DIY Move Vs Hiring Professional Removalists: COVID- 19 Moving Guide
Couple with cardboard boxes inside of a house

DIY Move Vs Hiring Professional Removalists: COVID- 19 Moving Guide

May 27, 2020

The decision of moving a house from one place to another in the middle of COVID-19 pandemic can be precarious and challenging. Health experts across the world are encouraging people to stay safe at home and maintain physical distancing. In such scenarios, house relocation can put your family at risk.

If possible, you can delay your move because finding a new home or transiting belongings to the new location can be daunting during this phase. You can talk to your landlord and extend your lease until the situation gets better. In case you have no option than moving, then strictly follow the health and safety guidelines by state governments in Australia throughout the moving process.

However, many people are unable to decide whether they want to move on their own or hire professional removalists in Melbourne.

Of course, deciding whether to hire removalists or moving on your own depends on the estimated budget, complexity of the move and other key factors. Still, many people are avoiding professional service due to the widespread of COVID-19 disease.

Here is a complete COVID-19 moving guide that includes benefits and drawbacks for each option to help you make the right decision.

DIY Move

Have a look at the pros and cons of a DIY move when you are in the middle of health emergency:


1. Easy to Control the Process

One of the biggest advantages of a DIY move is that you are in total control over the process. From arranging a moving truck to packing household belongings, you can manage everything as per your comfort.

DIY move gives you the flexibility to determine when to start and when to stop the relocation. You are also in control of how to lift heavy boxes into the truck.

Apart from this, you can clean and disinfect your belongings before putting them inside boxes to keep the germs at bay.

It is good to create your own moving checklist and plan things accordingly. Make sure you do proper research while finding a moving truck during the COVID-19 outbreak.

2. Ensures Safety

According to the health experts in Melbourne, it is good to maintain distance from people to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus. When you decide to move on your own, you will get a chance to pack and move your belongings without the involvement of any third person.

You can take assistance from your family members while lifting heavy furniture or rent a moving dolly to avoid physical injury. Make sure you wear mask and gloves while loading belongings into the truck.

3. Saves Money

DIY moves are ideal for those who are on a tight budget.  Instead of hiring professionals for a local move, you can save money by renting a moving truck. Similarly, you can search for sturdy cardboard boxes from a grocery store or a liquor store in Melbourne.

If you want to move within an estimated budget, then doing everything on your own or with the assistance of your friends and family can be the best option.


1. Last-Minute Chaos

You can’t deny the fact that moving is a complicated process. Many people who perform DIY move end up losing their household belongings due to lack of planning. This is one of the major disadvantages of DIY moves, and that’s why people consider hiring professional removalists in Melbourne.

2. Physical Injury Due to Heavy Lifting

You may injure your back while lifting heavy boxes or furniture without proper lifting technique or the right tools. Since you are not a professional mover, it is easy to hurt yourself or damage precious household belongings during the lifting or loading process.

3. Put your Belongings at Risk

If you are moving for the first time, then you could face something unexpected, such as your furniture getting stuck in the door. Without the help of trained movers and necessary moving tools, you could lose your household belongings, especially large furniture and fragile items.

Hiring Fully-Trained Removalists

Doing thorough research to find a contact-free moving service can be an ideal option when you are moving during this pandemic. Here are some key pros and cons of hiring professional removalists that you should consider before making the final decision:


1. Experience a Damage-free Move

Hiring professionally trained removalists in Melbourne can reduce the stress of your relocation. They come fully-equipped with all the latest lifting equipment to protect your belongings from scratches and damages.

Professional movers will take care of your precious possessions throughout the moving journey without giving you a hint of stress.

2. Save you a lot of Time

A reliable removal company can help you save a lot of time because they create a custom-made moving checklist depending on your specific needs. This is one of the biggest advantages of hiring professionals. You can leave all the chores to highly-trained people and focus on other important tasks, such as changing the address or disinfecting high-touch areas of your house.

Make sure the company you are hiring follows the health and safety guidelines such as wearing gloves and masks, maintaining social distance and bringing a sanitised truck and moving equipment.

3. Minimises Stress

Professionally-trained removalists not only help you in lifting and transiting household belongings but also assist you in packing delicate items. They can save you from all the troubles and give you a safe and sound moving experience.


1. It Can Be Risky

Since the COVID-19 virus spreads from one person to another via respiratory droplets, it becomes risky to invite removalists inside the home for relocation tasks. What if he is suffering from the virus?

However, hiring an experienced company can be an ideal choice because they send only healthy removalists along with face masks and gloves to give you a safe and sound moving experience.

For your peace of mind, you can designate a place where they can pack your belongings and also try to avoid direct contact with them. Taking precautions can prevent the spread of the virus even during the relocation process.

2. Expensive

Compared to a DIY move, hiring a moving company can be an expensive deal. This is considered as one of the key disadvantages of hiring professionals, especially when you are moving next to the street.

3. Less Flexibility

When you take assistance from professionals, you limit your own control over the process. They will control the entire moving process the time you hire a removal company. This means you will be completely dependent on your hired professionals for every small task- be it packing household belongings, lifting heavy furniture and even unpacking boxes.


Choosing between hiring professional removalists in Melbourne and a DIY move completely depends on your specific requirements and priorities. If your budget is low, then a DIY move can be a good option. But, if you want a stress-free moving experience during COVID-19 outbreak, then hiring professionals can be an ideal choice. Make sure you do thorough research and find a company who can offer you contact-free service and follow the COVID-19 safety guidelines strictly.