How To Deal With The Challenges Of Moving Into A Small Space?
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How To Deal With The Challenges Of Moving Into A Small Space?

Oct 29, 2019

No one likes to move from a large house to a place that is smaller. However, circumstances sometimes force people to opt for such an option. In this situation, people face numerous challenges, but the biggest one is to set your belongings in a small space and make sure that it doesn’t look clustered. Thus, you need to know some smart ways to deal with such challenges.

If you opt for professional removalists in Melbourne, they will make sure that all your belongings are moved safely. But you need to tackle the problem of moving into a small space yourself. Here are some practical ways to handle such a situation. Let’s have a look.

Challenges of Moving Into a Small Space

If you are moving to a small property from a bigger house due to some unforeseen problems, you will most likely face the following challenges.

1. Insufficient Space for Your Belongings

People collect different types of things for their home over the time. But when they move to a new place that is small or not as big as the old house, it becomes a challenge to place all the belongings properly. In this scenario, you will face insufficient space for your belongings.

2. Confusion about How to Organise the House

When you have a small space and too many items to manage, it is natural that you can get confused about how to organise your new house. Removalists in Melbourne can help you move your belongings safely, but you will have to make the effort to set up the house perfectly.

3. Unable To Fit the Furniture in Your Rooms Properly

Another difficulty that people usually face when they move into a small space is they struggle to fit in the furniture in the new house. They often find that the furniture looks bulky.

How to Deal With the Challenges

If you are moving to a smaller house, follow some smart tactics to make things easy. Here are a few tips that will help you to deal with the challenges.

1. Get Rid Of the Excess Items

If you are moving in Australia to a small space with all the belongings you possess, you won’t be able to place them correctly. You will have to overstuff your belongings. Thus, you should get rid of the irrelevant things before moving out of the old house.

There are several things that you have in your home, such as old appliances, gadgets, gardening tools, old books, magazines and newspaper, kids toys, a small piece of furniture, etc. These things are not useful for you anymore, or you don’t want them. So, sell these things in a garage sale and donate the remaining stuff like books, old shoes and clothes you don’t wear anymore. When you are moving to a small space, you should only have the essential things.

2. Take the Measurement of your new House

Before you move to your new house, you must take the proper measurement of the entire house. This will give you a better idea about how you will move your belongings through the main door, particularly the large and the heavy ones like the bed, sofa, refrigerator and all. Measure the height and the width of the door and see how far you can go before touching the wall.

If you have an accurate measurement, things will become easy for you. That is why people hire the best removal company. They have profound knowledge about loading and effortlessly unloading your belongings.

3. Prepare a Plan to Set Up Things

It can be challenging to organise your new home in Melbourne when there is a shortage of space. To tackle this problem, you must prepare a plan to set up all your belongings in a perfect manner. Make the necessary changes in your plan as many times as you want before finalising the most suitable one. When you prepare the plan, you will get a better idea about where and how you should place your furniture and bed. Planning is one of the most important things when you are moving to a small residence.

4. Set the Big Furniture First

If you are facing any difficulty in organising your new space, start with the big furniture like bed, sofa, and refrigerator. If you place them in their respective places, you get a better idea of the available space and thus, you will be able to use the space appropriately. Once you have set the large piece of furniture, adjusting the small items will become a lot easier.

5. Invest In Some Multi-Functional Furniture

If you are moving to a small place and have large furniture that is not suitable for it, sell them in your garage sale and purchase some new multi-functional furniture. Consider decorations and furniture that can store your stuff like ottomans and seats with lids. These seats should have storage space in it. Also, go for expandable furniture and convertible pieces. If you already have such pieces, transport them carefully. Hire experienced removalists in Melbourne to ensure the safety of such furniture.

6. Make It Look Spacious

If you feel that your new house doesn’t have enough space, make it look spacious using some smart tactics. Place large mirror smartly in those areas where it can reflect maximum light. Apart from that, you can also paint your room walls in light colours. This will brighten up the small space, and thus it will look larger. Natural also plays a crucial role, so make sure that you are allowing a lot of natural light to come inside the room. Also, work on the artificial lightings to make your home look large and bright.


Moving into a small space can be stressful, but if you want to deal with the difficulties, you need to make some efforts. The smart ways mentioned here are practical, and these will help to tackle the problems of moving into a small space. All you need is a little patience and proper planning.