What Are The Most Common Moving Mistakes?
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What Are The Most Common Moving Mistakes?

Sep 13, 2019 Moving is a taxing chore that can make you stressed and anxious. When you have to juggle several things at the same time, making a few mistakes is not uncommon. This part of the moving process is inescapable even if you have done it before. However, being aware of the mistakes that people usually make can help you plan better strategies. To save time and efforts, people often hire removalists in Melbourne. With their skills, knowledge and experience, they ensure a smooth relocation without causing any damage to your belongings. But people also make a mistake while hiring a removals company. Here is a list of the common mistakes made during the moving process.

Lack of Planning

Moving is a time consuming process that involves numerous responsibilities. If you don’t have a proper plan, you will face challenges at every step of the process. These are the most common areas where people lack concrete planning. Keeping All Irrelevant Items Before you start packing, you need to get rid of all the items that you will not require in your new home. Such things include old clothes, gadgets, appliances that are not working, books, magazines, old shoes, etc. This will not only save your packing efforts and time but also reduce the overall moving cost. Not Sticking To The Budget People make a moving budget before moving but do not stick to it. As a result, they end up paying way more than what they planned. Thus, it is always essential to have a specific budget for everything like packing supplies, end of lease cleaning, etc. and follow it stringently. Not Coming Up With a Plan for Kids Not having a plan for your kids on your moving day can be a huge problem. You cannot let them play and roam around in the house when you are packing and loading boxes into the truck. This will delay the process, and your kids can get injured. Ask your friends or family to babysit for the day. Leaving Task for the Last Day People usually leave too many tasks for the last day, which later become difficult to tackle. Moving is a complicated process, so you should remain free to focus on the entire process. Start your preparations at least a month before you move and make little efforts every day.

Making Mistakes While Packing

Packing is the most important aspect of the moving process, but people often take this task lightly. Here are some mistakes that people usually make. Skipping the Bubble Wrap for Breakable Items People misjudge the importance of bubble wrap to protect delicate items like glassware, crockery, lamp, vase, etc. Inappropriate packing causes damage to such items during loading and transporting. Have a specific budget for packing things, particularly for the breakable items. Pack them properly and put a label on the boxes. Purchasing Boxes Purchasing your moving boxes is a waste of money, but people usually make this mistake. Why should you spend money on something that you can get at a very low price or even for free? Contact the nearby shopping centre or wine shop and look for boxes, which they generally have. Just ensure the quality of the boxes is good. Allowing Professionals to Pack You Essential Documents If you have hired removalists in Melbourne, they will pack everything properly. But allowing them to pack your important documents can be a huge mistake. Always keep your documents with you because you never know when you will require them. Not Making Catalogue of Your Items For many, unpacking the belongings is confusing and frustrating. This is because they do not make a catalogue of the items. Take out some time to put numbers on each box and note down all the things in every box. This will be of great help after moving. Not Labeling the Boxes Like the catalogue, labelling is also an essential part of the packing process. If you don’t put labels, it will be difficult for you to recognise which box belongs to which room. Use different colours to make it easier. Not Packing a Moving Kit You should never forget to pack your moving kit. Otherwise, you will have a lot of problems after moving. Your kit should have all the essential items such as an extra pair of clothes, chargers, toothbrush, paper towels, crucial documents, and so on.

Underestimating the Significance of Good Removalists

Moving is a complicated process that can cause a lot of stress. Doing everything on your own is only going to increase the pressure. Removalists can make things easy for you, but you need to make sure that you are choosing a reputed removals company in Melbourne. While hiring a professional, people make these common mistakes. Doing Everything Yourself to Save Money When people decide to do everything on their own, the moving process quickly turns into a nightmare. With so many responsibilities, one can easily get frustrated, and that will make things worse. Hiring removalists in Melbourne will minimise the stress and save your time. Delaying the Research Another common moving mistake is to delay the research on good removalists. Hiring professionals at the last moment not only makes you pay more but chances are that you will not get a reputed name, particularly during the moving season. So start looking for the most reputed removalists in Melbourne. Looking For Cheap Removals Company If finding a cheap removals company is your biggest priority, you are making a huge mistake. Unprofessional removalists usually follow this policy to attract clients. Too much discount or offers are too good to be true and are signs of a company that doesn’t have a good name in the market. Look for options that have quoted a fair price. Not Discussing Important Questions Do not assume things because this misunderstanding can create a lot of problems for you. You need to be very clear about your requirements. Know about the number of boxes they will provide, their packing strategies for delicate items, packaging material, and so on. Not Having a Pre-Move Inspection It will be a huge mistake if you skip the pre-move inspection. It is crucial to have professionals at your place so that they can have a realistic idea about all your belongings, and you can get a proper estimation. Not Comparing Moving Estimates People often lack research skills and agree to hire the company that they contact first. This approach makes you pay more. Thus, always get an estimate from at least three to four removals companies in Melbourne.

Overlooking Essential Things before Moving Out

There are numerous important things that you need to do before moving out of the rental property. People usually ignore these tasks and later regret it. Make sure you are not committing these mistakes. Not hiring professional cleaners Moving is a challenging process, and the last thing you want is to clean the house. People often make the mistake of neglecting the cleaning and end up losing a hefty amount while claiming the bond money. So, always hire cleaners to perform the cleaning job. Once the Melbourne removalists are done, the cleaners can start their work. Not keeping an eye on the weather People usually do not check the weather forecast, but this can backfire. Knowing that you could face bad weather on your moving day helps you to prepare accordingly. You can also contact your removalists in Melbourne to discuss the preparations for bad weather. Delaying transfer utilities Majority of the people unnecessarily delay the transfer of utilities and that causes a lot of problem after moving. Living in your new house without power, internet, or phone connection can be frustrating. Not changing the mailing address in advance Many prefer to change the mailing address after they move to that place, but that can cause a problem. Before the changes get done officially, you might need to run to your old home to collect the mails. So, the key is to forward the request mail at the correct time.


Your moving process doesn’t have to be a struggle. Do the right preparation by taking the correct measures and avoid the common moving mistakes mentioned here. This is how you can set yourself up for an easier procedure. You need to be ready for the surprises that can still happen, but you will be ready to face them.