How To Make Moving To Melbourne Enjoyable?

How To Make Moving To Melbourne Enjoyable?

Sep 15, 2021 Melbourne is one of the most popular cities in Australia and the capital of Victoria. Every year, thousands of people migrate to this city from other states or countries because of promising career opportunities, excellent education establishments and diverse housing options. It is an international city reckoned for its strong economy, high quality of living and modern infrastructure. Many know it as the sports, arts and culture hub of the country as well. Therefore, if you are moving here, it can be a positive life change if you prepare and plan everything properly. Besides hiring the right removalists in Melbourne, follow the tips shared below to make moving to this metropolitan city enjoyable and worth it.

Relocate For The Right Reasons

Moving to a new city is challenging and takes a heavy toll on your mental and physical well-being. It is a major life change, and you should only prepare for it for the right reasons. Usually, families move interstate together, which is understandable. But, if you are planning to move alone, you must do so because it augments personal or professional growth. Your reason for moving can be a good career opportunity, better education options, elevating your standard of living, etc. Thus, before you plan a move to Melbourne, weigh the pros and cons to make an informed decision.

Start Decluttering and Packing Early

Having a significant moving load is not ideal when relocating to another city because it is expensive and challenging even when you hire professional removalists in Melbourne. You can feel stressed, overwhelmed and anxious while packing, especially when you have lived in a house for a year or more. Thus, act fast and start decluttering your home after finalising the estimated moving time and week. Separate things that are broken, old, and you haven’t used for over six months from necessary items. Categorise these things as trash, donate and resell to dispose of them responsibly. After decluttering, begin the process of packing by wrapping and boxing according to importance and usage. For long-distance moves, you should pack wisely as more weight means you pay extra. Therefore, only box things you really need at the new house in another city. If you have expensive furniture, artefacts, heirlooms, etc., rent a storage unit to keep them safe or downsize before moving.

Choose An Affordable Suburb

Choosing the right area is one of the most important things you need to do to make moving to Melbourne enjoyable. Whether you are moving alone or with family; research thoroughly to find affordable suburbs in Melbourne, as interstate relocations deplete your savings. Also, prefer to rent a house or unit first to get more housing options and have flexibility. Buy a house in a new city only when you are sure you want to live in a location for years to come. The median house value in Melbourne is $954,496, and the median rent for houses is $430. Units are cheaper with a median value of $615,909 and a median rent of $380. Melbourne has expensive and cheap housing options depending on the area. Here are some good suburbs where you can find affordable accommodation. • Melton • Craigieburn • Pakenham • Carlton • Footscray • Parkville • Bundoora

Hire Professional Removalists Early

Try to book removalists in Melbourne as early as possible to get good discounts and ensure you can manage other moving-related tasks without worry. For a long-distance move, you need to be proactive and complete vital tasks in time to avoid delays and inconveniences. Thus, after finalising the moving date, look at good removal companies and get quotes from them. See if they operate in the area you are moving to and ask about their service packages. Explore your moving options to manage the relocation affordably and comfortably. You can avail of a full moving service, rent a storage container, book a backloading service and do much more. Talk to different removalists to discuss the best way to pack and transport your belongings to a new city.

Join Online Forums

Connect with online communities of people who are planning to move to Melbourne or settled there to get meaningful insights. You can look for forums where people openly share their experiences like Whirlpool, Tripadvisor, Only Melbourne, Melbourne Forum and many others. Via these platforms, you can make travel plans and make new friends easily in a new place. What’s more, through these forums, you can find people with the same interests as you and learn about events where you can connect with tourists and locals after moving to Melbourne.

Be Aware

There are several things you need to know before moving to Melbourne. Here are some helpful things you should know to settle in the city smoothly. • The public transport system in Melbourne is excellent and well-connected. Over 70% of people in the city commuted via public transport other than a personal vehicle. You will need a myki card to travel on trains, trams or buses. The ticketing system is easy to understand. • CityLink and EastLink operate the toll systems in Melbourne. The amount you pay depends on how many sections you cross. • The Central Business District has hook turns. • If you relocate from another state, you need to apply for a Driver Licence in Victoria within three months of relocation. • You need to register any vehicle you have with Vic Roads. • Major utility providers like Origin, AGL, Country Energy and others are in Melbourne. Since the power system is privatised in the city, you can choose to avail service from multiple organisations.

Create a Travel Itinerary

Post-move you should explore the city to get to know its areas and neighbourhood better. It is also crucial to understand the culture and people of Melbourne. Thus, create a travel itinerary to look forward to moving to Melbourne and make the process enjoyable. You can research online, take the assistance of a travel guide or ask friends or family members for suggestions.


Melbourne is one of the best cities in Australia as its people are welcoming, and there is much to explore. It is a city of potential, growth and development which is why most people look forward to moving here. If you are among them, use the tips shared above to make moving to the metropolitan enjoyable. Also, hire professional removalists in Melbourne to reduce stress and manage the process without hassle.