How To Find A Job In A New City Before Moving

How To Find A Job In A New City Before Moving

Aug 30, 2022

Do you want to relocate to a bustling city like Melbourne but need to find a job before you do so? Moving to a new city can be challenging without a job, as you might have to budget your expenses and use up your savings.

It is a good idea to apply for jobs beforehand so that you feel more financially secure and confident about moving to a new city. You can let your professional removalists in Melbourne handle the packing and moving of your items while you search and apply for jobs in your new area. Here are some tips on how to find a job in a new city before you relocate there:

1. Do Your Research

You must do proper research on the area you are moving to. For instance, if you are moving to Melbourne, you must find out what jobs there are in the city and where there are most employment opportunities. Accordingly, you can pick a town or suburb in Melbourne with the best employment opportunities for you and can move there.

2. Edit Your Location

You can always edit the location on your cover letter or job profile and add the city you want to move to. You could write when you are planning to move there as well. This will give employers more chances to recruit you as they will find you on their local search engine.

3. Go On Job Portals

If you are looking for work before relocating to Melbourne, you should put your resume online and apply on job portals and career sites to increase your chances of getting noticed. You can write about your current job and what kind of job you want in your new city.

4. Contact A Recruiting Agent

If you want a good idea of the sectors and markets your new city is famous for, you can contact a recruiter. They will give you a good idea about the market in that area and also help you see what kind of job profiles and experience will fit nicely in that area.

They might also help you get in touch with potential employers if they feel you match the requirements and help you set up and prepare for an interview. Your quality removalists will handle the packing and loading of your belongings while you set up these interviews in your new city.

5. Create Networks

Going to the city before moving is a good idea, and looking for workgroups and networks you can join. These networks can help you stay informed of new opportunities in your field and area and help you find a good job.

Try to join as many networks related to your career line as possible, both online and in person. You should also ask people in your networks about the costs of living in Melbourne, so you know exactly what kind of job to look for that would cover all your expenses.

6. Go After Big Companies

If there are any companies you want to work for in that area, you should actively apply to them even if they have no job postings. Write an impressive cover letter and tell them why you want to apply there and why you want to move to that area as well.

In most cases, if it is a big company, they might also offer you relocation assistance when you move for work. You can work on finding good companies while your local removalists in Melbourne start packing your items.

7. Include It In Your Cover Letter

You should briefly brief your cover letter about why you want to move to a new city and how soon you plan on doing it. This will allow employers to see that you are serious about moving and plan on staying there and getting a good job.

8. Go For Interviews

Even if you don’t get the job, exploring your new city and going for interviews is always a good idea. This will give you experience and confidence and help you assess whether you want to stay in that new city and region.

9. Start Saving Some Money

  • You should keep aside some savings to help you find jobs in your new city as you might have to keep going for interviews.
  • If you get a good job in the city, but the company cannot help you relocate, you should also set a budget for relocating and start saving in advance.
  • You can let the professional removalists Melbourne organise and pack your items while you sell your extra items in a garage sale to earn some extra cash for your relocation expenses.

10. Start With Volunteer Work

You can always start with volunteer work in your field to impress employers and get a paid job there. You can also o an internship and learn the company’s ways so that they consider you for a permanent position there.


Finding a job in a new city is not easy, but it is a good idea to do it before you move as it helps you find a new home without any tension. You will be financially confident to buy the house of your dreams in your new location and will be relaxed about having to cover the costs of relocation as well.