Hidden Moving Costs You Never Considered
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Hidden Moving Costs You Never Considered

Mar 06, 2019

Moving to a new place is always expensive, whether you’re moving neighbourhoods, interstate or across the country. It is also very stressful as you need to take some tough decisions like what are the things that you should keep and what needs to be discarded.

Whether you should hire a reliable removalist in Melbourne or ask for help from friends and family and save some money. Although you look for the most cost-effective ways to carry out the moving process, somehow you end up paying a lot more than expected. This is because there is always some hidden cost attached to such procedures which you never consider because it is difficult to estimate.

However, if you start your research early, you get enough time to analyse all the factors that make you pay extra. Thus you make your strategies accordingly, and pay only what you should pay. Here is a list of some hidden moving costs that people usually forget about. Let’s have a look.

Uncertainty Over The Security Deposit

Getting your bond back isn’t always an obvious thing. When people live in a rental property, they don’t even realise the damages they make to the property such as using a drill machine to put holes into the walls.

They don’t understand that it will be challenging to cover them up. We should not forget that landlords always try their best to find an excuse so that they can withhold the deposit. Thus, it is essential to maintain your rental property as much as you can.

Cheap Removalists Are Not Actually Cheap

When it comes to selecting a removals company in Melbourne, people often make the mistake of hiring cheap removalists to save money. However, they do not realise that reputed companies charge more for a reason – a good removalist will take care of your things, and the belongings will not be damaged.

And in case, a good mover finds it challenging to remove your things such as no elevators or small doors, they are more than capable of solving the issues. So, do not worry if you are spending a few hundred dollars more on a reputed removals company. This will be the right decision to save your valuable items from damage.

Compromising On Packing Supplies

If you have hired professional removalists, let them do the packing. However, if you are moving on a tight budget and you need to do the packing, ensure that you are investing in appropriate supplies like boxes, bubble wrap and tape. These items are small and basic but appropriate packing is significant in a moving process.

Thus, saving money by purchasing low-quality products won’t help you in the long run. You need to remember that if the quality of the packing material is good your possessions will get better protection.

Also, take into consideration the weather conditions in Melbourne before taking the final decision of the move as bad weather can result in additional costs for packing and storage facility.

Disassembling And Reassembling Of The Furniture

The movers pack most of the furniture in your home as it is, but some furniture is impossible to transport in just one piece. Movers are capable of disassembling and reassembling the simple pieces.

Also, for huge furniture like a big couch or a lofted bed, you need a professional. So, if you have something like that, keep their manual handy to provide assistance to the removalists.

The Additional Stair fees

If you are moving into a building that has no elevator, you might end up paying an additional stair fee. Many removal companies in Australia charge extra money if their professionals have to carry your items down a few floors or through a stairwell instead of putting them in an elevator.

Even if there is an elevator in your building and it’s not working on your moving day, the removals company is most likely to charge you a fee. So, wherever you move, visit the place and ensure the lift is working appropriately.

Moving Of Large Items

Most of the removals company send their professionals at your place and conduct an inspection to estimate how much stuff you have and how they will move your belongings. And when moving day comes, the team of removalists knows what they need to pack and transport.

You need to make sure they send their professionals. Otherwise, you will have to pay the additional charges for your large or bulky pieces such as a piano, a big armoire, a pool table, etc. The movers should know about these things in advance.

Your Unexpected Hotel Stay

The moving process usually happens in a day, but that is something not necessary. If the strategies have not been executed as per the plan or there is a delay, you are most likely to end up staying in a hotel room for a night. You still have the empty house, but after a long and stressful day of moving, nobody wants to sleep on the floor.

Unfortunate Parking Tickets

If you have moved to a new city, you might have to pay for a parking ticket. Your removalists in Melbourne can park the vehicle in an illegal spot or not move from the place for a long duration.

Under these circumstances, it will be your responsibility to pay for the ticket. Thus, it is always advisable to figure out the right parking area before the moving day. And if a permit is required, get it done.


Moving and hidden costs go hand in hand. You can do your research as much as you can or make strategies to eliminate them. There are too many areas where you need to pay attention. So, you get hit by the hidden cost unawares. All you can do is contact a reliable company like Better Removalists in Melbourne and try to minimise these additional charges.