How To Identify The Quality Removalists In The Competitive Moving Market?
young professional holding a fragile packed item

How To Identify The Quality Removalists In The Competitive Moving Market?

Apr 22, 2019 Packing up basic things and cleaning your large appliances is a different thing, but carrying them downstairs and loading them in the moving vehicle can be extremely exhausting. And if you have expensive furniture, delicate pieces like a piano, antiques, etc. it might be the best decision if you leave it to the experienced removalists in Melbourne. Not only it will ease your moving process, you will also get more time to concentrate on all the other vital aspects of your moving procedure. It is a difficult task to identify the quality removalists in this competitive moving market, but with proper research, you can get a reliable service provider who can transform your complex moving process into a smooth experience. In this post, you will read some guidelines that will help to find quality Melbourne removalists. Let’s have a look:

1. Do they have a good reputation in removals industry?

Every removals company advertise about their quality service, time management, professionals, low price and customer friendly policies, but you need to find out whether they have a good reputation in the market or not. You can ask family, friends, colleagues and neighbours if they would like to recommend any name. Read the customer review and if possible talk to them. Then only you would get to hire quality removalists in Melbourne and focus on other important tasks of your move like renting a new house, arranging for documents, etc.

2. How much experience do they have?

Moving process is a lot complex procedure than it appears. Thus, you need a removals company in Melbourne who have years of experience in executing the moving process flawlessly. From packing to labelling and loading to transport, you will require experienced professionals. On the other hand, if you hire a relatively new company at a lower price, it can be a huge risk and can result in a stressful situation when moving. Packing large appliances, handling delicate items and loading your expensive furniture can turn into a complete disaster.

3. Are they reliable?

Reliability is an essential feature of quality removalists. So, look for a removals company who are trustworthy and have all the required documents. Do not trust a company who only commit verbally and hesitate to show government-approved license. Prestigious removals companies in Melbourne are approved by Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA) to make sure customers get high-quality services. If your removals company is AFRA authorised, you can expect excellent service and a professional approach.

4. Do they have Insured and trained professionals?

To ensure a smooth moving, you require experienced professionals with technical knowledge. Quality removalists not only pack your belongings perfectly but also make sure that appliances like refrigerator, washing machine and expensive furniture are correctly loaded. Moreover, the employees of a prestigious removals company must be police verified. If your removalists are insured, you can rely on them entirely.

5. Do they have a transparent pricing policy?

A professional company never charges any hidden costs from its customers. You cannot ignore the pricing policy of a company to assure that the moving process is in safe and reliable hands. A good company never hesitate to provide transparent rates to their customers, so if a company makes excuses and not providing complete information, you must avoid them and look for other options. Ask the company to send their professionals at your place, so that they can give you the correct estimation of the final price. Also, you need to find out whether they include the booking amount in their final price or not.

6. Are they capable to match your specific requirement?

Another excellent way to identify quality Melbourne removalists is to check whether the company is capable of providing the service according to your precise requirement. You need to find out are they good enough any move that involves the second floor or a high rise apartment building? What strategies they have if you don’t have an elevator or they face steep stairs situation? What methods do they follow for packing and loading of expensive items, especially the delicate ones? The answer to all these questions would help you to find a quality removals company.

7. Do they have modern vehicle and proper equipment?

A reputed removals company always have advanced equipment to load large and expensive appliances such as washing machine, refrigerator, etc. These equipment allow professionals to upload expensive and bulky things quickly and without causing any damage to stuff. Quality removalists also use a modern transport vehicle that protects all your belongings and transport everything in a hassle-free manner. Moreover, if you are moving interstate, make sure that the moving company has the documents to move from one state to another.

8. Do they have a customer friendly approach?

A removals company must talk in a polite and friendly manner whenever you contact and try to clear your doubts. This is an essential aspect because people usually overlook the significance of customer care system and then face difficulty throughout the moving process due to lack of communication. If you are looking for quality removalists in Melbourne, talk to the customer care representative team of different companies and see they have a friendly attitude, can they resolve your issues? Are they available whenever you will require? Their approach speaks a lot about the company.


It is a bit challenging to identify quality removalists in this competitive market, but if you follow the ways mentioned above, you can hire a certified and good removals company. If the company you have select is reliable, friendly, experienced, and helpful, then contact them as early as possible. Otherwise, someone else will hire them.