How to Get Rid of All The Packing Boxes After The Move
professional holding a cardboard box in hands and some boxes are on the floor

How to Get Rid of All The Packing Boxes After The Move

Sep 28, 2017

You had started preparing for your move months ago. Everything was there on the checklist, but when you finally reach your new house and start unpacking, another problem arises, that is how to get rid of all the packing boxes? If you have hired a professional and cheap removalist in Melbourne, then you don’t have to face this problem as they will provide you with customised packing boxes and then take them back after the move.

The easiest and simplest way is to throw them in the garbage bin and let them go waste. But if you want to put them to some good use, here are your options:

1. Many places have brokers who deal in used boxes. You can search for them on the net and sell the boxes to them.

2. If you are unable to find any broker, list your corrugated boxes in sale and purchase column of some reputed sites dealing in the same. Now-a-day people are getting environmental friendly and don’t hesitate in buying used products.

3. You should enlist yourself days before your move and mention the date by when your boxes would be available. This way you would not be forced to manage the boxes for an extra number of days.

4. You can also spread a word among your friends and family that you would like to give away your packing boxes and extra supplies, you have used to pack your belongings, once your move is complete and you have unpacked; This is the best way to get rid of your boxes.

5. Posting online regarding the giveaway of your boxes is also a good option if you wish for a wider audience.

6. Meet your new neighbours for the same and spread a word in the new communities you join. This way you will not only get rid of the boxes but will get to know people faster and be involved in the activities of your new neighbourhood.

7. Contact some institutions which need boxes on a regular basis such as the local library for moving and shifting books or a charity which needs to supply necessities to needy. You might have to spend some extra hours for this or may have to make a few phone calls, but it is worth it all.

8. Taking the boxes to your local recycling centre is also a good idea. Search for the centre online and contact them before driving all the way to the centre, as sometimes size and quantity of boxes need to be specified beforehand.

If you have experienced all these problems in your moves, you can hire the services of Better Removalist Melbourne. They bring all the packing material and boxes with them, and when you reach our new house, they unpack everything for you and take all the packing stuff back. So, you can hire the services of Better Removalist Melbourne and get rid of all your packing and unpacking worries.

Hope you find these tips useful and have a pleasant moving experience.