips to meet them will be wise.

Make Sure Utilities and Services are Set-up

Nobody wants to have no gas, water, or electricity on the day they move into their new home. Therefore, make sure to arrange for all the utilities and services to be available when you move.

Whether you are buying the new property or renting it, get in touch with the concerned people and authorities to have basic necessities like water, heating/cooling system, sewer services, gas, and electricity, among others. In addition, get a landline, television, internet, and OTT connections plus set up for communication.

Don’t Try to Manage Everything Alone

When moving out of your home for the first time, don’t try to manage everything alone because it will be emotionally and physically draining and overwhelming. Taking the assistance of family members and friends during this difficult time is essential for maintaining your mental and physical health.

Therefore, ask for their support and help whenever required and delegate responsibility to make the moving process more comfortable.

The Bottom Line

Moving out for the first time is among the most stressful events of anyone’s life as it takes an emotional, physical and financial toll. Therefore, for people who are planning to leave the nest and settle in their new properties for the first time, these tips shared by professional removalists in Melbourne are useful and insightful. Follow them to make your move comfortable, manageable, and smooth.