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Looking for professionals who can help you move to Collingwood 3066? Better Removalists Melbourne is the right service for you. Our teams are available throughout the metropolis and its suburbs. We are punctual, proficient and have perfected the art of damage-free removals. Our experts take away all the stress of our customers by covering every part of the move with their skills. A lot of young people move to Collingwood 3066 because of its proximity to the city and variety of restaurants and art scene. Suburban moving is our forte as we have been doing it for years for clients looking for affordable homes close to Melbourne. We have a wide range of packing materials, fleet of moving trucks, dedicated teams with required training and competence and excellent support. Besides these benefits, we also provide tailored removals with an upfront costing. You can contact us today to get your free estimate and move your belongings with the help of experts.


Local Removalists Who Cover Every Postcode Around Melbourne

We have a team of specialists who are ready to serve the suburbs of the city including Collingwood.

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One of the leading removals companies in Melbourne, Better Removalists has been working on creating all-inclusive packages. Our bespoke service intends to design a removal that takes place in the same manner as you wish. We follow your checklist and orders at both the properties and pack your stuff accordingly. Our professionals do not shove or throw your things carelessly. They are as concerned about your beloved belongings as you. So, you can confidently place your household items and office inventories in their hands for a trouble-free ride. They are adept at packing, loading, unpacking, and assembling and give you the freedom to relax while they work.


Our local removalists are adept at offering fully customised moves that match industry standards. You can choose from our range of services including packing, local removals, and interstate removals. Whether you need a comprehensive removal or are only looking for packing services, we are happy to help. Our professionals strive to maintain maximum safety of your stuff so that you do not have to bear the loss of damage. The personalisation of the service by our friendly support team helps in completing the task as quickly as possible without wasting your time. Most of the local removals are completed on the same day with our fast service.



The high cost of living in metropolitan cities has made many professionals choose the suburb of Collingwood 3006 as their place of residence. It allows them to stay close to the city and make the most of suburban lifestyle. The affordability and the vibrancy of the region make it a highly preferred place for buying or renting a home. The median property price of a 3-bedroom house in Collingwood stands at $1,175,000 and the rent for the same property stands at $750 pw. Units are more economical with the median property price of 3-bedroom units at $950,000 and rent at $850 pw.

Get the perfect house removal with the help of our professionals who understand your needs effectively.
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Affordable Living in Collingwood!




Fragile items are highly significant to their owners as they do not want to lose them while moving. We understand the sentimental values attached to these possessions and move them with extreme caution. Our removalists are competent enough to pack the delicate goods in a professional manner so that they stay protected. We cover and wrap everything in packing paper and moving blankets to ensure least friction and cacking. With your valuable items in our safe hands, you can sit back and relax while we pack and move everything with superior protection. So, when you are moving to Collingwood 3066 with us, you can rest assured about the security of your delicate stuff.


Whether you are moving with just a few boxes or with a long list of inventories, we can help you with a smooth removal in Melbourne. Our prices are based on the size of the house and the volume of items that need to be moved. We calculate the price of the removal and provide the costing upfront without any delay. Our professionals are ready to move your things from one place to another with any number of items. The weight of the objects is not a concern for us because we have sophisticated tools to move them with ease. However, if you have bulky items, you must inform about them.


If you only seek packing, you can opt for exclusive services and enjoy the benefit of our proficient service. From heavy and large items like a piano to small and delicate things like a porcelain jar, we wrap all things with efficiency. Our moving boxes are designed to sustain heavy loads and the packers fill the gaps inside the box with packing paper and blankets while placing the glassware. We disassemble your furniture if it will not fit through the doors and help you with the move. Whether its clothing, mattresses, or large paintings, we cover them up in a protective layer so that they stay safe throughout the journey.

Are you moving? We can help you with our expert removals in Melbourne.1300 766 422
1300 766 422


When you are moving, the whole idea of packing everything into boxes can seem like a nightmare. However, the helping hand lent by our removalists in Melbourne helps you to move your belongings to Collingwood 3066 with ease. We go the extra mile to make sure your items are protected through the packing, loading and transit. Our fully covered moving trucks are available a variety of sizes and can accommodate your stuff in an organised manner without creating a rubble out of them. The orderly placement of the boxes keeps them in their position so that they do not fall over each other and cause damage. Our professionals use state-of-the-art equipment and proven processes to take things out of the doors and load them in the trucks. They make sure that the walls of the house are not scraped or damaged doing the lifting and sliding of the heavy furniture. They do not leave any skid marks on the floor and complete the task on time.

Dedicated Melbourne Removals with Upfront Costing and Flexible Scheduling

We help families, individuals and businesses move to the suburbs like Collingwood so that they can live and work in their desired place. Our superior service helps them to make a smooth and swift move.

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