How Long Does It Take To Pack Up A House For A Move?

How Long Does It Take To Pack Up A House For A Move?

Sep 28, 2020

One of the most challenging parts of the moving process is packing your things in an organised manner and more importantly, within the deadline. From disassembling your heavy furniture to carefully wrapping the fragile items, the packing process can be a time-consuming task.

So, you should have an idea about the overall time it takes to pack up a house. It will help you to start your preparation at the right time, choose the right packaging service in Melbourne and execute the entire process like a pro.

The total duration depends on several factors like the size of your house, number of belongings, the arrangement of boxes and other supplies, and whether you have a helping hand or not. If you are planning to relocate and want to get the job done in an organised manner and in half the time, hire experienced removalists in Melbourne. They will ensure a stress-free and safe relocation.

Let’s take a closer look at the factors that can influence the time it takes to pack up a house and on how you can speed up things.

The Size of Your House

When you are estimating the total duration to pack up your house for moving, always keep in mind the size of the house. A one-bedroom apartment lived by minimalists will get packed much faster than a four-bedroom unit used by a family with two or three grown-up children. More people in the family mean more belongings, and that will increase the packing time.

So depending on the size of the property and the number of belongings it has, it can take up to 1 week for an average person to pack up a house for moving.

• One-bedroom apartment/house (1-2 days)
• Two-bedroom apartment/house (2-3 days)
• Three-bedroom house (3-5 days)
• Four-bedroom house (4-6 days)

If you are hiring professional removalists in Melbourne, they will also consider the size factor. Before undertaking a project, a removals company send professionals to your place for a pre-move inspection. It gives them a proper idea about the size of the property and the total number of belongings. They need the information to give you the final quote.

Quantity of the Belongings

Another essential factor that can delay or speed up your packing process is the number of belongings you are moving. So, before you start your packing, get rid of all the irrelevant things. You will find several things that you do not use anymore, or you will not require in your new home. Packing such things will waste not only your time, but also energy and money.

Such items include old books, magazines, clothes, shoes, old furniture, decorative pieces, sports and gym equipment, bicycle, small appliances, old electronics and so on. You can earn extra money by selling these items in a garage sale. If you want, you can also donate some items to some charities in Melbourne. By doing it, you can remove a lot of clutter from your house, and that can speed up your packing process.

Arrangement of the Supplies

Any delay in the arrangement of the moving boxes and packing supplies can also slow down the entire relocation process. Many people purchase moving boxes at the time of relocation, but you don’t necessarily have to follow that way. You can also get the boxes for free. All you need to do is to visit the nearest grocery stores, Liquor stores and retailers and ask them. Choose the most study boxes to keep your belongings safe throughout the journey.

However, the arrangement of all the boxes and other supplies can be a time-consuming task. So, make sure that you arrange everything you need before you start your packing. It will make the process a lot easier and quicker. If you are relocating without removalists in Melbourne, you also need to arrange the moving equipment.

Are you Hiring Professionals?

The total duration to pack up a house for a move largely depends on whether you are moving on your own or hiring the professional removalists in Melbourne. If you are performing the entire packing process yourself, it will not only take a lot of time, but you can also go through a lot of mental stress. To make things easier, you can contact the experts from this industry. They make sure that you complete your relocation without any hassle.

Seasoned Professionals use their skills and modern equipment to carry out complicated tasks like loading your heavy belongings into the truck safely. If you want the processionals to take care of the entire packing, you can look for the companies that offer reliable packaging service in Melbourne. The amount of time you require to pack up a house, the professionals can execute it in half the time.

The Bottom Line

There is no specific time frame to pack up your house for moving. It entirely depends on how well you are prepared and what approach you are following. Hiring experienced removalists is always beneficial when you want to get the job done safely, quickly, and without any hassle. So, whenever you plan to move, always keep in mind the factors mentioned above.