Best Melbourne Suburbs To Live With Your Family- Moving Guide
beautiful buildings of Melbourne city

Best Melbourne Suburbs To Live With Your Family- Moving Guide

Dec 16, 2019

Melbourne is the second most populated city in Australia with a total population of 4,246,375. And there are some pretty good reasons why this place attracts hundreds and thousands of people every year. There is no doubt that this place provides excellent job opportunities to people, but is it the only factor? The capital city of Victoria is known for its quality of life, exceptional educational facilities and great suburbs.

However, before you choose to settle down with the family, you must go through the different suburbs to find the most suitable one. Hire professional removalists in Melbourne and spend time exploring the suburbs. Here is a list of some fantastic suburbs that can give you a beautiful surrounding and great connectivity with the city. But before that, let’s look at some interesting facts about the city.

Interesting Facts about Melbourne

If you are planning to settle down in the capital city of Victoria, here are some interesting facts about the city that you should know.

• Melbourne is considered as the unofficial sporting capital of the world. This is because it is the only city to have five sporting facilities of international standard.
• This place is famous for its unpredictable weather. People who live here know very well that it is even possible to experience all four seasons within one day.
• You will be surprised to know that Melbourne is a place with the highest Greek and Italian populations in the world, after their respective countries.
• You also might be surprised to know that Melbourne has the biggest tram system outside Europe – the fourth largest in the world.
• When it comes to food, this place is heaven. The capital city of Victoria has the maximum number of cafes and restaurants per person than any other place in the world.

1. St Kilda West

This is one of the best suburbs in Melbourne to live with your family. With hardly a 20-minute drive from Central Business District (CBD) and a beautiful beach at its doorstep, this place has emerged as one of the most preferred locations for the people of Melbourne. This is a lovely and small beachside suburb, which provides all the basic facilities to its residents. The median house price is around $2,177,500, while the units’ median price is more than $550,000.

If you are choosing this place to live, you are making the right decision. All the parks and schools in that area are at walking distance, and it is flanked by quaint Middle Park, Albert Park Lake and St Kilda. To make the nearby places more accessible, it has enough public transport options and cycling lanes.

2. Albert Park

This is another fantastic place to settle down with your family in Melbourne, Victoria. Albert Park is situated hardly three kilometres from the south of Central Business District. It means this suburb is less than 20 minutes from the CBD. The Victorian-era architecture highlights the beauty of this place, and this is what attracts hundreds of people to plan their move to Melbourne.

The price of a median house in this place is around $2,150,000. It has some excellent schools which are very near to majority (almost 73%) of the people. Also, the parks are close to nearly 87% of the residents. Before you move to a new place, it is essential to gather as much knowledge about the place as you can. So, do not waste your precious time in organising and packing your stuff. You can hire experienced removalists in Melbourne and assign them the task.

3. Port Melbourne

Port Melbourne is a unique blend of industrial backstreets, old-fashioned cottages and residential streets, new apartment designs and multi-coloured waterfront developments. If you visit this suburb, you will find that the life here revolves around the bay street – the main shopping area of the suburb, a place with some fantastic restaurants, amazing pubs, enough shopping stores and a beautiful beach at the end.

You can find a median house for around $1,500,000. More than 51% of the residents have education facilities near them. Not only can you have a relaxed lifestyle inside the suburb, but also excellent connectivity with office hubs, hospitals and highways. If you are coming from a small town, then it might be possible that you will get a small space. So you must declutter your house properly before moving. This will save the time of your Melbourne removalists and reduce your overall cost of transport.

4. Seaholme

Whether you need a place for families with kids, professionals, singles, retirees or a person who is trendy & stylish, Seaholme is one of the best suburbs in Melbourne, Victoria. It has everything you can ask for. Whether it is parks & recreation, schools or shopping areas, a Seaholme resident has easy access to all these places. Explore the area properly before the moving day. Hire professional removalists in Melbourne to take some time out and visit this place.

Moreover, if you choose this place to live, you will get good medical facilities, parking facilities and enough public transport options. Houses in this suburb are primary dwelling type, and you will find a perfect mixture of different types of heritage architecture as well as new buildings. If you are looking for a median house in Seaholme, it will cost you around $1,105,000.

5. St Kilda

This suburb has an excellent tram and train connectivity into the Melbourne city and other neighbouring areas. This place has 16,000 permanent residents who are from different parts of the world, including Japan, Italy, China, France, India, Ireland, Egypt, Thailand, Vietnam and Russia.

Like its people, this area has a colourful social scene that includes numerous shops, excellent restaurants, cafes, live entertainment venues, film and writers festivals and arts and craft markets. The median house price in this place is around $1,310,000 while the apartment is about $522,500. If you are looking for green, lush, leafy surroundings with superb houses and friendly neighbours, this place is for you.


Melbourne is a great place but also a little expensive. So, if you are planning to settle down and want to have your own house, you must do your research properly. Assign the task of packing your items to the best removalists in Melbourne and take some time out to explore the city. The information about the suburbs mentioned here will help you to choose your locality in a better way.