Checklist For Moving Into Newly Built Home

Checklist For Moving Into Newly Built Home

Jun 14, 2021

The excitement and happiness of moving into a new home are unparalleled. But the process can be stressful and overwhelming when you are not prepared, especially when moving into a newly built home.

In addition to taking care of major responsibilities like selling & vacating your current property, mortgage payment, and finding good schools, among others you have to complete a variety of tasks. Thus, taking the assistance of professional removalists in Melbourne is a practical and economical solution to reduce stress and chaos.

Additionally, make sure you streamline your work by following this ultimate checklist for moving into a newly built home. Have a look.

1. Create A Floor Plan

Making a floor plan for your new home is crucial to figure what home decor items and furniture you need and the things you already own that can fit in the house. This activity is important, particularly when moving into a bigger or smaller residence than your current one.

If you are moving into a smaller space, you need to downsize and get rid of things that won’ fit in the new home. For a bigger home, you will need to invest in more household items and see how to place your current property contents.

2. Declutter

Before moving into a new residence, decluttering your home is crucial to reduce the packing and moving load for your hired professional removalists in Melbourne or yourself. The activity will allow you to get rid of broken, old, and non-useful items to only keep things that you need at your new home.

When you have lived in one place for years, there are many things to discard and several items which are in good condition but not of use. These belongings can be given to a local charity or donation centre, or you can resell them by hosting a garage sale online or offline.

3. Pack Room By Room

Ensure you pack room by room because it helps categorise your belongings and makes the labelling of boxes smooth. Plus, it is a practical approach to packing because you only take the contents of rooms in your new home. It could mean you have let go of property contents that will clutter your new residence, or you don’t have the storage capacity for them.

Moreover, professional removalists in Melbourne use this technique because it aids in loading and unpacking boxes according to importance.

4. Explore Your Removal Options

You can hire professional removalists in Melbourne to manage your move entirely as they will create an inventory, pack your belongings, load/unload the truck and ensure your contents reach the correct address safely. You can also take their assistance partially by hiring them for moving your property contents only and manage the packing tasks yourself. Other options you can explore include

• Renting a storage container that you can load and unload yourself. The company will deliver the container to your doorstep and after it is loaded to the new address.
• Renting a moving truck and moving your belongings yourself.
• Availing backloading service from a reputed removal company in Melbourne. It is recommended for long-distance and interstate moves.

5. Hire Professional Removalists

Once you have explored your removal options, start looking for reliable removalists in Melbourne who can meet your requirements. Book professionals from a company in advance and don’t delay the process as it can cost you more and cause unnecessary hassle. Also, you cannot book experienced removalists at the last moment, especially if you are moving during peak seasons.

6. Book Professional Cleaners

Ensuring the property is clean and in a reasonable condition is necessary when moving out of a rented real estate. Therefore, hire professional end of lease cleaners in Melbourne for bond cleaning and getting your bond back in full. If you are selling a house, you should clean and stage it thoroughly to increase the curb appeal and get a better rate.

Additionally, get your newly built home deep cleaned by professionals if you lack the time, energy and motivation to clean it yourself, as hidden dust, sand, and other debris is still present there. Contractors remove the bric-a-brac and garbage after construction to leave the property looking clean, but it still requires thorough sanitation.

7. Set-Up Utilities

Setting utilities like gas, electricity, water, and the internet is essential to settle in your newly built home comfortably. Complete this task before you arrive at the new residence to have running water, gas supply, power and online network connection. Thus, contact the concerned authorities and service providers to complete formalities, submit document and set up your utilities in time.

8. Change/Update Home Address

Changing/updating your address is important to receive mails, parcels, and other things at the right residence. It is also necessary for documentation, which is why you should do it before moving.

Start the procedures to have your residence details changed or updated by the time you have moved and settled in the new home. To know what government and non-government authorities to contact, look at the checklist and other information shared on the Australian government website for changing your address.


Moving into a newly built home is a physically and mentally exhausting activity, but it is also exciting and fun when you are prepared. Thus, refer to this checklist along with taking the assistance of professional removalists in Melbourne to manage the process without stress and hassle.