Most Common Mishaps From DIY Movers
young man holding a heavy cardboard on his back

Most Common Mishaps From DIY Movers

Nov 27, 2019

Moving is a physically strenuous activity. Without proper guidance or knowledge, the chances of incurring bodily injuries increase substantially. It is common for people to have musculoskeletal disorders, i.e. pain or injuries related to muscles, ligaments, joints, tendons, and supporting structures of arms, legs, back, and neck. Moving involves continuous handling and lifting of light plus heavy objects. Therefore, it is best if you can get professional removalists in Melbourne to help.

Melbourne is a busy city, and you have to be fast when you move. Even if you are proactive, you can still be behind schedule when you plan to move yourself. Expert removalists can help solve this issue. They follow a strict schedule and do the job within the stipulated time. Professional removalists in Melbourne can assist you and safeguard against the following risk factors and most common mishaps that happen during DIY moving.


Certain things make moving risky and hazardous. Some of them are listed below:

• The item or a box of items is too heavy
• The belongings are too large such as furniture, electrical devices etc.
• Some items can be hard to grasp, unstable, or need dismantling
• The task requires fast movement
• Activities that can put you in awkward positions or are too strenuous
• There is insufficient space to move items without the use of moving tools
• The floors are slippery, uneven, or unstable
• Lack of daylight or the temperatures are extreme
• You already have a musculoskeletal disordersuch as carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, muscle strain, cervical pain etc.

These risk factors are the reason so many people choose to hire a reliable removalist company in Melbourne.


Besides the mental strain of moving, there are bodily injuries, which can make DIY moving harder and dangerous. Some of the most common mishaps that occur during unsupervised relocation are mentioned below.

Hands, Finger, and Toes Injuries

When you lift or move heavy items without proper technique, you can become a victim to broken hands, fingers or toes. It is common for people to drop heavy objects on these parts of the body. These injuries can cause acute or long-term pain or inconvenience. It is essential to wear gloves and covered footwear. Also, ensuring your way is clear is vital and asking for help is always a good idea.

Back Pain Or Injuries

While moving, you use your back for a variety of activities. Therefore, back pain or injury is common during packing, loading, unloading, and shifting of belongings. You can suffer from back problems if your lifting or moving technique is wrong and form is not correct. Bending too much for lifting things can cause your back muscles to strain or sprain. Also, if you insist on lifting something too heavy, then you can suffer from severe back problems.

Knee/ Ankle Pain Or Injuries

When you bend down and lift things, you use your knees and ankles. Also walking or running around requires the use of these joints. Knee and ankle injuries are common when the load is too heavy. Also, if the floor is uneven, slippery or unstable, then the risk of suffering from knee and ankle pain or injury increases significantly.

Scratches And Cuts

Scratches and cuts on hands, feet, elbows, arms, calves etc. are extremely common when you move, shift, or pack your belongings. You can get scrapes from moving heavy objects, paper cuts, injury from sharp items/ glassware, handling different articles and more.

Muscle Strains

It is common to pull a muscle during the moving process. It generally happens due to lack of proper equipment and lifting techniques. Muscle strains are painful and take days to go away. Some pains come back when you try to lift or move something. They are painful and cause a lot of discomfort.

Dehydration (In Summers)

Summer is a popular time for moving. The sky is clear, and there is more daylight. But Melbourne can have scorching summers and dehydration is a serious concern for movers. You may drink plenty of water usually, but on moving day you can forget due to the hectic nature of the process. The parching heat can then cause the danger of dehydration which may even mean you have to visit a hospital.


The best way to avoid any moving mishap is to hire reputed and reliable removalists in Melbourne. They can move your household easily and safely in half of the time. However, if you wish to move yourself, here are some fantastic tips to avoid common moving injuries and pains.

• You must employ the right lifting techniques. Professional removalists in Melbourne make sure their technique is proper to avoid sustaining injuries.
• Lift with your knees. People commonly make the mistake of lifting with their backs. Wear a back brace or a belt. Stop immediately, if you feel any pain in your back.
• Cover yourself properly. Wearing full coverage jeans, tops, gloves, and shoes are recommended. With this, you can safeguard yourself against cuts or scrape. You can move quickly, and your clothes won’t get caught anywhere.
• Clear the entry and exit ways to avoid falling over scattered items. This way, you can also prevent knee or ankle sprains.
• If you haven’t hired expert removalists in Melbourne, at least rent furniture sliders and a moving dolly. You will need proper moving equipment to avoid injuries.
• While moving furniture or other objects of storage, ensure they are empty.
• Drawers or doors opening to spill items while moving can be dangerous and cause you to slip and the object being moved become unnecessarily heavy.

Hire Professionals

Relocation is among the most stressful and strenuous events in a person’s life. You already have too many responsibilities to execute and packing, loading, unloading, and transport should not be among them. You can hire a trusted removalist company in Melbourne to take care of these tasks and make your moving process less cumbersome. Professional removalists will do the job on time, save you the hassle, and avoid any mishaps from happening.