Essential Questions To Ask Your Moving Company

Essential Questions To Ask Your Moving Company

Jun 07, 2022

Are you planning to relocate to a new home and have hired a moving company to help you out? Moving homes is a big task, and you must make sure that the moving service you hire will be able to pack and move your belongings with ease.

In order to do this, you must ask your hired removalists Melbourne a few essential questions before you plan your move to Melbourne. These questions will give you a good idea of what to expect from the moving company and what the moving process will be like.

Here are some of these essential questions you must ask your professional removalist service when you are moving:

1. Do You Have All The Proper Licenses And Registrations?

The first question you must ask any moving company in Melbourne is if they have all the proper permits, licenses and registrations. This is important because you will want experienced professionals to handle the packing and shifting of your belongings so that you know they are in safe hands and won’t get damaged.

2. Are All Your Staff Members Trained?

The next question you must ask your professional moving service in Melbourne is if the staff is trained or not. Here are some ways you can ask this question:

  • It would be best to ask them how they hire their staff and what training they undergo.
  • You should also ask them if they do a background check on all their staff members.
  • Lastly, you must ask them if their staff is reliable and will show up on time and move all your items according to the deadline.

3. Do You Have Proper References?

You will want to work with a moving service in Melbourne that has got good feedback and reviews and references so that you know they are trustworthy. You should ask the moving professionals for references and check their website online for client reviews. This will also give you a good idea of how well they perform their moving services.

4. Do Your Workers Have Insurance?

You must make sure the moving company you hire has insurance for their workers. If the staff has an accident or gets injured while moving your belongings, you won’t have to pay to cover them if the moving company provides them coverage.

5. Do You Have Enough Staff For The Move?

Before you hire a removalist company in Melbourne to move all your belongings, you must ask them if they have enough staff and equipment to move all your belongings. It would be best if you asked them the following questions:

  • If your staff falls sick, are there any backup members to help with the move?
  • Do you have enough rental trucks to move all the equipment?
  • Do you have all the proper packing and moving equipment to move pack your essentials properly?
  • How do you handle fragile items and loading and unloading them onto the truck?
  • How do you move items in harsh weather conditions?

6. Are There Any Storage Facilities?

Also, ask your removalist service in Melbourne if they have any storage facilities so that you can keep your belongings there while you relocate your home.

It would help if you asked them how much they charge for storing items and if they only charge for the space your items occupy or the entire storage facility. These are important facts to consider when choosing a storage facility to store all your belongings.

7. Do You Provide Estimates For Your Moving Costs?

You should ask your moving company if they will do an inspection of your apartment before the move and provide you with an estimated quote. You should also ask them what the quote includes and if there are any hidden moving fees like fuel charges.

8. What Kind Of Services Do You Offer?

One of the most important questions to ask your moving company in Melbourne is what kind of services they offer. Do they pack your essential items and load and unload them, and do they offer long-distance moving services.

9. How Do You Prevent Damages?

A good question to ask your removalist service in Melbourne is if they take any special precautions when moving your belongings and securing your loads. This will ensure no damage to your items and that the moving professionals will transport them safely to your new home.

You can ask them how they load your items and tell them the order in which they should load them so that you can unload them in your new home quickly.

10. Do You Give A Full Inventory?

Lastly, you should ask the moving company in Melbourne if they list all the items and record an inventory of all your belongings. Do they write down the condition of the items, their value of it and their weight? This will give you a good idea of how well they handle all your items and will load and unload them with ease.


Once you ask all these above questions and find a good moving service company in Melbourne, you can start your relocation process and shift to a new home.