Everything You Need To Know About Moving To Melbourne

Everything You Need To Know About Moving To Melbourne

Dec 22, 2020 With a thriving nightlife, a year-round festival calendar, high-rise buildings, art and craft scenes and exceptional culinary delights, Melbourne is one of the perfect cities to live and study. The capital city of Victoria is brimmed with cutting-edge infrastructure facilities, busy markets, retail stores, shopping malls, restaurants, cafes and much more. Being the second-largest city in Australia, Melbourne’s real estate or residential property market has become the centre of attraction for potential investors and home buyers. According to the latest report, there are signs of strength and depth of property markets in Melbourne and other capital cities around the country. The property prices in the city are up by 0.3 per cent so far in December 2020 and are expected to rise in the next month. During the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, prices were down, but the market is showing all the positive sign to date. If buying a new house in a metropolitan city is your dream, then look no further than the capital city of Victoria. It is the sports, cultural and food capital- which makes it a perfect place to boost the standard of living. All you need to do is to research a bit about the place you are moving and do not forget to book professional removalists in Melbourne in advance for a safe and sound experience. They will take care of your possessions and transit them to the new house without causing any damage. If you are moving to Melbourne, then keep on reading the article and know everything about the city. Let’s Get Started!

1. Unpredictable Weather

Moving to Victoria’s capital city means witnessing four seasons in one day. Make sure you check the weather a day before your final move out so that you can put all the necessary clothes and other items with you. It is good to keep an umbrella, jacket and cap with you,  especially if you are moving with small kids. You may feel hot in the morning, but the temperature can drop by twenty degrees Celsius in the evening. Even, it can rain without any warning. You prepare yourself in advance and packing your wardrobe accordingly.

2. A Perfect Place for Coffee Lovers

It is impossible to imagine Melbourne without coffee. Drinking a cup of coffee is not a recreational culture, it is a religion in the city. You can discover hundreds of stylish coffee cafes and shops across the city catering a variety of types in some or other forms. If you are a coffee lover, then you would love shifting to Melbourne. So, be ready to explore the coffee culture after home relocation.

3. Affordable Housing Options

The state government is focusing on providing affordable housing to every Melburnian to protect the liveability of the country’s one of the largest cities. It supports the cultural diversity and the productivity of the economy by developing different types and sizes of dwelling at different prices – from affordable to luxurious. In November 2020, Big House Build of Victoria announced the $5.3 billion project to construct over 12,000 new safe and affordable homes across the state. Around 25 per cent of upcoming residential development projects on land owned by the City of Melbourne is to support affordable housing. In addition to this, both the state and federal governments are working together to support and increase the supply of well-constructed affordable rental housing to those who can’t buy a new home. The median rental price for houses is around $430 per week and the average rental price of a unit is $410 per week. If you are planning a move from Sydney or any other big city, then Melbourne can be an ideal city for you. The best part is that you can find affordable homes in and around the city – inner and outer suburbs depending on your specific needs.

4. Explore Inner City Suburbs For High-Standard Living

There is no denying the fact that city’s inner suburbs offer you easy access to everything from restaurants to business district, shopping markets to cafes, hospitals to schools, etc. Each and every suburb has their own characteristics, social, cultural and infrastructural highlights that can define your lifestyle if you move to city’s inner suburbs. Here are some of the best options for you:

St Kilda

This suburb is best known for its laidback coastal lifestyle. St Kilda is one of the most favourite suburbs which is just six kilometres from the CBD. From new-age shopping malls to thriving dining scenes, you can explore everything in this suburb. It has some of the best schools and hospitals- making it a perfect place to live and raise a family.

Port Melbourne

It is just five kilometres from the city’s central business district. The suburb boasts of new-age homes, Victorian terraces, converted warehouses, top-rated schools, healthcare centres, restaurants, pubs, recreational spots and much more.

East Melbourne

Move to the heart of Melbourne which is home to the world-renowned Cricket Ground. You can find luxurious apartments with top-class amenities. You can plan your home relocation with the assistance of the best removals company in Melbourne and enjoy the city’s key attractions.

5. Live in Outer Suburbs For a Relaxed Lifestyle

Are you in love with tree-lined streets, expansive green parks, and historic character houses? If yes, then you can opt for outer suburbs. The best part is that you won’t miss out high-class local amenities and entertainment hubs. Here are some of the ideal options for you:


It is just a half-hour drive from the Central Business District. The suburb is known for its peaceful and greenery environment with beautiful beaches, parks, shopping precincts, schools, healthcare facilities and much more.


A suburb is an ideal place for families with children. It has several private schools, such as Essendon Grammer and Penleigh. You can find spacious homes with all the local amenities.


This suburb has everything from top-notch schools, hospitals, shopping centres, affordable housing options, restaurants, cafes and other entertainment hubs.

6. Limitless Job Opportunities

Many people move to this beautiful city because of unlimited employment options in different sectors.  As compared to Sydney and any other capital cities, Melbourne offers easy and future-driven job options. You can search for desired jobs via networking. There are also various recruitment agencies that advertise specific job positions in newspapers and jobseeker online portals. If you are moving to the city because of your new job, then prepare everything in advance and pack your belongings with the assistance of the best moving company.

7. Easy and Affordable Accessibility

Public transport facilities in Melbourne make it a perfect city for those who don’t have private vehicles. From trams to buses, you can use anything that can get your around the city as well as outskirts at an affordable rate. You can also use GoGet, a car share network that is available for you without the stress of ongoing fees and maintenance.


These are some of the important things you need to know before moving to the capital city of Victoria.  You can discover the coffee culture, fine dining scenes and entertainment hubs after home relocation.  Make sure you hire the most credible Melbourne removalists for a safe and sound transition of your household belongings.