How To Assess A Quote For Moving House

How To Assess A Quote For Moving House

Jul 07, 2023 You can feel confused, exhausted and stressed during a house move due to multiple things. Inadequate or poor sleep and the burden of managing several tasks can weigh you down. Therefore, many people hire professional removalists in Melbourne to smoothen the moving process and save you time and energy to focus on other important tasks. However, finding the right removal service is challenging as multiple removalists offer different solutions at varying rates. You have to make an informed decision because the timeliness of your move depends on it. Moreover, it determines how much it sets you back financially. Getting quotes outlining estimated services expenses, labour charges, call-out fees, and more is essential. Therefore, here is your complete guide outlining tips to assess a moving quote and choose the right removalists in Melbourne. Have a look.

Select A Host Of Local Removalists

Hiring local removalists in Melbourne is the best way to have an affordable and smooth moving process. Therefore, ask near and dear ones for references and also conduct extensive online research to find moving companies near you. Only choose companies that have an ASIC registration, a permanent office, necessary licences and insurance. Additionally, make sure they are offering the services you seek. It is best to contact full-service moving companies to get personalised solutions.

Understand Different Types of Quotes

People who have hired removalists in Melbourne know they can get different types of quotes from moving companies. You can generate instant quotes online by visiting the websites of removalists, filling in necessary details about the move and receiving the quote at your email address. It is a non-binding or non-obligatory quote that is valid till a specific time. These quotes can change based on the actual moving situations. You can also get a binding quote which is less likely to change, and you can bet on the removalists to follow through with their prices. These quotes are inflexible and only shared when you are sure of hiring the moving company providing them. It is always good to confirm what type of quotes you are getting from the moving companies to avoid confusion while you book a moving company or surprise expenses on the moving day. Additionally, the quotes will help you find a cheap removal company near you.

Ask For A Pre-Move Survey

Reputed removalists can schedule pre-move surveys during which they will visit your home and assess it. They will look at your belongings, the property’s accessibility, the scale of the move, travel distance and much more. It helps the removalists provide a correct estimate of the moving costs. Moreover, you can ask questions regarding their process and other important things. You must schedule pre-move surveys from multiple removalists to find the best ones.

Compare Moving Quotes

Once you have quotes from different moving companies, you must compare them to find removalists offering the services you need at desirable rates. You can use these quotes to negotiate with moving companies, as most provide their services at competitive rates. If you don’t want the hassle of manually comparing quotes, take the assistance of online quote comparing sites. You can use platforms like Ezzy Quotes, Find a Mover, Muval, Sirelo, Moving Select, Compare Move and many others.

Inquire About Removalist Call-out Fee

A removalist call-out fee is a charge professionals ask for to cover the expense of travel, time and effort when moving houses. The average call-out fee of removalists in Melbourne is $65, but it is a variable charge which changes depending on the distance, time required and various other factors. Removalists can charge this fee for conducting a pre-move survey or coming to your home on the actual moving day. Therefore, you must get the call-out fee independently, as it may or may not be mentioned in the quote.

Know That Prices Are Higher During Peak Moving Times

Since removalists are in demand during peak moving seasons, their rates naturally are higher than in non-peak moving seasons. Usually, the people of Australia are the most mobile during the summer and spring seasons as the property market is abuzz and annual/bi-annual rental agreements end. Additionally, removalists charge more to move your things on weekends. More people prefer moving on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays rather than weekdays when they have work and children have school.

Wrapping Up

A house move is challenging and stressful because you have to manage multiple tasks within a stipulated time. Therefore, hiring professional removalists is a great way to reduce your moving stress. It also helps to give you ample time to take care of moving tasks and spend time with your family. Thus, use this guide to assess quotes for moving houses if you plan to hire a moving company.