How To Find Cheap Removals Company When Moving

How To Find Cheap Removals Company When Moving

Jan 12, 2023 According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there was a 171% increase in migrants in Australia from 146,000 to 395,000 in 2022. And most of these migrants are moving to Melbourne, which is said to overtake Sydney as Australia’s largest capital city. This is because Melbourne has beautiful landscapes and beaches, several economic benefits, and high-paying jobs to attract migrant workers. If you are also planning on moving to Melbourne, you must be saving up for costs, including conveyance, renting or buying, deposit, and utility services. Besides this, you will also have to consider the cost of hiring a removalist service in Melbourne to help you pack and move all your belongings. With so many costs, it is natural to get overwhelmed initially, but you can reduce your expenses with careful planning and budgeting. You should also hire cheap removalists in Melbourne that fit your budget and offer quality services. Here are some expert tips on finding cheap removalist companies in Melbourne to help reduce your moving expenses:

Finding Cheap Removalists In Melbourne

  • Use Websites To Compare

If you are planning on relocating to Melbourne, you should first start by doing some research on cheap removalists in Melbourne on comparison websites. This will help you get several estimated quotes from different companies and can compare the pricing, quality and services they offer. A company with a very cheap estimated quote could be a scam, and you should avoid that moving service.
  • Use Local Services

The most budget-friendly and good-quality movers are your local removalists in Melbourne, well-known in the community. Thus, you can ask your neighbours and friends about these local movers and get an idea of their quality service and what they include and exclude.
  • Compare Different Days

Some removalist companies in Melbourne offer lower prices on certain months and days in a year. This is generally when they are less busy due to lower demand, and thus, they reduce their prices. For instance, Mondays and Tuesdays are the best days to move on as the prices are very low. You should avoid weekends, public holidays, summer holidays and other busy times to get a reasonable and affordable quote from your removalists.
  • Book Them In Advance

Once you have reviewed all the estimates and compared them, you should pick your removalist service in Melbourne and book them as soon as possible. The sooner you book these movers, the better deals and discounts you may get. You will also be able to pick the day and time you want and won’t get stuck moving at a time that doesn’t suit you.
  • Read Reviews

You can find cheap removalists in Melbourne online and read third-party reviews that offer a more realistic view of a company. If a moving company has many negative reviews, you must avoid them. You should also look for hidden fees and costs of companies in reviews to avoid these companies. Important note: 
  1. When looking at these reviews, it is also important to look out for scam companies that offer cheap prices to lure customers and then add on costs later or refuse to appear on a moving day after taking a deposit.
  2. According to Consumer Affairs Victoria, there were 726 complaints about scam removalists in 2020 in Victoria alone.
  3. Therefore, while looking for cheap removalists in Melbourne, it is important to avoid getting scammed and to pick good quality movers.
  4. One way you can do this is by looking for moving companies accredited by the Australian Furniture Removalists Association so that you know their services are completely legal.
  • Look At Insurance Policies

Lastly, you must look at the insurance policies of the removalist service in Melbourne that you are going to hire. Ask the staff if they offer public liability insurance or contents insurance to cover any transit costs of moving your goods. These insurance policies should be included in the company costs, and you should not have to pay extra for these services. This will help you save the cost of repairing or replacing any damaged items while moving homes in Melbourne. If you are still looking to reduce your costs further when moving homes, here are some useful tips to help you:

Reduce Your Moving Costs

  • Declutter

It is a good idea to start by sorting your items and keeping only the things you will need and use in your new home. This will help reduce your moving load as you only take the necessary things.
  • Sell

You can also sell some of your possessions that you no longer require or use so that you can make some extra money and pay for your moving costs. You should host a garage sale before you move to sell old and useful items at lower costs so that you can reduce your load and cost of moving.
  • Pack

You should also avoid hiring removalists to pack your goods and try and pack them on your own. You can use cardboard boxes from your grocery stores and donation centres and keep your possessions in plastic boxes so that it is easy and affordable to pack and move your belongings.
  • Negotiate

Lastly, you can also negotiate with your removalists Melbourne and ask them for discounts and deals. If you are hiring a full-service mover and are not availing of all the services, you should ask the company to exclude the costs of these services. You can even use quotes from other moving companies to negotiate a good and affordable deal with your moving company.


Therefore, doing a good amount of research before hiring a cheap removalist in Melbourne is important. It is also important to not only get lower quotes but also to look at the quality of the services offered so that you are not getting scammed. Once you pick the right removalists, you can start packing and moving all your possessions to the beautiful city of Melbourne in Australia.