8 Tips To Make A Move Faster For Your Melbourne Removalists
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8 Tips To Make A Move Faster For Your Melbourne Removalists

Jan 23, 2018 Relocation is a toilsome task which can make you feel distressed as soon as you learn about it. Going to a new place sounds all exciting and wonderful until you think about the whole process you will have to go through to move. The thought of forgetting an important thing or work during transit is frightening. During the entire moving process, many things are at stake, your time your money and your nerves too. Peak moving season has kicked off in Melbourne, and many people get fearful of it. There are unknown concerns packed with it especially if you have to move faster. But with the help of experienced removalists in Melbourne, you can get through it without any problems. Here are 8 best tips that can make your move faster for yourself and your Melbourne removalist:

1. Don’t dive into panic

The first step advised is not to delve into panic when the date of your moving is declared; you must accept it to be able to start the work ASAP. When you acknowledge the fact, you will be able to have the right approach and do things productively.

2. Organise your move as soon as possible

One of the best tips to make your move faster is to organise and plan your move as quickly as possible. Map down all the tasks to be done. By writing down all the essential pointers, it will be easy for you to remember everything and manage all stressful tasks of the move. The process will be more organised and less overwhelming. By hiring the removalists and all other professionals at the right time, you will make it easy for them also to chalk out a plan to perform the job well.

3. What’s the best day and time to move?

In a city like Melbourne, if you have a flexible schedule, avoid moving on the weekends. During the weekends there is massive traffic on the roads, and you don’t want to spend extra money for sitting in the traffic. When you have to move faster, you also do not wish to waste the day if it rains. Not only you won’t reach your destination at the given time, but also your belongings may get drenched in water leaving them useless. It will be difficult for your removalist to manage things in this kind of weather conditions. So, to escape this nightmare, check the temperature and weather in Melbourne before time and consult it with your removalist.

4. Take photos as references and proof

There is the maximum possibility that you can forget many things. So the fastest way to remember is to take photos before you leave. The photos that you take will be a proof in case any of your stuff gets misplaced during relocation. The photos that you take of the wired appliances or electronic devices will take much lesser time when you have to set them up again in your new home. Also, if you have hired your removalist for unpacking, it will be easier for them to fix your appliances and gadgets quickly.

5. A basics box

When moving, you should pack an essentials box without a miss. Consider all items you can’t survive without till the next 24 hours like indelible food, some essential tools, utensils, one set of clothes for your family member etc. Keep in it everything you need to go to work, to sleep in, toiletries etc.

6. Don’t pack anything extra

Moving is expensive. When you start packing for your relocation, you may take and pack everything that comes in your way. Hence take only what you need and leave the rest redundant stuff. This will save a lot of time for you and your licenced removalist.

7. Pack clothes in a flare but save your breakables

You can pack clothes any way you want to. You can wrap them around in a sheet, but when it comes to your appliances and mainly the breakable stuff, there is where you need to take the extra care. Pack your breakables carefully no matter how much fast you want to move. Guide your moving company about the boxes that contain brittle items to avoid any accidents and thus delays in the moving process.

8. Get good boxes

Don’t use your already used boxes which are nearly worn out. You may think that they can carry your stuff, but you will end up breaking your stuff, hence buy new boxes and save your things from breaking or getting lost. If you don’t wish to spend so much money on packaging, hire customised boxes from your Melbourne removalist.


Keeping the above tips on point, the best way to move is to appoint professional movers like Better Removalists Melbourne. They have enough experience, and they will make your move faster and peaceful. Their speed of packing, shipping and stacking bulky items on the moving truck is better than anyone else. On top of it, their safety measures are beyond doubt.