How To Label Boxes For Easy Unpacking After A Move

How To Label Boxes For Easy Unpacking After A Move

May 03, 2023

Moving to a new home with unlabelled boxes is one of the most challenging tasks. It makes organisation of the process hard and unpacking a nightmare. When you are in your new home and exhausted from moving, having a hoard of boxes to unpack without a clue where to start is overwhelming.

Therefore, you can hire professional removalists in Melbourne who have a labelling system to ensure you can have a smooth unpacking experience.

However, if you are up for packing and unpacking yourself, it is essential to get labelling right. Thus, here is your complete guide outlining how to label boxes for easy unpacking after a move. Read on.

Understand the Importance of Labelling

Often during packing, most people focus on wrapping and boxing all their belongings without thinking about the consequences of not labelling. It is a serious mistake to not label, here’s why.

  • You cannot move boxes to the right room and make unpacking and relocation stress-free.
  • There are not handling instruction of boxes, giving removalists no clue if the boxes. contain fragile or delicate items and leading to higher risk of damage.
  • You cannot keep track of missing boxes.
  • You cannot know the extent of damage.
  • Most importantly, you don’t know where to start and which boxes to unpack first. Ideally, unpacking contents of the kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms are the most vital. 

Prepare for Labelling

Like other house moving tasks, to make labelling a breeze, you must prepare for it before you start packing. Start by purchasing a set of quality markers in different colours such as black, red, white and red. To simply how many coloured markers to get, get a different one for each room.

Ensure these markers are water and smudge-proof as boxes get brushed against various objects and also handled by removalists. Besides getting good markers, do the following to prepare for labelling.

  • Get different colour labels and stickers with space to write.
  • Also, get packing tape in different colours to match the labels.
  • For delicate items, get a tape that says fragile or handle carefully.
  • While getting labels, prefer to choose dark coloured one as they are easier to spot and text is more visible on them.

Label Boxes as You Pack

It is a no-brainer that you should label boxes as you pack them to avoid moving day horrors at the last minute. While labelling, try and be as precise as possible to make it easier to decern the contents of the box.

For example, if you are packing children’s clothes, mention the child’s name and contents like jeans, shirts, skirts and more on the label. It will help you know instantly about something you are looking for and prevent wastage of time.

Make an Inventory

Before you start labelling, you must make a list of the property and personal contents. Create a room-by-room inventory to make labelling stress-free and also unpack quickly. If you don’t, it can be confusing and the risk of misplacing things is higher.

While noting items, make sure to mention the location, category, and other important details. Write the measurements and type of furniture, electronics and other expensive home décor items. If you hire professional removalists on Melbourne, ask them how they make an inventory.

The Best Labelling Methods

There are different ways to label boxes while packing and you can choose any one to unpack without stress or anxiety. To get started, look at the best methods for labelling boxes.

  • Writing On Labels: One of the most common and easiest methods for labelling is writing on blank stickers yourself. You can write important information on the label using a marker. You can also write directly on the boxes to make content recognition quick.
  • Label With Colour: Another tried and tested method for labelling is colour coding everything. You can assign a colour to a room and ensure all its boxes have the same colour labels. For example, if you choose red labels for the bedroom, all its boxes must have red stickers, red markers and red packing tape.
  • Label Boxes by Room Name: This method works the best when you have a family home with less than 4 rooms. You can label boxes according to rooms and you don’t have to get into specifics. Just write the room name on the box and use this method when you have hired removalists in Melbourne.

Wrapping Up

Labelling and packing should go hand and hand. If you don’t do it well, it can cause a lot of stress and anxiety during unpacking when you are already overwhelmed by the moving process. Thus, besides taking the assistance of professional removalists, make sure to label your boxes using the insights shared above.