How To Make Christmas Special For The Kids During A Move?

How To Make Christmas Special For The Kids During A Move?

Dec 08, 2021

Relocating during the holidays with kids is never easy, whether you have moved before or doing it for the first time. Christmas is when you meet family and friends, have people over or go out to celebrate. Adding to this, the stress and burden of moving isn’t ideal for your children, but you often don’t have a choice, especially as a tenant.

Hire professional removalists in Melbourne early to ensure you can pack and move during the holiday season without hassle. Since professionals have experience training and the resources, they can handle and transport your belongings without causing you stress.

In addition, look at these tips to make Christmas special for the kids during a move and keep them motivated for the change.

Decorate Moving Boxes With Kids

One of the best ways to motivate your kids to move during Christmas is to decorate the boxes. Since they won’t have the option to put up extensive decorations around the house, they can draw on the corrugated boxes, cover them with sparkles, put up Christmas stickers and do much more.

With your kids, you can:

• Cover small boxes in gift wrap & tie with ribbons to make them look like presents.
• Draw snowflakes, Santa, candy corns, etc., on boxes.
• Stick cut-outs of reindeers, Santa and the sledge on the boxes.

While decorating moving boxes, ensure they are securely tapped and don’t contain fragile items that can break due to jostling.

Listen To Festive Songs or Watch Christmas Moving

Create a playlist of your favourite Christmas songs and carols to play while your kids help with moving-related chores like decluttering, cleaning, packing etc. Play these audios to help them remain in the festive mood and enjoy tasks.

Alternatively, you can start a Christmas movie marathon and watch your kids’ favourite films while working. They will remember the time spent together and appreciate your efforts to make the holidays special even during the move.

Host A Going-Away Party

Moving during the holidays doesn’t mean you cannot have people over and enjoy. Let your kids host a going-away party for Christmas through which they can bid farewell and have a gala time with their mates. Your kids can get the contact information of other kids and choose who to stay in touch with after the move.

You can get the kids to make paper-plate Santas, play dumb charades, dance to festive music, decorate ornaments, and do much more during the party. Additionally, ask everyone to dress in reds, whites and greens since the party’s theme is Christmas.

Play Secret Santa

Kids love gifts, and you can teach them to give to make others happy by playing the secret Santa game. Here are the rules.

• Write names of every household member on chits to help each other randomly choose a person to give the presents.
• Make sure no one discloses who got what name.
• Ask everyone to write two or three presents they want.
• Set a date for gift-giving and let household members guess who gifted them.

Decorate Smartly

When moving during Christmas putting up extensive decorations is not practical because it adds to your packing stress. Decorate with things you can throw in a box at a moment’s notice and load them on the moving truck without hassle. Thus, get scented candles instead of using string lights.

Focus on decorating the entryway and living room instead of every part of your house, and pack these decorations last. This way, the boxes with decorations are loaded on the moving truck last and unloaded first, making it easier to decorate your new home for the holidays.

Don’t Skip Family Traditions

Make sure your kids don’t feel neglected while you manage different aspects of the move. Hire professional removalists in Melbourne to pack and move your things, giving you ample time to keep family traditions like eating meals together, opening presents on Christmas morning, shopping together etc. In case a tradition cannot be fulfilled due to the move, have a word with your children to make them understand the circumstances and assure them the activity will happen next year when everyone is more settled.

Focus On Unpacking Surprises

Make your children and other household members look forward to moving and unpacking by hiding little gifts inside the moving boxes. Kids love surprises, and you can make them excited to enter the new home with this activity. When availing of packing services from professional removalists in Melbourne, keep the surprise gifts ready to put in boxes when the experts arrive at your residence.


Christmas is a special time for kids because the decorations and festivities excite them. However, it can take a toll on them when moving during this time, and the process can dampen their spirits. Therefore, hire professional removalists in Melbourne to pack and move your things to spend more time with your kids. Furthermore, use the tips shared above to make Christmas memorable for your children during a move.