8 Common Things People Forget During A House Move
couple packing up a cardboard box with a tape

8 Common Things People Forget During A House Move

Oct 12, 2017 Since the house relocation is a stressful task, there is a good chance of forgetting key things during a house move. There is a lot to remember while making a move, including preparing a moving plan, collecting packing supplies, labelling packed boxes and a much more – everything needs to be done carefully if you want a stress-free moving experience. But, unfortunately, we make some common mistakes and forget a few basic things during a house move. It doesn’t matter how organised you are, there is a good chance of forgetting something, especially if you are doing it yourself. If you are also making common mistakes during a house move, you should read out this blog post. Today, we will share 8 forgotten things while making a move.

1. A moving checklist

Most of the people forget about creating a moving checklist – which is not a good way to start with. A moving checklist not only keeps your house organised but also saves a lot of time. It helps you go swiftly with the process and guarantee you the success of your daunting moving task. If you want a stress-free move, make sure you create a custom moving checklist depending on your specific requirements. Also, don’t forget to create arranged moving the timeline to make your job easier and manageable. If you don’t have any clue regarding this, you can hire the best removalists in Melbourne who can assist you with the safe and reliable house move.

2. Preparing the exit cleaning

Whether you are moving out from an apartment or a two unit house, an exit cleaning is a must. However, most of us overlook this aspect while moving a house. So, before moving out from your current property, make sure you get it cleaned properly. You can also hire an experienced cleaning company in Melbourne to save both your time and money. They can clean your entire property using the right cleaning equipment at the most affordable price.

3. Comparing moving companies

Yes, this is true. People usually avoid comparing different moving companies before making a final decision. Due to the shortage of time, we fall under the situation when we overlook exploring different moving companies in terms of their prices, services and policies. To make a right decision and reduce the burden of some of the most stressful moving tasks, you will need to compare all the shortlisted companies carefully to choose the best option for you. Compare the prices, moving services, equipped technologies and workforce when it comes to choosing the right removal company.

4. Labelling the packed boxes

It is one of the most overlooked things that could create a chaos at the end of the day. No matter how much time you spent in packing your boxes. If you forget about labelling your boxes, you could face some issues during the unpacking process. So, it is better to label all your packed boxes using a black marker. Add a list of all the contents available in each box to make your job easier.

5. Packing a first-aid box

Similar to labelling, this is something that most of the people overlook while packing their stuff. Of course, furniture, fragile items and other knickknacks need to be packed properly. But you can’t ignore the first-aid box, especially if you have toddlers and elders. Keep a first-aid box handy so that you can use it whenever needed. Keep all the medicines, banded and other essential things in a box before you get into a moving process.

6. Buying quality packing supplies

Either people forget or overlook buying good quality of packing supplies for their precious household items. If you protect your items from getting damaged during the moving process, you have to pack your items using the best quality of packing supplies. Make sure you buy cartage boxes, bubble wraps, packing paper, ropes, tape, and other essential packing tools to give extra shield of coverage to all your items.

7. Personal records and documents

People usually forget about securing their personal data during a house relocation process. Keep all the personal records, including medical and dental records, birth certificates, and electricity bills in a safe place two weeks prior to your moving day.

8. Toiletries

It is one of the most forgotten items when you are making a house move. You can’t overlook the toiletries if you have small kids. Keep the toilet paper, soap, hand sanitizer, hand towel and other bathroom essentials in one box and try to keep it handy.


These are the 8 most common things forget by people while making a move. If you are preparing yourself for a next move, read out the above-mentioned points carefully to avoid mistakes. Hope you have a stress-free move!