Handling Specialty Items: Moving Pianos, Antiques, And More

Handling Specialty Items: Moving Pianos, Antiques, And More

Sep 01, 2023

Relocating delicate pieces from one location to another requires a lot of patience, expertise and proper equipment. Whether you have large pianos, fragile antiques or heirloom furniture pieces, take a deep breath and create a proper strategy for a safe and sound move.

It is good to look for the best removalists Melbourne regardless of your relocation distance and stay relaxed. They will assure you of a successful move without causing any damage.

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you handle specialty items with much care and attention. By following these tricks, you can protect your pianos, priceless antiques and other valuable options during a house move.

Let’s Get Started!

1. Assess the Condition & Value Of Items

This is one of the important steps when relocating your antiques and other precious possessions. It is good to evaluate the condition and value of your special items.

Take enough time to examine your antique pieces, piano and priceless artwork for any existing damage. Make sure you document their current condition by clicking pictures.

2. Get Insurance Coverage

You should insure your specialty or expensive items against damage during loading, unloading and transportation processes. Opt for third-party insurance as it protects you financially if anything gets damaged.

3. Book Professional Removalists in Advance

When you have specialty items to relocate, it is recommended to book expert removalists Melbourne. Choosing an experienced company can give you a sense of relief and make the process easy for you.

Look for professionals who specialise in relocating pianos, artwork, heirloom furniture and artwork. They bring all the necessary tools and follow proven techniques to ensure a safe and sound move.

It is good to take referrals, read customer reviews and ask important questions before making the final decision.

4. Pack Your Piano With Care

Start by packing your delicate piano. Before that, make sure it is tuned and inspected by an expert.

You can either hire professional packers or do it yourself by considering the following tips:

  • Take Measurement: It is good to measure its dimensions, such as height, width and depth.
  • Protect the Lid: It is good to lock a lid to prevent it from opening during the process. This will protect the keys from getting damaged.
  • Secure Keys: Cover the keys using bubble wrap and prevent them from getting scratched. Make sure you gently close the fallboard over the keys.
  • Pack Legs: Do not forget to wrap legs and other parts using bubble wraps and moving blankets
  • Wrap the whole piano: Make sure you cover the entire instrument using a blanket and secure them with packing tape.

Here is a complete guide on moving a piano that will make your job a lot easier.

5. Wrap Your Antiques

There is no denying that delicate and precious antiques require proper care and attention to keep them intact throughout the process.

So, use high-quality packing paper and bubble wrap to pack each item individually.

It is good to use sturdy moving boxes so that you can fit heavy pieces without any stress.

For larger antiques, disassemble them according to the manual’s instructions and pack them using a double-layered packing technique.

6. Take Extra Care of Artwork When Packing

This includes sculptures, paintings and precious prints that need special care and precision during the packing and moving process.

Make sure you pack each piece using acid-free tissue paper. Also, use foam boards, corner protectors and tailored crates to add more protection.

7. Label Your Items

Labelling moving boxes with “Delicate” or “ Fragile” marks is imperative. You can use a black marker and write it down on your moving boxes so that removalists Melbourne will handle your items with care.

8. Safe Loading of Items

Professional moving companies in Victoria always bring advanced moving equipment, such as dollies, ramps, etc, for safe loading and unloading of delicate items.

Make sure there is enough labour to support the heavy weight of piano and heirloom furniture pieces. Also, avoid sliding and dragging your items if doing it without any professional assistance.

9. Take Care of Climate During a Move

Maintaining a controlled temperature and humidity level is crucial when moving specialty items. Constant fluctuations and humidity can lead to mould infestation or damage to your items. Extreme temperatures can also cause cracking, warping and other damage to your antiques and artwork.

So, hire removalists Melbourne who have air-ride suspension and climate control systems in their moving vehicles. This will keep your items secure during the process.

Also, ensure the driver follows all the truck rules on the road when relocating your belongings.

Wrapping Up

Proper care, attention and professional assistance are crucial for your specialty items’ utmost safety during home relocation. Make sure you follow these tips and tricks and keep your pianos, antiques, heirloom furniture and artwork safe and sound for a stress-free moving experience.