9 Essential Questions To Ask Your Removals Company

9 Essential Questions To Ask Your Removals Company

Apr 03, 2023 Hiring a professional removal service is essential to lighten your moving stress. Since removalists can offer expert assistance for packing, local moves, interstate moves and much more, they can help you with multiple moving-related tasks. Therefore, if you plan to move, you must consider hiring professional removalists in Melbourne to safely handle and move your belongings to your new home. However, choosing the right removalists can be challenging because of multiple options. Australia has over 9000 removal businesses, and hundreds of them are based in Melbourne, an international city. You must know what to ask removalists to shortlist those within your budget and meet your requirements. Thus, here are 9 essential questions to ask a removal company to ascertain its viability for you.

When was Your Business Established & What Services do You Offer?

While you shouldn’t dismiss a removal company because it is a start-up, experienced removal companies make a good case. Therefore, you must always ask when a company was established to determine its business experience. Additionally, inquire about their services and their inclusions to ensure they can meet your requirements. This question also helps learn whether the removalists provide personalised house moving solutions, as each renter/homeowner’s needs are unique. Red Flag: If a company has changed its business name multiple times in a short amount of time.

Can You Conduct a Pre-Move Survey?

A pre-move survey is one of the most important steps to get an accurate and realistic removal quote. However, not all removalists offer this service which is why asking this question is crucial. During the survey, the removalists can assess the scale of the move, accessibility of your property, property content to pack/move etc. You can also ask more questions and gain valuable information during the survey, such as ASIC registration status, ABN, etc. Red Flag: A removal company that only offers instant quotes.

What is Your Removalists’ Call-Out Fee?

Removalists’ call-out fee is a cost they charge for coming to your house and spending their time. It also covers their travel expenses, the cost of conducting a pre-move survey, and other expenses. Removalists in Melbourne may or may not impose this fee for short-distance moves (less than 25 km). But for stress-free long-distance move or interstate relocation, expect this fee to be included in the removal quotes in addition to the service charge, hourly labour charge etc. Red Flag: Not disclosing the call-out fee, as the removalists can impose it as a hidden charge on a moving day.

What are Your Acceptable Payment Methods?

Not everyone is comfortable paying cash for services; good removal companies in Melbourne know it. Therefore, they offer multiple payment options like credit cards, debit cards, net banking, etc. Always choose removalists who take a booking amount and payment on the moving day. Red Flag: Be wary of companies only taking cash and the entire amount before the moving day, as they can be scammers.

What are Your Moving Truck Sizes?

You don’t want to book removalists in Melbourne who have to make round trips to move all your belongings. Most good removal companies have multiple vehicles in variable sizes to easily move belongings for houses and apartments. Therefore, when you ask this question, the removalists will inquire about your property size. You can discuss the matter to choose the right moving truck for transporting your things affordably and eco-friendlily. Red Flag: If a company doesn’t have multiple moving vehicles & insists on round trips.

Are Your Removalists Bonded & Insured?

No one wants the liability of paying for accidents and medical costs of removalists while they are working. Therefore, asking whether a company’s removalists are bonded and insured is crucial. It also helps ensure you are reimbursed if the removalists damage some things at your old or new home. Red Flag: If the removalists cannot provide an insurance certification.

Will Your Removalist Bring the Necessary Supplies & Equipment?

Good removalists in Melbourne bring their packing supplies, moving equipment and other essential items to ensure your relocation experience is smooth. They can handle fragile items, furniture, bulky appliances and other things. But, asking this question allows you to know about their preparation and availability of resources. Red Flag: If a removal company asks you to arrange packing supplies or moving equipment.

Can you Share References for Client Feedback?

Removalists in Melbourne with good market reputation, quality services and a strong business will never shy away from sharing references for client feedback. They can give your contact details of clients they served you, and you can get reliable feedback which is much more reliable than online ratings or reviews. Red Flag: If a company’s references sound too good to be true. They can be fake reviewers paid to provide overwhelmingly positive feedback.

What are Your Booking, Cancellation, Rescheduling & Refund policies?

Most removalists in Melbourne take a booking amount to set the date and time for removals. You must ask about this amount and what is the cancellation period for booking and refund policies. Also, inquire about a company’s rescheduling policies and if you have to pay some extra charges for last minutes changes. Red Flag: The company insist on a cash deposit or payment.

Wrapping Up

Moving to a new home with the assistance of professional removalists ensures you can share the burden of moving your belongings. Therefore, to help you choose the right removal company, this guide outlines essential questions to ask removalists. Use them for hiring removalists without hassle or getting scammed.