How To Help A Child Adjust To A New School?

How To Help A Child Adjust To A New School?

Oct 10, 2022 A house move is harder for children than adults because it impacts the fragile emotional and mental well-being of kids more. Most children associate and define themselves with their surroundings, personal relationships and places of education. It is incredibly challenging and overwhelming for them to leave familiar people, mates and school. Researches even show that children who experience higher residential mobility are at higher risk of dropping out of school. Therefore, it is the parent’s responsibility to make school migration and the house move comfortable, exciting and positive for children. If you are moving with a kid, hire budget removalists Melbourne to lighten your and your family’s relocation stress. Additionally, use the tips below to help your child adjust to a new school well.

Recognise Signs of Stress & Internalising Behaviours

Extroverted kids with good social skills often transition to a new school smoothly and are excited when the campus is bigger with more amenities. Introverted kids or children dearly attached to their previous schoolmates and teachers have a hard time. However, it doesn’t mean extroverted kids won’t ever have a problem moving schools, or introverted kids will always struggle. Each child is unique and can react differently to house moves and school migration. Therefore, you must watch for these signs of stress or internalising behaviours.
  • Eating and sleeping poorly.
  • Withdrawing or lashing out excessively.
  • Feeling scared, alone, and sad.
  • Saying they are unwanted or unloved.
  • Losing focus or interest in things they like.
  • Experiencing tummy aches, headaches & other issues not related to any ailment,
  • Binge eating or sleeping more than usual
  • Refusing to speak or respond.

Explain the Reason for Moving

Don’t ask your child to pack his/her bags and leave things behind without explaining the reason for moving. Your reason for moving can be a new job, better housing, relocating on behalf of a spouse etc. Ensure your explanation is simple and age-appropriate because your child must understand what you are conveying. Even if your child doesn’t understand everything, they can sense your emotions and sincerity. If your children can understand the reason and offer to help, involve them in the moving process. You can take them to the new place and acquaint them with the neighbourhood, playgrounds and other places even if you haven’t selected the school yet. Furthermore, let them help you choose removalists in Melbourne, pack and do other essential tasks.

Recce Schools Together

Children spend significant time in schools and make significant connections there. Hence, it is crucial your child likes the place and to ascertain their reaction, take them along to visit schools you have shortlisted for enrolment. You can attend an open house conducted by schools after the term ends or schedule a private tour. Do this before booking professional removalists in Melbourne and planning other moving-related tasks. The recce will help you determine if the institute is a good fit for your child and satiate your queries regarding environment, faculty, amenities, transport etc. Visiting a school will also help you and your child know if the place matches their personality. For example, if your child likes an organised, clean and disciplined environment, they will fare well in an orderly, structured and regulated school. In contrast, a creative and outgoing child might like a creative, interactive, warm school more.

Inquire About Standards & Curriculum

The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) is responsible for Melbourne schools’ assessment, curriculum, reporting and standards. You can find regarding kindergarten to 12 years syllabus and regulations here. Alternatively, you must individually inquire about these things when visiting schools or contacting them via phone. Knowing this information will help make the transition easier for your child as you can choose a new school with the same curriculum and standards as the previous one.

Provide Extra Assistance

Changing schools means your child has to deal with educational gaps and learning difficulties. Therefore, you must help them adjust by providing guidance and extra assistance with studies and catching up. Help them with homework even if your child previously self-studied to ensure they can cope with the changes. You can hire a private tutor or send them to an excellent educational service nearby for academic assistance. Some schools conduct induction and assistance classes for children migrating to their schools. Additionally, ask your child’s teachers and administrative staff to reassure your child and guide them for the first few days or weeks.

The Bottom Line

Changing schools for children is challenging, and it will take all your support and love to help your kid to adjust. Thus, besides finding a suitable school for them, follow the tips shared above to speed up the transition process and make it fun. Also, take the assistance of professional removalists in Melbourne to reduce your moving anxiety and give you ample time to take care of your child.