How To Find Reliable Furniture Removalists In Melbourne?

How To Find Reliable Furniture Removalists In Melbourne?

Jun 06, 2023

Do you have a ton of furniture to move to your new home in Melbourne? Packing and moving these heavy items on your own can be daunting, and without the proper tools and techniques, you might injure yourself.

Therefore, it is always best to hire professional removalists in Melbourne who are experts in this industry and have superior packing and moving tools to ensure your furniture items reach in one piece.

But with the growing number of furniture movers in Melbourne, choosing the most reliable one for your relocation can take time. 

You must do in-depth research and look at the company’s credibility to avoid any moving scams and damages.

Here are some useful tips that will help you find the most reliable furniture removalists for your move: 

Tips For Picking Reliable Furniture Removalists 

Review And Research Furniture Movers Online

According to Consumer Affairs Victoria, there were over 700 complaints against furniture movers in Melbourne during 2017-18. To avoid this problem and ensure that you receive your consumer guarantees under the Australian Consumer Law, you must do extensive research on furniture removalists in Melbourne. Go online and search for reliable and credible removalists and read their websites to see if they seem legal. You should also review their customer reviews to see what others say about them.

Ask Your Loved Ones For Recommendations

Next, you can rely on word-of-mouth and ask your friends and family for recommendations on furniture movers. Ask them if they have used any of their services and what they liked and did not like about the company. You can also ask your neighbours and local authorities if they know any good moving companies.

Check The Expertise And Experience Of The Movers

Once you have listed a few names based on your friends and family’s recommendations and after researching online, you must check how much experience these movers have.

Make sure you look for movers with at least 5 years of experience, as these professionals will know how to handle any furniture item and use superior-quality equipment to keep your items safe. You should also look for furniture removalists in Melbourne accredited by an official body like the Australian Furniture Removers Association.

Ask The Customer Care Questions About The Pricing

If the movers are experienced and have proper recommendations, you should call customer care and ask them some basic questions about the pricing. For instance, it is important to identify if your movers will charge you a flat rate or if they will charge by the hour.

You can also request your furniture movers for a non-obligatory upfront quote so that you know all the charges involved and can start planning your moving budget.


Do not sign a blank contract, as your furniture movers can add on hidden moving costs at the end of the move.

Look Into Their Insurance Policies

Another important factor to remember when choosing a reliable furniture removalist in Melbourne is whether they offer insurance. Most professional moving companies will cover any damages to your goods while in transit, so you do not have to bear that extra cost. You can add this to your contents insurance policy to ensure your furniture items safely reach your new home.

Inquire About Their Storage And Additional Services

You should also find out whether your removalist company offers storage so that you can keep your extra items in these facilities. Ensure you check out their location and storage facilities in advance to know your items are safe.

Most reliable and well-experienced furniture movers will also offer additional services like packing your furniture items with high-quality materials and disassembling and assembling large furniture items for you. If you need any of these additional services, you must inform your moving company in advance so they come well-prepared for it.


Here are some factors to keep in mind when choosing a storage facility.

Get A Written Contract With All The Terms And Conditions

Lastly, you must get everything in writing so that your moving company cannot add on any hidden moving costs. You must carefully review each term and condition to see if everything you requested has been included and to ensure no loopholes in the agreement. You can even have a lawyer review the contract to ensure everything is legitimate.


Only pay part of the moving fee before relocating to Melbourne, as this could be a scam.


You can also reduce your overall moving costs by donating extra furniture items to a local charity in Melbourne. 


Thus, when choosing a reliable furniture moving company, you must look for recommendations, rely on client reviews, learn about the pricing policies, find out about the insurance and get everything in writing. Make sure you also take lots of photos of your furniture before the transit so you can use these for insurance if required.