How To Have A Fun Halloween While Relocating

How To Have A Fun Halloween While Relocating

Oct 20, 2022

Halloween has steadily gained popularity in Australia over the years, with 71% or 7 out of 10 Australians saying they celebrate the festival. Moving during Halloween can dampen the spirits of your family.

Since a house move is back-breaking and mentally exhausting, you can experience overwhelming stress, and it can suck the fun out of Halloween, especially for your children. Therefore, hire professional removalists in Melbourne to entirely or partially manage your move. They can reduce your moving stress and ensure your belongings reach your new house safely.

Additionally, follow these tips to have a fun Halloween while relocating.

Make the Moving Boxes Spooky

While packing your belongings for relocating, you will have moving boxes in every part of your house. Get into the Halloween spirit by making these supplies spooky and fun with your kids, who will love decorating the boxes. You can paint them black, orange or white, then draw scary faces, skulls, etc.

Invest in a few stencils to make Halloween caricatures and items on the boxes, if possible. You can have loads of fun decorating the boxes and get excited about packing your things in the Halloween boxes. Even your hired professional removalists Melbourne can laugh while loading the packed items.

Pack Halloween Decorations Last & Unpack Them First

Keep Halloween decorations minimal this year, and pack them a day or two before your removalists arrive. This way, you can maintain the festival’s spirit in your house and reduce moving stress.

Also, packing the decorations last means, they get loaded on the moving truck last and unloaded first when you move to the new home. Therefore, you can unpack the decorations immediately and get in the spirit of having a fun Halloween immediately after moving.

You don’t have to decorate every room since a house move is tiring and stressful. Aim to set up one area for Halloween dedications, candies and other things. It can be the living room or the porch, the decision to decorate which space is yours.

Get Candy & Party Foods After Moving

Moving edibles is challenging, even if you are relocating nearby. Thus, wait until you are in the new house to buy candy and party foods. This way, you avoid the hassle of preventing edibles from spoiling and reduce your packing and moving load.

What’s more, you won’t get candy and edibles in excess as you cannot know how many children will trick or treat at a new neighbour’s home.

Decorate Your Personal Vehicle

Don’t want the hassle of decorating the house and packing the decoration during a stressful relocation? Keep the spirit of Halloween alive by decorating your personal car or family van with Halloween trinkets.

Stock the vehicle with candy for trick or treating, or drive your kids around in the decorated vehicle to boost their mood and celebrate the festival. You can also apply washable paint and make spooky faces on the doors.

You can attend a trunk or treating event in your current neighbourhood or the new area with a decorated and candy-stocked vehicle. It is a safe way for kids to trick or treat because instead of houses, they go from one vehicle to another in a parking lot or community area.

Keep the Moving Date a Few Days before Halloween

If you and your family love celebrating Halloween, schedule removalists in Melbourne to move your things at least 2-3 days before the festival. You can put up minimal decorations, get candies, meet the neighbours and plan to celebrate Halloween.

You can avoid stress and tiredness when the festival arrives, as you have a few days to settle into the new home. It can help elevate your and your family’s mental health after a stressful and challenging relocation.

Just make sure to book removalists in Melbourne at least 4 weeks in advance to ensure their availability. You can also get discounts, as moving during festivities means removalists can give a higher removal quote than usual.

Spend Time with Loved Ones

Take time off unpacking on holiday and make it a day for bonding with your loved ones. After a house move, your family members can feel tired and down. It is a time when eating out, watching Halloween movies, telling scary stories, and doing other activities with your loved ones can do wonders.

Let Halloween be the day you connect with your loved ones and make good memories in the new house. Make sure to take loads of pictures and videos of your celebration.


Relocation is time-consuming and challenging, which is why it isn’t easy to celebrate Halloween when you are moving during the holiday.

You can take the assistance of professional removalists in Melbourne to pack and move your things and reduce moving anxiety. In addition, use the tips above to have a fun Halloween while relocating.