How To Choose The Right Moving Truck?

How To Choose The Right Moving Truck?

Sep 19, 2022

When you decide to relocate on your own, you have to take some crucial decisions and choosing the right moving truck in one of them. It will ensure the safety of your belongings and help you to experience a smooth and cost-effective relocation.

Choosing a smaller truck can force you to overload it, leading to an accident. Moreover, you also might have to increase the duration of the truck for another trip, which will increase your moving cost.

If you choose a large-size truck, it will be a waste of space, and your valuables will get damaged due to the jerks. If you want to minimise the stress and hassle of choosing a truck, contact professional removalists Melbourne. They consider the total amount of belongings and other factors to choose the right moving truck.

In case you are moving on a tight budget and want to move on your own, then you must have the proper knowledge.

Read on to know how to choose the right moving truck.

Know About Different Sizes of Trucks

Choosing the right moving truck becomes a lot easier for you when you know about the different types and sizes of trucks. It helps you to understand which one is most suitable as per your requirement. There are two types of trucks:

Type 1- Box trucks

People usually opt for box trucks during relocation. It is costlier than the other truck type but still far cheaper than opting for a full-service or a container-style move. Box trucks are usually available in three sizes – small, medium and large.

Small Size: This truck is 10 to 12 foot in size and is ideal for moving 1 room or studio apartment. People moving locally or a short distance also prefer this truck size.

Medium Size: Mid-size box trucks are considered perfect for long-distance moves and larger loads. These trucks are 15 to 17 feet in size and more durable. If you are moving on your own, do not forget about the loading equipment. It is one of the hidden moving costs you never considered.

Large Size: This size is 20 to 25 feet in size and is considered ideal for moving large size of the house and office relocations. If you are moving with a lot of things, heavy appliances and massive furniture to another state, choose this size of the truck.

Type 2- Pick-up trucks

If f you want to move belongings of a single room or have only a few large pieces of furniture, you should go for the pick-up truck. It is a more affordable and easy alternative than hiring a larger truck rental or full-service move. It is the best option when you move into a small studio apartment or dorm room with a table and a few chairs.

Consider the Number of Bedrooms

It is the easiest and simplest way to decide what size of truck you need to move your belongings. Most people follow this approach during their relocation. To make the task easier, a budget removalists Melbourne provide the lists of their moving truck’s capacity to the customers, which is based on bedrooms in a house.

It is a general estimate of the company that saves time but do not forget they only give you the estimates based on the typical number of furniture in a room. For instance, one bedroom should have a queen-sized bed, 2 nightstands and a dresser. If you are confused between two sizes, it is better to go for the larger one.

Know About Measuring the Cubic Feet

Instead of classifying the truck sizes by the number of rooms, a few service providers offer the cubic feet measurement for the moving truck storage. If you want to do measurements and calculations yourself, then this method is for you. All you need to do is to take the list you have prepared and feed the numbers into the online calculator.

Besides using the calculator, you can follow a rule of thumb – consider 150 to 200 cubic feet of the truck space per room that is entirely furnished. People often agree to pay the price without calculating or measuring things on their own. It is one of the most common moving mistakes you need to avoid.

Consider the Belongings

All the determinations mentioned above are based on minimum belongings in each room, such as one sofa, chair and loveseat for a living room. But, you are most likely to have more items than what is generally expected.

What if you have a recliner or two large sofas instead of one? This type of difference can be a decisive factor in whether you can fit your things in a certain size truck. So keep in mind the number of belongings you have compared to what the seasoned Melbourne removalists expect. It will make the choosing task a lot easier for you.

Take Away

Choosing the right moving truck can be confusing when you are relocating for the first time. However, you can make the task easier for you by keeping in mind the ways mentioned above. You can also avoid the hassles of moving a truck by hiring trained removalists in Melbourne. They ensure the safety of your belongings.