9 Expert Tips For Moving With Pets

9 Expert Tips For Moving With Pets

Oct 12, 2020 Moving is a laborious and mentally exhausting activity as you have to complete a host of tasks simultaneously and with little time to spare. The entire process is even more strenuous for people who have pets. Your beloved animals depend entirely on you to take care of them, and moving can be taxing for them. Often while running around completing responsibilities, your pets can get in the way or get less attention than usual. It can cause them physical or mental stress which is not good. Therefore, whether you are a new pet owner or a seasoned one, here is your complete guide to moving with pets by professional removalists in Melbourne. Read on to find useful information about pets and renting along with expert tips for relocating with pets.

Pets and Renting

The new laws for pets and renting came into effect in the state of Victoria from March 2020. Now, people looking to rent a property need to request a landlord’s consent to bring a pet which the landlord cannot unreasonably refuse. People living in rented properties don’t need consent for the pets they already have but will need to ask the landlord if they want to bring a new one. Tenants interested in getting a new pet should present their landlord with a filled pet request form. A landlord can only refuse to allow tenants to keep the new pet if the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) finds that the reason is acceptable.

Tips for Moving with Pets

Now that you know what is legally required of tenants for living or moving to a rented property with pets. Here are nine expert tips that will help to make your moving process smoother. 1. Stick to Routine While completing a host of moving-related activities and tasks, it is easy for your pet’s daily routine to get upset. It can cause a lot of anxiety and stress if they are not taken for walks and given food on time. Your pet’s mental and physical health can suffer greatly, which is why it is essential to stick to their usual routine, and remaining attentive to their needs. 2. Spend Quality Time Together Moving can be taxing for your pet, especially if it has anxiety. Therefore, it is essential you spend quality time with it to provide comfort. Hire professional removalists in Melbourne to manage the packing and transportation of your belongings to have more time to take care of your pet and fulfil other moving-related activities. 3. Choose a Pet-friendly Removals Company While booking a removals company in Melbourne, ask if their removalists are trained to perform moves with pets. You can ask for client feedback and testimonials to know if the removalists are good at shifting belongings while pets are around. 4. Leave Your Pet in Someone’s Care Ask a trusted family member or a friend your pet is comfortable with to take care of it a day or two before and after the moving day. These few days are extremely chaotic, which can lead to stress, anxiety, and aggression in your pet. What’s more, your hired removalists in Melbourne can do their work without any hitch while the pet is safe and away. 5. Take Your Pet to the New House It is essential to familiarise your pet with the new place to prevent it from becoming confused and anxious after moving. Taking your pet to the new house will help them get used to the smells and sights. 6. Visit the Vet Before moving to the new house, make sure your pet is in good health and has had all its vaccinations. Taking it to the vet is a good idea, particularly if you observe any behavioural changes or lack of appetite. 7. Ensure Your Pet’s Safety While decluttering, packing, and moving property contents, the chances of your pet getting hurt or injured are substantial. Therefore, keep them safe in a quiet room with a family member while doing these activities. 8. Pack an Essential Kit for Your Pet Besides packing essential kits for every household member, pack one for your pet as well. Keep food, treats, medicines, first aid, harnesses, water bottle and other essential items in the kit to have them on-hand whenever required. 9. Pack Pet’s Belongings Last and Unpack First Along with other essential items that you will need until the moving day, pack your pet’s feeding bowl, treats, cleaning supplies, toys, etc., last. After arriving at the new home, make sure to unpack these items first to surround them with familiar things and feed them as per routine.

The Bottom Line

Moving with pets is challenging, which is why it is important to know about pet and renting laws in Melbourne. In addition, managing the process is easier and faster by following the expert tips mentioned above. While moving with pets, aim to keep them safe and make the entire process as stress-free as possible.