How To Pack Furniture For Long-term Storage?

How To Pack Furniture For Long-term Storage?

Jan 23, 2023 Did you know that there are over 2,200 self-storage units across Australia that contain the belongings of 500,000 families? Self-storage units are a great option if you are moving over a large distance and your house is still being prepared or if you need more space for certain items but want to keep them for the future. You can even ask your professional removalists Melbourne if they have storage facilities so you can keep your possessions safe and sound. But before you start storing your furniture in units across Melbourne, Australia, you must first prep your items and then pack them properly so that they do not get stained or damaged over time. Here are some useful tips on cleaning and packing your furniture so that you can keep them in storage units for a long period. Tips On Storing Your Furniture

1. Make A Decision

The first and foremost thing you must do is to decide whether you need to keep most of your furniture items in storage or if there are some items you can sell or donate. You must remember that when you store large furniture pieces for the long term, the costs can add up. For instance, Melbourne’s average monthly storage price is $250 to $500. Therefore, you must decide carefully whether you need to store your furniture items using the following criteria:
  • Is it practical and convenient?
  • Is it a family heirloom?
  • Will it last for many years?
  • Is it a good quality item?
  • Is it expensive in monetary terms?
If you want to donate any of these items, you can use these donating your furniture when moving tips.

2. Choose A Storage Unit

Once you have decided which items to keep and which you want to sell or donate, you should start looking for a storage unit. Most expert removalists in Melbourne also have storage facilities, and you can always add this service to your moving costs. If your removalists do not have storage facilities, you should look for a storage unit that is:
  • Climate-controlled to protect your belongings
  • Has a surveillance unit
  • Fire prevention system
  • Insurance coverage in case your items get damaged
  • Loading docks
  • Security guards
  • Proper locks
Besides these, you should go through these other 5 things to consider when choosing a storage unit.

3. Clean Your Furniture

After finding the right storage unit, you should start prepping your furniture, and the first step is to clean each item. You should use a microfiber cloth to remove dust and debris and keep your items dry to protect them from mould and mildew. For leather and upholstery furniture, it is a good idea to vacuum the items and then spot-treat any stains instantly. If you have wooden or plastic furniture, wash them with oil, soap and water and then apply furniture polish. It is also a good idea to find a licensed pest control operator to check your belongings to prevent woodworms and termites from destroying your furniture in the storage units.

4. Disassemble Larger Pieces

Removalists in Melbourne recommend that you break down larger furniture pieces to make them easier to store and pack. For instance, you can remove legs from sofas and beds, drawers from dressers and take headboards off beds. Just make sure you follow the instructions in the manual of your furniture items and also take photos of them, so you understand how to reassemble them. You should also keep all the group all the pieces together and keep all screws and hinges in plastic bags taped to the back of the items so that you can reassemble them easily. Tip: Suppose you need help to disassemble and reassemble your furniture pieces. In that case, you can hire professional removalists in Melbourne to do this job, as these are one of the many services offered by these removal companies.

5. Pack Your Possessions

Now that you have dusted and disassembled your furniture, you can start packing your items. The first thing you should do is to wrap your belongings with old sheets and protective coverings to keep the well-protected. You must avoid using bubble wrap for your wood furniture as the plastic can create condensation on the wood, leading to mould and mildew. It is better to use blankets and sheets to wrap all your wooden items so that there is enough space for air to circulate. To prevent scratches, you should also use extra padding around the sides and edges. Use cardboard pieces to cover any glass items, then place plastic wrap over the cardboard to keep it secure. Lastly, ensure you secure all the protective wraps with tape but do not place the tape directly on the furniture item.

6. Store Your Items

Once you have packed all your furniture, you should start loading it onto the storage unit. But first, make sure you place plastic wrap or sheets on the unit’s floor, as these concrete floors can create moisture and result in rotting and damage. You should also place your furniture pieces on blocks or cinder pallets to raise the items and prevent them from touching the floor. Lastly, while storing these pieces, you must maintain at least 2 feet distance on each side so that your items are not stuck to each other and won’t get damaged. Besides this, it is important that you also know which items you can’t put in a storage unit so that you don’t end up loading extra belongings.


Thus, with the right maintenance and packing, you can keep your precious and expensive furniture items in storage for the long term. Removalists also recommend placing these items strategically to take them out in the right order when needed. For instance, it is better to place essential furniture pieces like beds and sofas near the entrance so you can easily unload them into your new home.