Complete Moving Checklist For Your First Move

Complete Moving Checklist For Your First Move

May 12, 2022

Are you planning to relocate and are stressed about packing and shifting your belongings? It is understandable to be tense about relocating, but you can move all your stuff with ease if you use an accurate and efficient checklist.

Experts at removalist services Melbourne also use these checklists when they are hired to pack and move belongings. If you also want to use this checklist to do away with your packing woes, here it is:

1. Plan The Move

The first step is to plan your moving process. You need to make a timeline of how long you have before the move and start organising things accordingly.

2. Create A Budget

Next, you must plan a moving budget to know how much to spend on moving supplies and rental vehicles. This will help you to start saving from now so that you can meet all your moving costs.

3. Gather All Your Important Documents

The next thing you need to do is to get all your essential documents in one folder so that you always have them when needed.

You should keep all your current house documents, official documents, and new house receipts in this folder safely so that it doesn’t get lost when you are packing.

4. Hire A Moving Company

If you are planning on hiring a removalist service in Melbourne to help you move your belongings, you should book them beforehand because:

• It would be best if you tried to book these moving experts in advance so that you can get the day and time you want.
• If you are planning on moving over summer, you should book a month or weeks in advance; to avoid high costs and expenses.
• Try to book these experts during the off-season and weekdays to get lower rates.

5. Create An Inventory

Whether you are planning to hire a moving expert or plan on doing it yourself, you must always start by listing all the items in your house in the following way:

• Firstly, start room by room and make a list of all the items in the room.
• Separate all your items into four piles: throw, sell, donate and keep.
• You should only throw away the things that are in bad condition and cannot be donated or sold.
• Keep the things you want to sell and donate in separate boxes so that you can declutter your household quickly.
• Separate all valuable items like jewellery in a personal bag.

6. Host A Garage Sale

Now that you have sorted your belongings, you can make extra money by hosting a garage sale for all the items you want to sell. You can do this by:

• Create posters and online posts telling people about the garage sale date and venue.
• You should price all the items beforehand and offer some discounts.
• Ask your friends and family to spread the word to get more people to the garage sale.
• On the day of the garage sale, be prepared beforehand as there could be many early birds.
• Once you have finished selling all your items, you can put the remaining goods in a box and donate them.

7. Donate Your Items

You can now donate the remainder of your items and arrange a donation centre to pick them up beforehand so that you can reduce any clutter in your house before you are moving house.

8. Gather All Your Moving Supplies

Now that you have gotten rid of all the extra items, it is time for you to start your packing. But to do this, you need to have your packing supplies ready first. You should gather all these supplies together before you start shifting:

• Scissors
• Packing paper
• Cardboard boxes or recycled boxes
• Tape
• Linens, bedsheets and towels
• Bubble wrap
• Newspaper

9. Pack Your Boxes

You can now start putting all your belongings into boxes using the above supplies. Here are some tips from professional removalists in Melbourne to help you handle the stress of moving:

• Put all your heavy items at the bottom first so that the base of the box is secure.
• You should wrap all your fragile items with newspaper or packing paper to keep them safe.
• If there are any empty spaces in the box, you can fill them with bubble wrap or towels. This will prevent them from banging into each other and getting damaged.
• You must not overstuff your boxes, as they will be hard to load and unload.
• You must also make sure that you have secured the bottom and top of the box with packing tape so that nothing falls out.
• Lastly, make sure you label all your boxes to know which items are where, and it will be easy for you to unpack them.

10. Load Your Boxes

It is now time to load your boxes to move them to your new home. You can do this in the following ways:

• If you are moving them on your own, you must make sure you ask for help from family and friends so that you won’t harm yourself.
• You should also load all your necessities last to unpack them first.
• You can also hire expert removalists Melbourne to help you load your boxes onto a rental truck.
• These experts know how to handle your boxes and will transport them to your new house securely.
• If you want to save on moving costs, you can also try backloading so that you only have to pay for the space your items take up on a rental truck.
• If there are items you can take later or want to store away for some time, you can rent a storage unit and keep them there.
• Lastly, remember to keep a few necessities in your bag so that you don’t have to start unpacking boxes immediately as you reach your new home.


If you use the above checklist, you will be moving out without any worries, as all the steps in this checklist are simple and easy to follow.