Guide On Moving Home When You Are Pregnant

Guide On Moving Home When You Are Pregnant

Mar 17, 2022 Surviving the stressful moving process during pregnancy is challenging for any woman. Many soon-to-be parents relocate to a bigger home to raise their children in a better way. To manage the moving day, you can hire seasoned Melbourne removalists and transit your precious possessions safely to the new place. However, it is important to take care of your health and stay safe and relaxed throughout the process. Taking unnecessary stress can complicate the situation and put your health at risk. Being an expected mum, you need to take precautionary measures while preparing for your big moving day. Here are some simple yet effective tips to help you move to a new home with ease. Let’s Get Started!

1. Plan Everything in Advance

Pregnant women are advised to stay relaxed and stress-free. On the contrary, moving brings anxiety and challenges. To balance the scenario, you need to plan things ahead of time. Arrange necessary packing supplies, get rid of unnecessary household belongings and hire good removalists in advance. You can create a complete moving checklist and set realistic deadlines to stay organised throughout the process. This will manage the stress when moving and give you enough time to complete important tasks without any hassle. Tip: Start the decluttering process at least 8 weeks before your final moving day.

2. Consult Your Doctor

Before you think about packing household boxes and picking up items, consult with your doctor to ensure whether it is safe for you or not. If you have any health-related problems or complications, you need to stay away from the relocation process. According to experts, pregnant women should avoid lifting heavier than 18 pounds if they are less than 20 weeks and 12-13 pounds over 20 weeks. So, check everything with your doctor and decide best for you and your baby.

3. Get More Help As Much As Possible

Accomplishing different moving chores on time is difficult for a pregnant woman. Plus, she can’t pick up heavy boxes or move furniture. Instead of doing it yourself, it is good to take help from your friends and family. You can either ask your friends to help you voluntarily or hire a good removals company in Melbourne for packing, loading and moving prized possessions without causing any damage.

4. Safely Bend and Lift Items

Pregnancy generates increased levels of the hormone relaxin. This loosens ligaments to assist with labour. Plus, extra weight and posture changes restrict your bending flexibility. Wrong lifting techniques can lead to pregnancy injuries, such as back pain, carpal tunnel pain, sacroiliac joint problems and public symphysis dysfunction. It is good to use the right technique while bending and lifting your belongings. Use the hip hinge method to straddle the stuff, bend your knees and from your hips with a straight back, then hold the item close to you and lift using your legs. Lift smaller and light-weight items instead of heavy objects to prevent injuries.

5. Stay Calm & Relaxed

There is no denying that moving day is one of the most stressful and busy days throughout the relocation process. It is advised to pregnant women to take some time off and relax a bit. Staying calm and comfortable will help you a lot. Spend some time with your pet or socialise with your friends to keep yourself normal as much as possible. Taking naps in between the process can also help you a lot. You can also discover interesting things and find out key reasons to move to Melbourne so that you can prepare thing accordingly to the requirement. Tip: Meditate if you feel stressed or anxious due to this big change.

6. Label Your Packed Boxes

Labelling is one of the best things you can do to keep yourself busy. Write relevant names or content names on packed boxes using a black marker. This will keep you organised when you unpack boxes in a new home. You can also keep track of belongings when movers carry them. Make sure you mark boxes properly that contain breakable items.

7. Look for a New Doctor

Since you are moving to a new place during the pregnancy, make sure you find a reliable doctor close to your new home in Melbourne in case of emergency. You can ask your current doctor for a recommendation or do online research to find an experienced GP.

8. Pack your pregnancy essentials

Do not forget to pack your “essentials” kid to make the first night at a new abode more comfortable. If you are pregnant, pack a box of essential items you may need during this phase. Pack your medicines, body pillows, favourite food, healthy snacks, living essentials, first aid box, etc.


Prepare everything in advance and keep these important tips in mind when moving home during pregnancy. Eat healthy, stay hydrated and manage your stress. You can hire reliable removalists in Melbourne and reach safely to a new home. They will transit your precious possessions without any delays or damage, and that’s why people trust them.