How To Choose A School In Melbourne When Moving With Kids?

How To Choose A School In Melbourne When Moving With Kids?

Oct 13, 2023 Relocating with kids requires meticulous planning, especially when finding the right school in a new location. This can be an overwhelming task, even for kids who are already experiencing emotional distress because of leaving behind their home, friends, neighbourhood and school. As parents, you are responsible for addressing their problems and understanding their expectations from a new school. Luckily, Melbourne has numerous top-notch public and private schools in the best areas and suburbs. Being one of the top-rated educational hubs in Australia, the capital city offers you plenty of options depending on your kid’s academic potential, specific needs, location and, of course, estimated budget. Here is a complete guide to help you choose the best school in Melbourne, and its surrounding suburbs when moving with kids.

Melbourne: The Best Student City in Australia

The capital of Victoria has been titled Australia’s leading Student City and moved up to #4 across the globe. Melbourne offers a robust academic background, and here are key statistics to explore more  about why it is a top-notch educational hub in the nation:
  • There are around 1,375 schools in Melbourne, including primary and secondary schools.
  • The city is home to approx 542 Catholic schools
  • There are around 413 Independent schools in the city.
  • Government schools account for more than 70 per cent of all schools.
  • It is home to the world’s renowned Universities: The University of Monash and the University of Melbourne.
  • The city also has other top-ranked universities, such as Victoria University, RMIT University, etc.
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Tips to Choose a School in Melbourne When Relocating with Kids

It is good to plan things ahead of time and do proper research because it is a matter of your kid’s future.

1. Know Your Kids Needs Regarding a New School

It is hard for school-aged kids to leave their old school behind. However, if you are moving with them, it becomes imperative to address their concerns and understand their needs before getting into the process. Ensure that your kid can thrive in a new learning environment. For that, know the abilities and interests of your kids. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when searching for the right option:
  • Will your kid feel more comfortable in public school or private schools?
  • How imperative are extracurricular activities for them and for you as parents?
  • Will your kid need any customised programs such as a new language, tutoring, etc?
  • Do you want a school within close proximity to a new home?
Understanding key priorities can make a huge difference when you are on a time crunch due to your home relocation preparations.

2. Ask For Reliable Recommendations

In this step, focus on getting genuine recommendations for good schools in Melbourne from your friends, relatives and, of course a local real estate agent. They can give you precise details about the neighbourhood schools and their reputation in the local as well as regional area. Since you have to pack up your delicate items, cushion your large furnishings,  transfer utilities and update the new address, don’t forget about this important task. It is good to get recommendations in advance to avoid any delays. Believe it or not! Good referrals give more clarity and help discover everything about the school and its academic reputation without any doubt. Tip: You can also connect with other parents on social media platforms before making a final decision.

3. Start Your Research For an Ideal School- Do it Online

It is always good to do your part of research work, especially when finding a school in a new location. You can browse the internet to find the top-rated schools and narrow down your options depending on your specific requirements. Here are some of the best schools in Melbourne:
  • Melbourne High School
Location: South Yarra, 3141 It is a government-funded boys’ school located in the beautiful area of South Yarra, which is one of the most lively suburbs in Melbourne. It is an academically selective secondary school founded back in 1905. The school is guided by the Victorian Curriculum and the Victorian Certificate of Education to give a meaningful learning environment to all students.
  • The Mac.Roberston Girl’s High School
Location: South Melbourne, 3205 This is a renowned high school in Melbourne for girls, which is known for its academic excellence and high-end school amenities. It is also governed by the Victoria Department of Education with an objective to helps students prepare for their bright future.
  • Melbourne Grammar School
Location: South Yarra, 3141 This school is best known for offering a universal education environment to all students. Believe it or not! It is the leading school in Australia, having a tradition of educating young students for more than 160 years.
  • Balwyn High School
Location: North Balwyn , 3104 It is a state-run high school in the suburb of North Balwyn, Melbourne. Being the fourth largest secondary school in the state, Balwyn High School takes immense pride in offering excellence, discipline, and quality education to its students.
  • Kensington Primary School
Location: McCracken St, Kensington VIC 3031, Australia Located just four kilometres from the CBD of Melbourne, Kensington Primary School is one of the oldest schools in Victoria. The education system in Melbourne and the school community are committed to delivering the true value of education and helping students develop their skills for a bright future. You can find out more information about these schools on the internet and make a well-informed decision. If you are relocating locally, hire the best local removalists Melbourne who can transport your belongings safely within your estimated budget.

4. Make A Visit to Shortlisted Schools

After selecting a few schools in the city you are relocating to. The next step is to explore more details by visiting these places in person. It is good to schedule a meeting with the school administrator or principal in advance and briefly tour their premises. You can take your kid on this tour and let him/her experience the atmosphere.

5. Ask Relevant Questions

Don’t hesitate to ask questions from the school administrative to clear your doubts. Prepare a complete questionnaire and compare the answers of at least three schools before making a final decision. Here are some of the important questions to ask for:
  • How do you use new-age technology to support the teaching process?
  • What is your status on discipline and safety of students?
  • What type of academic curriculum do you follow?
  • How many types of extracurricular activities does your school offer?
  • How do to handle the students who have social and academic complexities?
You can ask more questions depending on your needs and choose the ideal school for your kids. This hack can also work when searching for the best moving company for your precious belongings. You can ask relevant questions from removalists and make the right decision.

6. Get Ready with the Paperwork

Finding a school during the relocation process is a daunting task. Apart from packing your belongings, you must arrange all the important documents before the final move for a seamless enrollment process. You need:
  • Copies of their academic records, such as report cards
  • Copies of completed exams
  • Recommendation letters from teachers
  • Address and contact details of the current school, etc
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Wrapping up

Choosing an ideal school in Melbourne can be challenging when moving with kids. It is good to create a proper plan, know your kid’s priorities, ask for recommendations and do a thorough research to make a well-informed decision for the bright future of your kids.