Best Melbourne Suburbs For Families: Complete Moving Guide
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Best Melbourne Suburbs For Families: Complete Moving Guide

May 18, 2020

With the prices of buying and renting residential properties in the city of Melbourne rising exponentially, more and more people are choosing to move to its suburbs because there are more square meters available at lesser rates. Besides the increasing cost of living, people are looking for homes, especially to live with families in the suburbs due to less crime rate, green environment, good schools, and availability of modern amenities.

If you are among those who are planning to relocate to an outer city area with family or to raise a family, here is a complete moving guide by experts outlining the best Melbourne suburbs and how to manage the move with help from professional removalists in Melbourne.

Diamond Creek

A fast-growing suburb of Melbourne, Diamond Creek is a high demand market for houses that can accommodate young and mature families. The suburb is reckoned for its country and green look, peaceful environment, and availability of modern amenities.

It is ideal for raising a family because of low crime incidents, reputed primary and high schools, and excellent playgrounds. Here you can find a host of great housing options for purchasing and renting with median rates as follows.

• Houses for Buying: $750,000
• Houses for Renting: $490 per week
• Units for Buying: $661,500
• Units for Renting: $410 per week


Coburg is suitable for moving with your family or if you are a couple looking for a residence to start a family. It is a well-established area with various houses with an old-world charm, and the majority of residents are families and couples. The suburb is multi-cultural going through a rapid transformation.

Along with old and established properties, investors are and have created apartment complexes and townhouses close to some of the best schools in Melbourne. These newly constructed structures are suitable for young families to occupy. Their median rates are as follows.

• Houses for Buying: $969,000
• Houses for Renting: $530 per week
• Units for Buying: $520,000
• Units for Renting: 400 per week

Doncaster East

Doncaster East is a desirable suburb that is rated high among areas suitable for families to live. For people who want to be a part of a welcoming community and live in an affordable suburb, Doncaster East should be the choice. It is home to a host of green and well-maintained parks, has a low crime rate, and homes about five established schools.

What’s more, it is well located, relaxed, and peaceful with excellent places to eat and shop. The properties a slightly pricey but it is worth investing in a house or unit here. The median property rates are mentioned as follows.

• Houses for Buying: $1,210,500
• Houses for Renting: $540 per week
• Units for Buying: $805,000
• Units for Renting: $470 per week


Over the years more and more families are flocking to Newport due to its proximity to the city, reputed primary/high schools, Newport Lakes Reserve, and many other attractions. It is green, tranquil, and suitable for young/matured families, retirees, working professionals etc. The crime rate is low, the communities are friendly, and there are plenty of parks, museums, and recreation centres etc.

It is the suburb that is perfect for raising children, having a social life, and enjoy living in a secure neighbourhood. The properties here are a little expensive but great for investment, considering the standard of living is high. The median prices of house/units for rent or sale are listed below.

• Houses for Buying: $ 1,055,00
• Houses for Renting: $ 550 per week
• Units for Buying: $ 720,000
• Units for Renting: $495 per week


Want to move to a suburb that is close to the central business district of Melbourne? Hawthorn is one of the best options. The suburb is home to reputed private and public schools, popular restaurants, retail shops, healthcare facilities and many other modern amenities. It is an ideal area to move for people planning to raise children in a safe environment and remain well connected with the city and other suburbs.

The residential properties range from spacious and well-designed old/house and boutique townhouses/apartments. According to preference, you can find a house or unit to rent/buy at Hawthorn with ease. Renting or buying a property in this suburb is costlier than other suburbs but worth it. The median prices of the properties here are mentioned as follows.

• Houses for Buying: $2,353,000
• Houses for Renting: $750 per week
• Units for Buying: $550,000
• Units for Renting: $420 per week

How to Manage the Move to a Suburb?

Whether you are moving from one suburb to another or from the city, the process can be managed with ease by hiring professional removalists in Melbourne. The experts offer packing and transporting services at competitive rates, and their services can be availed as per requirement.

Since, removalists in Melbourne have the knowledge, resources, and the expertise to handle property contents, and transport them without causing damage, getting their assistance is wise.

Wrapping Up

This list of suburbs that are best suited for living with families was created considering the availability of good properties, low crime rate, proximity to modern amenities, and many other factors. Therefore, people with children and those planning to start a family – moving to a suburb with the help of professional removalists in Melbourne will be suitable and as easy as cutting a cake.